Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

Today we brought Sarah to our “old” house. It’s a small condo unit in Bangsar. We used to stay there for quite some time before we moved in to our current home.

The reason we took her to the place because this will be the last time we go there as we had sell the house. So we think it’s worth the trip.

We were having our breakfast at the same old restaurant with our favourite meal, Wanton Mee and Prawn Dumpling. The familiar street, familiar faces like the sellers, the mechanic were all still recognizing us although we have not been there for more than two years.

Oh, are we missing this place or what?

Later we went to the condo management office to return the access card. Since Sarah never been there, therefore we took this opportunity to showed her around the place.

She was very excited when she saw the places like swimming pool and also the landscaping fountain and waterfall. She is more interested in looking at these places than taking photo. Luckily we still managed to capture few.

It was a tiring morning for her. She dozes off in the new car seat (for the very first time) on the way home.

The trip is a sentimental one for us, so to speak. I think we will definitely miss the place.


MeRy said...

Sarah sleep so soundly in the new car seat....

MommyAngel said...

Your previous condo really has a nice environment leh ...... so 'sayang' to sell it hor, especially full of sweet memories there :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Finally you sold off your condo ah. Must be fecthing a very good prize hor..hehe? Sarah looks so angelic when she is sleeping. :)

Wonderful Life said...

the condo has a nice garden...

Natalia said...

Your previous "old" house really have nice landscape. No wonder Sarah so excited and keep looking around. I also love it.

agnes said...

i can see the eye lashes.. so long!! hahaaa

Serene said...

I also missing my old place at Singapore leh.. although been moved back here for 1year already.

Btw, your old condo units has very good environment leh..

Ping said...

Your condo is nice environment leh...nice garden ;p

Sarah is too tire of course she walk here and there. Finally fall asleep at car seat oh...

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Surely you will miss the condo. Thought it was a quite friendly environment since they still recognise you although not been there for 2 years.

I must say that condo is a nice place but house that you bought now much better for Sarah to grown is it..

Nvm..may be later will bought another :)

LittleLamb said...

yes..ur condo looks very good..with swimming pool n lotsa greenary..

slavemom said...

The condo has beautiful landscaping n big pool. And the car seat is really a good buy. Sarah loves it ya.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Slavemom - Thanks for your comment.
- Yeap, the car seat definitely a "right investment". Hehe.

Rachel - Thanks for your comment.

Sha - Yeap, we will definitely miss the lovely place. The people there are very frendly and sweet.
- We moved out from the condo because it is a little bit small for three person and it is also dangerous for young child as the we did not fenced up with grill at the balcony.
- I think we will buy another when Sarah has married...hehe.

Yen Ping - Thanks for your comment.
- Yes, the notty Sarah too excited with the surrounding, so keep walking nonstop. See end up, fall as sleep in the car.

Serene - Thanks for your comment.
- I did not know that you were staying at Singapore. I am sure it it a nice place to stay.

Agnes - Ai yo, you really has sharp eyes. I also did not noticed that until you said it.

Natalia - Thanks for your comment.
- I also love the place alot.

Doreen - Thanks for your comment.

Mommy Gwen - You have very good memory. I think you can still remember that I told you that we have a unit at Bangsar when I first met you.
- Yes, we relief that it has sold at quite a reasonable price.
- Actually I also like the photo that Sarah sleeping so soundly in the car seat.

Caroline - You are right leh, we feel sayang to sell it too. But we think is better to sell it than rent it out because the management and coordination of renting a house a bit mafan.

Mery - Sarah was tired after walking non stop at the condo. Therefore, she felt asleep in the car seat.

Joanne ~ said...

The condo environment like the hotel yaa :) it is very nice place but why you sell it, is it due to not convenient ?

eee.. i saw sarah wearing the polka dress, is this the one u mentioned to me bout the WTP polka dress ?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - Thanks for your comment. We sold it because we think than rent out the unit (which is we were doing all this while) is abit mafan, with all the coordination and management work.
Furthermore, it is a little bit small for three person and it is also dangerous for young child as the we did not fenced up with grill at the balcony.
- You are right Joanne. That's the dress we were talking about. So is En En's one same as Sarah''s one? But you said, hers one is top?

Esmeralda said...

Wow... Your previous condo really nice lar.. nice surroundings.. is it a high-density condo? I think Sarah will ask you to bring her down go 'kai-kai' everyday if u were to stay there still..

Of coz, whenever we move, and sell our old hse, we feel sad. I felt sad too when my dad sold our previous house (before I got married)... There's the sentimental value there...

Sarah is so sweet sleeping like an Angel in the new car seat. Must be really comfy ya..

Kristie said...

hi dear, the condo is really nice, good facilities, the pool is huge!!!

how nice if u stayed in a condo ya cos sarah seems to like to facilities and spaciousness there... :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Hi Kristie.
Yeap we love the condo alot. It surrounded by a lot of trees and plants. So it makes it a very cozy place to stay.
About the facilities, guess what...we never used it before, not even the swimming pool.
- I also wish to stay there with Sarah, but I think it is too small for 3 of us.

Esmeralda - By high-density, you mean is crowded right? Actually the condo is consider low-density,middle class development. A lot of mat salleh loves to stay there because of their peace and quiet environment.
- You are right Esmeralda, if we were staying there with Sarah, she will sure loves to kepoh kepoh with the surrounding.
- Your previous home also a condo?
- The car seat got quite a good quality. It is a good choice we have bought it.
Sarah was super tired that morning, so when I captured the photo when she was asleep, she also not aware of it.

Esmeralda said...

Yes... high denstiy=crowded.. It's good that it's low-density. True, mat sallehs like to stay at condo, esp with views. Haha.. we are now staying at a condo as well, a low-density ones, with good view of coz. Everyday Ashton will climb up on the sofa to look down and see the hills, etc... Just have to be very careful with him lor... All my windows are shut tight *sweats*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - I have saw few photos that you took from your condo. The view from your house is superb! How I wish I could be like Ashton, climb up the sofa and looking at the nice scenery.

the little prince said...

Nice condo!!

Good that you managed to sell it off at this point of time....

Esmeralda said...

Hehe.. thanks.. yup I can't deny that the view here is so nice and serened. Especially nite time, the view is amazing... Hehe... next time if you do come here, I can show you around... ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Thanks for your invitation. I will sure let you know if I come ya.

Yugene - Thanks for your comment.
Yes, it is a good news that we managed to get buyer and sell it off at a reasonable price.

Kristie said...

yeah condo/apartment will be small for the 3 of us... plus if there is any future additions to the family.. SURE too small hahahha :p

one thing i like abt staying in condos is the facilities... :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - oooo...."future additions to the family" ya? Not dare to think about it as Sarah is already very handful.
- Yeap, condos always has very nice facilities, but me and my husband never use them.

Kristie said...

actually with the recent episodes of sick spells... i am so tired sometimes, remember i mentioned in my blog, no more no.2!!!!

never mind, wait for sarah to grow a little bigger then can have 2nd one.. by then, sarah can be DA JIE!

a pity u never use the facilities ya... i would love to swim there!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie, yeap, I can remembered the night mare you and your husband went thru when jayden was having high fever.
Hmmm...as you said, maybe you and I gotto wait for our kid to grow older than only consider to have another baby in our family.
- Me and my husband dont know how to swim, so we never use the facility.