Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Balloon and More Balloons

Sarah started to fell in love with balloon after she got one from shopping mall; since then, the balloons is all over the place in our house. I was told by mum that I have the same interest too when I was a kid, so maybe Sarah got these ‘gene’ from me.

Actually I love the job of blowing the balloons. Normally I will buy a packet of it from the nearby shops until recently I saw some nice, cheap but good quality one from Toys"R"Us.

Of course the balloons will burst and Sarah got shocked and cried sometime. After a while, she will back to normal and continued to play again. She really likes the game!

She has learned a lot from the game. From just throwing the balloon to the air and now she even knows the technique of hitting it (not shown in the video though).


Mummy Ryan said...

Very Cute gal..hahahh i like the way u tie her coconut tree on her head...hehehe


Kids all do love balloons but mine plays for 5 mins and thats it!

I can see a safety gate in your picture. I am looking for one now. Mind to recommend me yours? Brand/model and cost? And where you bought it? Is it good? Does it need to be drilled to the wall or .. how? Thanks ya.

Blessed mum said...

that's avery brave girl! i remembered al my kids were very frighten of balloons till they were nearly 3!

Fussy mum said...

Wow, she's good at grabbing and throwing the balloons :) She really had fun playing with it.

agnes said...

hahaa.. guess all kids love balloons.. dunno since when, prob only a few mths old in the walker.. chloe felt in love with balloons & since then, my house always got 2-3 packets of balloons..

and both bar along her sarong stand will have at least 6 balloons FOREVER!!! when it gets shrink, chloe will remind/inform us so we blow for new set until now.. hahhaa

know what? the MOST GELI thing to me is to blow balloon & i cant tahan the sounds (cit cit ciak ciak plastic sound frm balloon).. but hoh, i have no choice but to blow for her.. *sob sob*

Merryn said...

hahahahaha.. i cant help but laugh on agnes' comments on the cit cit ciak ciak part.. there will definitely be sooo much cit cit ciak ciak when u try to shape animal balloons..

joanne, u know how to shape animal balloons? or do flowers? sarah will sure lovveesss them! i did some for ethan but he tak minat pun!

u can buy the book on balloon shaping n DIY at home. so fun i tell u with the cit cit ciak ciak!

Wonderful Life said...

haha... Sarah so adorable! Yes, I think most kids love balloons.

But then, I feel it's not hygiene to let kids play with after 1-2 days later.

little prince's mummy said...

My boy loves balloons, too!

Esmeralda said...

Sarah so clever & bold lar.. can play with balloons... And she can even jump? Ashton still can't jump lei... dunno why... even when he's excited he won't jump...

Sarah really got ur genes lar.. I'm terrified of balloons, so Ashton won't get much of it from me though!

UmmiRosma said...

It's the same with my kids. It's fun yea. Why not you try the animal shaped balloons? It would be more fun for the little princess....

UmmiRosma said...

Sarah's hair is like Habibati's hair..cute...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also like to tie "coconut tree" on Habibati's hair? Does she likes her hair to be tied?
Both of your angels also like to play with balloon? Will mommy join too?
Actually I did bought a packet of snake balloon, but Sarah seems like don't like it and even scared with it.

I must say that Sarah really good in jumping. She can jump for everything...And jump every second. Erm, maybe Ashton think that jumping wasted his energy, so he prefer not to jump. Like Sarah, once she jump for about a min, she will started to sweat..
You don't like balloons? Why? You are afraid if it will burst?

Sean also likes balloon? So normally where do you buy it for him?

Ya leh, the balloon surface will collect normally I will need to wipe it before let Sarah handle it.

Hehe...For those who don't like balloon, they will terrified with the cit cit ciak ciak sound..:-)
Ethan doesn't like those snake balloon? Sarah too! I have bought one packet at home, but I did not know how to shape it lah...But when I showed her the long balloon, she seems like afraid of it. I think maybe she just like balloons that in round shape. Hehe.

