Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fried Noodles

I read about Mery frying a delicious Air-Dried Noodles the other day, therefore I thought to do the same too. And what left inside my fridge were only some French Beans, eggs and Chinese Mushroom, so it will be my ingredients this time.


What do you think of the result? Looked too dry? I think so. Maybe I did not add enough water or oil…or I should have blanched the noodles with boiling water instead of soaking it with cold water before cooking.

Normally Sarah preferred noodles with soup, but surprisingly she also likes this one. She has eaten quite a lot. As for the leftover, all eaten by me (I should eat my own cooking, right?)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cameron Highlands

Over the weekend, we traveled to Cameron Highlands for holiday with my parent and my sister’s family.

This is the first time we brought Sarah to a place so far away from home (about four hours trip from KL) and stayed overnight.

Initially I was worried that Sarah would vomit on the way there because of the winding roads, but luckily she did not. I distracted her attention by keep talking and explaining to her about the scenery outside the car window. She managed to learn quite a few vocabularies, like mountain and trees.

Well, I cannot say Cameron Highlands is an interesting place. Nonetheless, we’ve checked out the tea farms, strawberry farms, Butterfly Park and stuff like that. We managed to visit most of the tourist spot within a day.

Sarah did had some fun while we were at these places. She was very exhausted on the day…I never see her fell asleep in a sitting position (while we were waiting for the dinner to be served). Poor girl.

Overall, I must say that Sarah does not give us much hassle and problem...phew, what a big relief! For me, there’s really nothing much about Cameron Highlands, so I decided to let the pictures do the talking.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gu Gu come again

Sarah’s “gu gu” come visit again, a 3D2N stay this time.

My sister-in-law visited us last Friday and Sarah seems like still remembered her very well; therefore Sarah didn’t cried when she first saw my SIL.

But alas, once she saw the “gu zheung” (my in-law’s husband), she cried out loud. Luckily my SIL always has a lot of biscuits with her, so she was able to “tame” Sarah with it.

Sarah then sits on my SIL’s lap for about an hour just to observe how her two cousins played around the house.

Throughout the three days when our guests were here, Sarah was well behaved; she hasn’t throws tantrum at all. I shall also praise her for always sharing toys with the cousins. Slowly but surely, she’s learning how to interacted with other kids.

And after getting familiar with her “gu gu” for the last three days, Sarah is refusing to letting her go home when its time to say good bye. So cute of her.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Salmon Porridge

Smoked Salmon is something I definitely will not miss in a buffet meal; then again I have no idea how to prepare it. Therefore I had chosen something easier…

I’ve marinated the salmon (with some brown sugar, salt, light soy sauce, oil, vinegar and water) then let it sit in the fridge overnight. Sound simple, right? I got the recipe from here but I have modified the cooking method by frying it (as I am not good in grilling fish)

Besides fish, I’ve prepared Sarah a bowl of porridge to eat with; the ingredients are jicama, corn and white potato. The corn is to sweetening the porridge.


The salmon turned out just nice and taste good. Although it looked caramised but actually fresh inside. The aroma is mainly come from the brown sugar, but luckily it dose not taste exceedingly sweet and it goes well with the salmon's rich texture.

Personally I am kind of like it, but not Sarah. She almost vomited when I first feed her with the salmon (plus porridge). Fortunately after few feeding and she was able to accept it.

Maybe I should add some lemon juice (which I’m not able to obtain) on the salmon to get rid of its slight fishy taste.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leg Warmer / Legging

I seldom buy fashionable accessories for Sarah but I am fortunate enough to have Angel sending me this leg warmer / legging.

Of course, I would love to let Sarah wearing it and make her looked trendy.

Thanks Angel for the generous gift. Sarah is blessed to be “sayang” by Auntie Angel. I am also lucky to have a friend like Angel.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yeh! Finally, I have made my own onde-onde. Thanks Cendrine.

Actually I failed on my first attempt because I’ve bought a “rotten” glutinous rice flour (from Jusco, although it has yet to expire). It has a weird smell when I first opened it. I should toss it away but I just not sure because this is the first time I bought this kind of flour.

Of course it does affect the outcome. Although the onde-onde looked good but it tastes weird!

After further discussed with my mum and Serene, I decided to try the recipe again but with a newly bought flour…so here you go, my first dessert and it is also my favourite one.


It tastes superb. The outer layer has its soft texture (from the mashed sweet potato) and also the chewyness (from the glutinous rice flour).

I have substitute the filling of chopped-pieces gula melaka to fine texture one, because it is easier to cook. Oh ya, the filling is just nice, not too sweet.

I will make another round tomorrow. It is a simple yet delicious dessert. Do give it a try.

Onde-Onde Recipe:

150g steamed sweet potato
150g glutinous flour
6 tbsp water or more
1 tsp canola oil
chopped pieces of gula melaka (or call palm sugar)
freshly grated coconut

1) Steam the sweet potato until soft.
2) then mash the sweet potato in a bowl, add in the glutinous bit by
bit flour, water and oil.
3) Knead till a dough is formed. You can add more water if the dough is dry.
4) Chop gula melaka into bite size pieces. (avoid wet)
5) Divide dough into 20g each and wrap in the gula melaka.
6) Put the wrapped balls into a big pot of boiling water.
7) Fish them out when the ball floats.
8) Toss them on to a plate filled with grated coconut and coat all
around the balls.


