Monday, April 27, 2009

Cameron Highlands

Over the weekend, we traveled to Cameron Highlands for holiday with my parent and my sister’s family.

This is the first time we brought Sarah to a place so far away from home (about four hours trip from KL) and stayed overnight.

Initially I was worried that Sarah would vomit on the way there because of the winding roads, but luckily she did not. I distracted her attention by keep talking and explaining to her about the scenery outside the car window. She managed to learn quite a few vocabularies, like mountain and trees.

Well, I cannot say Cameron Highlands is an interesting place. Nonetheless, we’ve checked out the tea farms, strawberry farms, Butterfly Park and stuff like that. We managed to visit most of the tourist spot within a day.

Sarah did had some fun while we were at these places. She was very exhausted on the day…I never see her fell asleep in a sitting position (while we were waiting for the dinner to be served). Poor girl.

Overall, I must say that Sarah does not give us much hassle and problem...phew, what a big relief! For me, there’s really nothing much about Cameron Highlands, so I decided to let the pictures do the talking.



Mummy Gwen said...

Finally, Sarah had her 1st vacation far from KL..hehe. She is such a good gal for not fussing in the car during the journey. Very nice photos of you and yr family. You have so many sisters..hehe.

We went to Cameron last year. It was very cold at night! We didn't go to the tea plantation though.

UmmiRosma said...

This is one of my wishlist vacations. Is it true from what I overheard, the winding road is very dangerous there?

Serene said...

It has been more than 10 years since i last visit Cameron.. haha! Tooooo far from JB la, never thought of going with Xixi, guess it must be a tiring journey! However I like the weather there.. so cooling!

LittleLamb said...

wow..nice nice
did u buy all the cheap veges????

for me, i went...n the veges took so long to finish... i think i hv 1 piece of the purple potatoe left..hahahha

Ping said...

Cameron Highland my favourite place. Our last trip there is Year 2005. 3 year has not been there. So this few year busy with work and $$$. I has not bring Natalie to genting yet :(
Hmm...need to plan it some day ;p

little prince's mummy said...

Learn new vocabulary somemore!~ Bravo to Joanne and Sarah...
Shoud bring her for more trips...
She behaves so well.. :)

the little prince said...

Nice place!!!

Sarah so kuai, am sure she enjoy so much visiting new places!!

Mummy Ryan said...

My last trip to Cameron is last year August.........actually i like Cameron so much.........very relaxing place if compare wth Genting..........
Sarah such a good gal.....she knw mummy + daddy bring her for "kai kai" tats y she very a good gal...
Joanne....Sarah hair look short, izit u bring her for hair cut???

Fussy mum said...

Wow, nice trip! I love the weather in Cameron.

Sarah is such a good girl for not fussing during the journey. Next time can bring her for vacation more often :)

Merryn said...

i suffer from motion sickness each time on da road. so.... to talk to ethan while travelling to cameron is definitely a no-no! Sarah's so good! :)

MeRy said...

I been to Cameron once before is a nice place. U been to the rose garden and BOH Tea Plantation?? I miss the biskit frm BOH tea plantation,yummy biskit!!

Which hotel u stay?I heard EQUATORIAL is not bad, Lastime I stayed at another hotel(can't remember the hotel name). I also been to the town area...wet markets hav plenty of vege,fruits,foods.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

When I was a kid, I also suffered serious car sickness. I gotto prepared some plastic bag with me everytime I travel in the car. Super cham!
Maybe you can bring Ethan to Genting. For me, I think Genting's road is not so winding.

Ya, the weather in Cameron is quite cold, but it is not as cold as Genting. Sarah even did not cover with blanket when she sleeps at night.
I will definitely bring Sarah for more outing.

You like Cameron than Genting? I opp with you. I prefer Genting because it has less winding road and more entertainment there. Of course the weather is colder than Cameron.
Sarah ya, I did entertaint her with some new toys thru the journey, thats why she behaved well.
My husband did cut Sarah's hair before we went to Cameron (2 weeks before).

Yes, nice place with nice views.
Sarah did had some great time there. Quite a fun trip for her.

The great part was she learned some new words thru the journey. I will definitely bring her for more trips.