I remembered you told me that Chloe likes balloon. You even bought some love shape balloon for her. I saw that too, from Toy"R"Us right?
Woww...Chloe started to fall in love with it since so small baby ya? I can imagine she looked cute while chasing for it when she was sitting in the walker.
Chloe really like balloons, even when sleeping also got to have it with her..:-)
Poor you, you have no choice but bear with the cit cit ciak ciak sound when you are blowing the balloon.

Hehe...I think Sarah do learned something from the game.

Your first two kids are girls right? Normally girls will be more terrified with it.

Family First:
Since Bryan only like the balloon game for few mins, so I guess your house would not keep any stock for the balloons ya?
O...about the safety..I bought it long time ago. It is from a nearby furniture shop. It is about RM110. But due to my house my stairs have very wide width, so we need to get extension bar. We got it from MyDear Warehouse.
Actually you may get the whole set of safety gate from Mydear too. You may take a look here
It is selling at a reasonable price.
About its quality, I think it is not bad. At least it won't fall down although we do need to open the gate door daily. And the most impt thing, it serves its purpose.
It need not to be drill to the wall. It has some screw that comes with the gate. So you just need to tighten the screw to the wall. No drilling required.
If you need any further info, do let me know..

Thanks thanks..
Haha..I always like to tie her hair, because she easily get sweat. So with the hair tied, so she will feel more comfortable.

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh my, Sarah grown so much already. She looks much taller now. Love her adorable!Gwen likes balloons too. She only gets balloons when we go out coz I don't blow for her leh..hehe..*lazy mummy*

Esmeralda said...

Ashton is afraid to jump I see that. Everytime his feet must touch the ground one...:D Even not jumping, in an air-cond room also Ashton can sweat - talk about sweating!

Haha.. I'm scared of sudden loud noises esp from balloons, firecrackers, loud speakers at the cinemas when they are doing a suspense movie or so... "Tan xiao"...

Ping said...

Hahaha!Cute Sarah! Natalie also enjoy playing with balloon :)

SY said...

So cute. She is really enjoy playing the ballon.hahaha....

Wonderful Life said...

Haha... I normally throw it away the next day. :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Oo....Ok. It is the best way to "clean" the dust too :-)

Su Ying and Yen Ping:
Sarah is very playful. So once she has something she likes, she will very enjoy playing it.

Meaning Ashton knows how to jump too, but jump with a safer way .
For Sarah, she has the gene of "sweating" from me.
Same lah, I also scared of loud noise especially the loud sound from cinema.

Mommy Gwen:
Ya, I also think Sarah has grow so tall now. She is much taller than the kids that is elder than her.
You don't like to blow balloon ya? Why? I just enjoy doing it.

Esmeralda said...

Errh... no actually Joanne. Ashton dunno how to jump lei... :D He also sweats a lot, esp when he's sleeping. Me too sweat a lot even in air-cond room sometimes...

Serene said...

hahaha... Sarah you're so cute la!! SO big girl already since the last time i saw you hor... Xixi love balloons too, but we will only get for her when there got free balloon at shopping mall.

slavemom said...

Wow... Sarah can jump vy well at such a young age. Vy good balancing.
My kids love balloons too. But I dun purposely buy for them, unless there's a b'day celeb. They oni get free ones fr shopping malls. That oso sometimes we purposely 'lose' the balloons b4 going home. hehehe Coz they play too 'wildly' or excitedly with balloons.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also noticed that Sarah can jump ya..hehe
I also wonder why she can jump so well. Is fun watching her like that:-)
So normally what would you tell CE and XY when you have "lost" their balloons?

I also see Xixi has grown up a lot. Big and pretty liao:-)
Better get the free balloon, or else you will be busy entertaining Xixi with her new game. Like me!

Maybe Ashton feels hot with the blanket on him?

UmmiRosma said...

My girl sometimes prefers to have her hair free from anything...heheee...but sometimes people think she is a "HE" thus I decorate her hair with something to make her more like a "SHE" LOL

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

For me, I think Sarah has more the boyish look than Habibati.

Kristie said...

sarah is so clever! she has grown a lot taller :)


Thanks for the info on the safety gates. Appreciate it.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment.
Yes....she has grown so much taller. I also noticed that.

Family First:
You are most welcome.
Hope you can get one soon.