Monday, March 2, 2009

Outgrown, replenished & shopping

This is first time we went to baby products warehouse sales. The amount of people there is scary; you might think that they are giving out free stuff. Luckily we managed to grab some good bargains, but we were sweat like mad!

Car Seat

The current car seat that Sarah is using was passed down from my sister. Sarah has been using it for more than 10 months and she has definitely outgrown it.

This time we choose to buy a car seat that without the safety bar because it is more convenient for us to put Sarah in and out, compared to the previous one.

I must say that this is very well worth, as it off from initial price of RM429 to RM280.


Daddy always wanted to buy a tricycle for little Sarah. So since we have spotted a nice one at the warehouse sales, why not we grab it home, right?

At this moment, Sarah still does not know how to ride it, so mommy will be the one who pushing her around the house.


I am sure some of you do aware of the Jusco Baby fair. So we headed to Sunway Pyramid to buy these items:


Sarah really grows up so much in the past few months; all the current clothes (wear daily) were not fit anymore. Therefore when I saw this selling at ‘3 for RM10’, I just buy it without second thought.

Khaki Pants

This is the second khaki pants that we bought for Sarah. We started to fall in love with the pants when we saw Sarah looked relaxed and comfortable wearing it.


Remember the 'beep beep' shoe that we bought earlier? Sarah can no longer fit into it.

But this time, we did not buy the 'beep beep' shoes anymore; instead we bought “Winnie the Pooh” shoes for her. She likes it. She even asked me to let her wear inside the house.

Kids Cooking Set

This is actually not the first cooking set we buy for her, but for RM15 to get a good quality set of toy with no sharp edges, I think it worth every penny.

And I hope that Sarah will take over my kitchen one day…


Seems like we have really bought a lot of VCD for Sarah. What to do, she just started to get bored with the one we got her last time.


MeRy said...

Joanne,you seem did alot of shopping for little Sarah.She sure very very happy.

Mummy Moon said...

I like the tricycle, Yan YAn also got 1 similar 1, but she is still can not ride herself yet. The khakis pants is nice , I like white color, what is the brand, is it Poney?

Oliveoylz said...

100 fun songs would definitely keep her busy listening for the next few months :) Cool! That sure is a lot of shopping u did for your darling!

LittleLamb said...

is this the Mydear warehouse sale?? I like the bicycle....sales still on?

slavemom said...

U brot Sarah along for the w/hse sale? Altho I've nvr been to 1, I can imagine the crowd n madness. As if the things r free. :)
U've got some really great bargains there. Esp like the white khakis. So sweet looking.

agnes said...

ops.. come on.. should have bought the tricycle earlier mah.. hahahaa.. ;) perhaps you can remove the railing and let her go in by her own easily adi...

besides, i love the white color pants.. the flower print is so sweet!!!

cre8tone said...

Sarah can cycle already? Wow!~ Sean still dunno...

Family First said...

The tricycle looks cute. Wonder if can get from Jusco or Carrefour?

MommyAngel said...

that is really a lot of stuffs!!! Sarah is so lucky!!! I love the tricycle!

Fussy mum said...

Wow, so many great stuff for lil' Sarah. I'm sure she'll know how to ride the tricycle very soon. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Fussy Mum - Hehe, I am very satisfied with what I have got that day.
- I also hope Sarah will know how to ride the tricycle soon.

Caroline - Yes, all of the items are for Sarah. So lucky!
- The tricycle is very cute hor. I like it too.

Family First - Hehe, I like the tricycle too. It has a very nice colour and the quality is quite good.
- Erm, I have not seen the similar tricycle at Jusco but Carrefour might have, I am not sure about it.

Kylie - Sarah also doesnt know how to ride the tricycle yet.

Agnes - I did not remove the railing because I dont want her to get into the tricycle by herself. You know Sarah, she is very rough one, not than she is not managed to climb up but she ended up fell down and cried.
- Actually I did not noticed the flower print of the pant, I just bought it because of its colour. hehe.
But of course the print is nice too.

Slavemom - Yes, I bought Sarah along. Luckily my husband was there to help in choosing the right items and also paid for that. So I just carry Sarah with me.
- You also never been to baby warehouse sales ya? Yes, it was really like ppl queeing up for free stuff. Hehe.
- Yeap, the pants has nice colour ya. Looking forward to put it on on Sarah.

Rachel - Yes, is myDear Warehouse. The sales will on till 8/3. I think you can still grab the tricycle. Good luck!

Olive - Actually the cover of the VCD is abit misleading, because the VCD only contained 25 songs. So I think I will be buying another one in very near future.