1) I didn't add the pandan juice cos I prefer the sweet potato flavour.
But if u want, u can add the pandan juice, by blending the pandan
leaves and water to get the juice. And add it into Step 2. The pandan
juice is to make the onde onde turn green color.

2) I didn’t use canola oil. I just use normal cooking oil.

3) You may add a pinch of salt to the grated coconut (before coating the onde-onde) to add more flavour to the dessert.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Balloon and More Balloons

Sarah started to fell in love with balloon after she got one from shopping mall; since then, the balloons is all over the place in our house. I was told by mum that I have the same interest too when I was a kid, so maybe Sarah got these ‘gene’ from me.

Actually I love the job of blowing the balloons. Normally I will buy a packet of it from the nearby shops until recently I saw some nice, cheap but good quality one from Toys"R"Us.

Of course the balloons will burst and Sarah got shocked and cried sometime. After a while, she will back to normal and continued to play again. She really likes the game!

She has learned a lot from the game. From just throwing the balloon to the air and now she even knows the technique of hitting it (not shown in the video though).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stir Fried Prawn with Capsicum

This is the first time Sarah tried on prawn and capsicum. I think she would like prawn better than capsicum. Besides, I have also cooked Yi Mien Soup (Sarah is a big fan of Yi Mien). As for the capsicum, I fried it rather than cook in the soup.

So I guess it won’t go wrong by feeding her the food she likes, together with something that she never tried before (Prawn and Capsicum). Hope she won’t vomit out all the things.


The stir fried dish just turned out nice. The capsicum taste goes well with the prawn. It gives beautiful colour to the dish too.

As expected, Sarah likes the prawn very well. She has no problem eating the capsicum either. Thank God.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sponge Cake

Am baking cake again!

I remembered Caroline told me that, we could not stop baking once we’ve started the ball rolling. How true…recently my hand just gets itchy again and I’ve decided to bake another one. I try on sponge cake this time.

Overall the instruction’s clear and I’m following it quite well, but my egg white just couldn’t form the stiff peaks. Maybe this is the reason why my cake not spongy enough?

I am satisfied with the outcome. At least the cake is ‘eatable’ compared to my last two attempts (too shame to blog about it). I feel so happy that my husband also supported me by eaten half of the big cake. Not like Sarah, tried a few bites then shake her hands hard (means no!)

If you would like the original recipe, click here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tag: When Cupid's Getting Naughty...

Oh no! I was tagged by HN that I need to share the story on how I and my husband met. After reading about HN’s story, I think ours is nothing as interesting as compare to hers.

And hope you won’t get bored with our story…

I think our relationship can be categories as ‘work related”. I first met my husband when I was working as an Administrative Assistant in a financial advisory firm.

There is one time he forgotten to sign a certain document and he have to come all the way from hometown to re-sign it. And I was the one who tasked to handle him.

That was the chance we have to get know to each other and from there on we started to become friend and later developed a romantic relationship.

After dating for about two years, he finally pops the question one day and we married in year 2006.

Of course, we are blessed with a daughter, Sarah, in year 2007.

A typical ‘boy meets girl’ story, huh?

To follow HN, I am now passing this tag to:
1) Kristie
2) Sha
3) Esmeralda
4) Mery
5) Agnes Chan
6) Gladys
7) Sam
8) Kylie
* No obligation, it's up to you to share; I just tag it for fun :P*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tag with Awards

A big thank you to Mery for passing me this award. What’s so special of this award is it comes with a tag too :) So here it goes...

*start copying*

Name 7 things/persons that you love and then pass this to 7 other bloggers.
1) My beloved hubby
2) My daughter, Sarah.
3) My family
4) My friends
5) My rabbit, I-Sh
6) My guppy fishes
7) My laptop

*end of copying*

Now I am passing it to:
1) Yen Ping
2) Queenie
3) Serene
4) Mommy Gwen
5) Joanne Ngan
6) Kristie
7) Olive

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixed Beans and Carrot Porridge

Just when I was scratching my head for Sarah’s menu last week, I saw some mixed beans (Red Beans, Green Beans and Black Eyes Beans) available in the sundry section at Carrefour. I was attracted by its beautiful colour, and I guess Sarah will like it too.

Since those dried beans will takes a long time to fully cooked, so I decided to put it into slow cooker and cook it overnight.


Although it is convenient to use slow cooker, but (for me) the result does not taste as good as using the gas stove. Therefore, I’ve add some marmite into it.

Besides, the porridge also has the coarser texture but luckily Sarah is fine when swallowing it; just to ensure she won’t get chocked, I fed her with water for every two spoons of porridge. So she ended up had a very fulfilling meal.

I am glad that she likes it, and she even asked for second bowls of it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inside My Luggage…

Yesterday when I was busy packing my stuff for a trip to mother’s house, my naughty girl also busy packing hers.

She transferred most of her toys from the toy basket to the luggage. Actually I did not intend to take any of her toys along (except her favourite VCD), but she keep putting them in.

I did not stopped her because I was curious what she will do after she has done her “packing”…She just left!! *sigh*