Monday, March 16, 2009

Mee Hoon with Ikan Bilis Broth

Since Sarah does not fancy mee hoon herbal soup, then better I cook something that she has eaten before. Therefore I’ve bought some grey oyster mushroom, egg tofu, “sawi” and fish ball to cook with the soup.

This is the first time I used oyster mushroom in Sarah’s menu, hope she will like it.


Wise decision! Sarah loves it a lot. I was delighted she is able to finish the meal. She also likes those ingredients in the soup. She will just swallow all of them with no problem at all.


Mummy Gwen said...

That's a good combo. Gwen likes fishballs alot. Thanks for the idea. :)

MommyAngel said...

You didn't make another bowl for yourself? It does look so yummy and I love the combination too. And she manages to finishe such a huge bowl of mee hoon? Wow!!

MeRy said...

That's looks great and happy that Sarah like to eat the beehoon soup. I cooked tis for Ryan be4. He likes it too...but I found Ryan like mee more than beehoon.

Mummy Moon said...

It looks so yummy... I like mi hoonn soup too.

slavemom said...

Good girl Sarah! Always make mommy vy happy when she enjoys all the meals u cooked for her.

cre8tone said...

Another new food for little Sarah!~

SY said...

Yum Yum.It looks delicious dear..Make me hungry liao....

Anonymous said...

Look so nutritious and yummy! I would swallow them all too :P

Esmeralda said...

Yummy yummy! So Sarah swallowed the whole thing? Good girl! The grey oyster mushroom is it fresh/canned?

Did you cut the meehoon to a shorter length for her? She finished her soup as well? Sorry.. too many Qs...

Serene said...

So happy to hear that Sarah like all kind of food that Mummy prepare for her.. Joanne, take more picture when Sarah eating leh... want to see.. heheh =) I guess feeding Sarah is really a pleasant task.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Thanks for your comment.
Yes, Sarah swallowed everything. She is very "wei sek" one!
- I bought fresh oyster mushroom. I did not it has canned type.
- Yes, I will cut the mee hoon to shorter length for her, in order she wont get chocked. About the soup, I did not feed her, but the meehoon able to absorb the soup.
- Dont worry about your questions, I am totally ok with it.

HN, SY - Thanks for your comment.

Kylie - I have to think a lot of menu for her, coz she will get bored of a food if she has eaten more than 2 days.

Slavemom - You are right! I feel extremely happy whenever I see her open her mouth big big and asked for the food.

MOmmy Moon - Thanks for your comment.
You like meehoon too? So normally you will cook something like this for yourself?

Mery - Yeap, extremely happy when saw Sarah able to finish the food.
- Ryan prefer mee than mee hoon? Talk about mee, I have yet to introduce to Sarah. I wonder how to cook it to be a nicer menu. Any idea?

Caroline - Hehe, actually I did used the same ingredients for my own food, but I just substitute meehoon to vercimilli.
- Ya wor, she is able to finish the meal. I also shocked with it.

Mommy Gwen - Great that you love the ingredients.
- Gwen likes fish ball? Sarah ok ok with it.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I feel extremely happy whenever I see her open her mouth big big and asked for the food.
- Sure sure, I will take more pics when Sarah is eating.

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. if you can get fresh oyster mushroom then it's much better and healthier.. Talking about mushrooms, it's about time I buy some fresh mushrooms for Ashton. It's been quite a while since I cooked his porridge with mushrooms. :)

MeRy said...

Joanne - for me, I normally cook even dry or soup,both way.
*For dry mee -
1.fried onions ,added some minced pork.
2.boil some green vege(sayur sawi),put aside.
3.Boil the mee, toast it with the fried onions+minced pork+bovril+maggi seasoning(juz put a little bit).Lastly add sayur sawi.
4.Ready 2 serve.

* For mee soup -
1. fried onion,minced pork,egg.
2. add more water(can use chicken stock).bring to boil,add bit of salt,maggi seasoning.
3. Add sayur sawi or brocoli.
4. boil the mee separately,put aside
5. Once the soup is boil,then add in the mee.
6. Ready 2 serve.

UmmiRosma said... kids love noodles too. They easily get bired with the rice. I have tried this one too except for the fishballs. I havent given them the fishballs yet in their meals. I even tried this with tanghoon noodle(the clear fine noodle).

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

There..Joanne come out with another menu. Look delicious la Joanne. Tina doesn know much ( I guess) on how to eat noodles. I try several time but noodles still a weird thing to her. But I know she love soup..hope to serve mee soup for her soon..

I wish can see Sarah eat..must be exciting!

the little prince said...

Nice combination..will need to try this out. I normally put boneless fish (dolly fish) or fishball only! :-)

Anonymous said...

my girls can take noodle almost daily if possible, guess they had bored with

Mummy Gwen said...

Yes, Gwen likes fishball alot...hehe. But she doesn't like meehoon. She likes macaroni instead. By the way, Gwen is wearing size 22 shoes. Sarah really has big feet leh.

LittleLamb said...

this is Philip fav too...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - O, Philip loves this? Good lah, at least he can have more option in food other than milk :-)

Mommy Gwen - For Sarah, she is not so favour to fish ball. So I just add few in the soup.
- Maybe Gwen likes the smooth texture of the macaroni. For me, I like macaroni cooked with sauce. Yummy!
- See, I told you that Sarah has big feet as compared to Gwen.

Yugene - I have saw Dory fish at the cold storage the other day, I wonder what I can do with it. Perhaps next time I can put it inside the soup. I wonder will it taste fishy?

Sha - Yalor, another new menu. What to do, Sarah easily get bored with the same food. So gotto think of new food for her more frequent.
- Maybe Tina is not ready with the mee hoon texture yet, but how about kuey teow? It is more easy to chew. Mee also a not bad idea of serving it with soup. I will try this next time.
- Since Tina likes soup, mayb you can buy some fish ball and add them into the ikan bilis broth. I tell you, the taste is superb and sweet.
- Haha, Serene also told me the same thing. She suggested to take more photos of Sarah when she is eating.

Ummi - Actually Sarah also easily get bored with certain food. So normally I need to alternate her food in btwn, porridge, rice and noodles.
- noodle. I love it. It taste good with tomyam, hehe.
So your kids love glass noodle?

Mery - Thanks for the tips. I like dry cooking noodles alot, and Sarah too. It is a great idea of using brovril in the food.
A big MUAK for you for the detailed explaination :-)

Esmeralda - Luckily it is easy for me to get fresh mushroom.
- Quick quick buy some mushroom and cook a yummy and healthy porridge for your HANDSOME. Hehe..

Jess - Hehe, I think your angels prefer to swallow noodles than rice. Actually I also like your angels. :-)

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

There you go..I really wish can see it..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sha - Sure sure, I will take more of her photos and show you.

the little prince said...

the soup will taste fishy. If you worried, you wash the fish with hot water....

I normally marinate the fish with pepper n little bit of soya sause before I put in the soup. Remember only put in when the soup BOIL.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - Thanks for your tips. I did not know by washing the fish with hot water can take off the fishy smell.
- OK it. I will remember all your advice. Kam Sia!

Kristie said...

good that sarah is so clever to makan... good u know :) at least u wont be worried abt her not having enough nutrients... she wont be a fussy eater next time!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I am so lucky to have Sarah to eat all the food that I cooked for her.
- I am keeping my finger crossed that she wont be a fussy eater next time, hehe.