MOmmy Moon - Yan Yan also got the similar tricycle ya? I am sure she likes it. I think Yan Yan will know how to ride it soon, dont worry.
- You also like white colour, but I did not have any pants with this colour. Hehe.
The brand ya, actually is not Poney. It is the brand that from Jusco itself.

Mery - Haha...this is the first time we shop for her items two days consecutively.

Mummy Gwen said... bought so many things for Sarah. All are good buys. :)

Natalia said...

How much did you get the car seat?

Daniel also almost outgrow his current car seat. *sigh* I should buy much bigger car seat for him next time...

Serene said...

Wah... good bargain leh.. the car seat is definitely worth to buy! Oh.. soon Sarah will start cooking for mama already. hahaha

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

What a great bargain ya! I wonder that Sarah's feet grown very fast leh. Tina still can wear her beep beep shoe till today..hmm..

We also plan long time ago to buy a nice car seat for Tina but still couldn't buy it.The nice one cost more than hundred..hope later we can.

I love the tricycle la Joanne. Some more it comes in my fav. colour..

Sarah sure can learn how to cook for mommy leh now..hehehe..must be cute. Don't forget to post the picture ya!

Esmeralda said...

So envy KL got lots of warehouse sales & bargains? The car seat is really a good buy. Haha.. the tricycle so cute lar with those ribbons... Sarah like it?

Looks like u've been doing quite a lot of shopping that day ya.. So does Sarah gets cranky during the shopping?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Is true also. I think at KL has more warehouse sales than at KK.
- You also like the car seat ya? Me too. Of course Sarah "three". Hehe.
- Haha...this is the first time we shop for her items two days consecutively. She is lucky!
Luckily Sarah behaved well at the warehouse sales.

Sha - Yes, is truly a great buy I have got there.
- Sarah has the "big foot" gene from mommy. Maybe this is the reason she outgrown her shoes more faster than Tina :-)
- Sha, perhaps you could get a second hand car seat for Tina? I see some of the website is selling that. It comes with good quality too and of course more reasonable price.
- You like blur colour ya? No wonder you and I like the tricycle. Hehe.
- Really is my wish that Sarah can at least prepare a meal for herself when she grows up.

Serene - Among all the items, we satisfied the most that we managed to buy the car seat.

Natalia - I got the car seat for RM280.
- Dont worry, I am sure you able to get a right cat seat for Daniel.

Mommy Gwen - It is indeed a fruitful day for us.

Joanne said...

Joanne, u hav bought so many things in one day, GENG ! The khaki pants look nice but white colour easy to get stain o..

so u have new comfortable car seat and tricycle for sarah now, she like it or not ?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - Haha....actually i bought all that things in two days.
Yalor, I also think that white colour easily get stain, but thats the nicest colour we could get there.
- Sarah likes the tricycle alot. Everyday asked me to push her around.

MommyAngel said...

Is the VCD nice and what do they show when they were singing the kids songs? Coz I have bought a lot of kids vcds and all of them, the song and the video is totally different stories (i.e, when singing a song about a doggie, the video will show kids running around which don't makes sense at all) LoL How about this one??

2xMum said...

Sarah got bored at home?? Perhaps time for getting her a that she could play with... hehe.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Yalor. Sarah almost get bored with all her current toys. Sometimes she also needs someone to teman her to play, so normally she will choose Me.
- Hmmm...I also think is a good idea to get her a sibling, but hor..not now lor. Hehe.

Caroline - Yeap, I also encountered the same situation as yours. I have bought many VCD that shown different scene when the song was playing.
Infact the one that I have bought now also the same. Only few song is ngam with the scene.

Kristie said...

wow so much shopping for lucky sarah :) nothing for mummy and daddy ah? :)

i love the khaki pants, so chic!

the car seat is very worth it!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Quite alot of things hor? I also got shocked when I capture the photo for posting.
- Daddy did not buy anything, but mommy managed to buy two tshirts and one anklet.
- I love the pants too, coz I was the one who chose it. Hehe.
- I think jayden also has the similar car seat right?
Anyway, did you managed to grab something from Mydear?

Kristie said...

yeah joanne, nice to get something for urself ya? u like wearing anklets? i dont have the habit of wearing it, dont like something around my ankle hehe...

good choice on the pants, good taste! :)

the car seat that we got is a diff model... yup we got a highchair from mydear :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie, yes..I like anklet alot. Infact I have one on my left (string type) and also right (silver type). I have used to wear it, so if I dont have any of these, I feel uneasy. Hehe.
- I saw the high chair you got for Jayden. I like it too.

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

Joanne sure can la..gene from mummy kan..her mummy is a good cooker for her. Sarah, quick..grow and prepare a good food for mummy and daddy..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sha - It is so nice of you for giving me such a comment *blush*. Actually I really not a good cook, but I am lucky to have Sarah to try my food. Hehe.