Yen Ping:
For me, my last trip was about 15 years ago. So Longgggggg ago!
I also plan to bring Sarah to Genting. Hmmm...gotto check on the calender for the suitable date.

I will never miss those good bargain thing, I did buy some cheap veges. RM10 for 14 packets of veges and also 7 big corns. Super yummy and fresh!
I did not buy the purple sweet potato, but I did tasted some there. So sweet taste!

Yeap, it will be a super tiring and long journey from Johor to Cameron. Hmmmm...better plan for another place. Hehe.

I think from Brunei to Cameron, it will be a very long journey, but I am sure you will like the cold weather there.
About the winding roads, actually the one that I took is newly build, so it is less winding compared to the one that built last time.

Mommy Gwen:
Yaa...finally the first trip with Sarah. It was a great experience, but too bad, Sarah kena mosquitoes bite at her legs, hands and ears. Poor her.
I have three sisters and I am the third.
This time the weather is not so cold. Sarah even did not cover with blanket when she sleeps at night.
I like the great view of the tea plantation.

HN said...

Dunno why, I prefer Cameron than Genting ... Loves the fresh air and the tea plantation! It's time to bring Sarah out for more trips, she is so well behaved!!! And mommy looks great too :)

Mummy Ryan said...

Joanne did u use Simpang Pulai Highway tat day??? cz road there not so widing
hahha mbe next time can bring Sarah to sit aeroplane since she well behaved

UmmiRosma said...

So the new road is now improved yea? All tourists will use this one way now?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Meaning, there are two ways that you can used to go Cameron. One is the old one (very winding road) and another one is new road (less winding).

Yea, we did passed by the simpang pulai highway. You are right, the road to cameron is less winding.
I think after few local trips, the next one will plan for a trip to abroad.

Ya, it seems most of my blogging frens also preferred Cameron. Maybe the fresh air and nice scenery that attract them.
Yeap, definitely will plan for more trips.
Thanks HN for your kind words:-)
Actually I have panda eyes, did not sleep well.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also been to Cameron before? It must be a long journey for you.
Yes, I have went to the tea plantation, but did not try the biscuits. Taste yummy ya? It is made by tea?
I did not go to the rose garden, because the road is steep.
I stayed in Equatorial Apartment, quite a nice place.
I also bought a lot of fresh veges and nice corn from there.

Blessed mum said...

I have been wanting to go there..but, hubby said the driving up the hill is very dangerous..maybe i should try the coach..

how's the strawberry farm? I heard they have tea form too. Are they small scales or real big time farm? the strawberry farm is the main attraction..wonder if they have season for it?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually there are two roads or ways to get to Cameron. The one that I have used is more a safer way. Less winding, but it takes longer time to reach the destination.
Sure, there is a lot of public transport available. I heard that they are tour buses that available from Singapore. You may give a try.
The strawberry farm is the best one! I enjoyed it the most. I went to the one that offered self plucking services. So, I can try to pluck the strawberry all by myself. It was an amazing moment!
Must try if you are going there.
Good question from you, I am not sure whether they have season for it..but I think should be no. As I most of the tourist able to buy strawberries whole year long.
There are few tea farms in Cameron but the largest and nicest one is the BOH tea farm. I did not went there this time because it is located far away from the place I stayed.

Blessed mum said...

thanks for your info. can you let me know the name/address of the strawberry farm?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Michelle,
you are most welcome.
Erm, I did not noticed the name of the self pluck strawberry farm. It is just located not far from equatorial hotel (but is not the one opp it).
The one we went, it is written a big word "self pluck" near by its shop.
Oh ya, between the self pluck strawberry, you could also try self pluck vege. But I did not went to this one. Not managed to find the place.
So when will you plan this trip for your family?

Blessed mum said...

Thanks Joanne for your helpful info. will keep this info. planning to go after the kids year end exam..this way, baby can come too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome.
I am sure your kids will have some fun there,
Oh yes, remember to buy their corn. So sweet and nice!
If you are going by coach, remember to make sure they are using the new way from Simpang Pulai.

Kristie said...

what a wonderful trip! i also plan to bring jayden there someday :) nice weather, cool!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

When Jayden grow up, remember to bring him to pluck the strawberries from Cameron. Maybe he will like it.