Monday, March 30, 2009

Double Dishes

Air Dried Noodles with Shitake Mushroom, Green Peas and Steam White Pomfret

Shitake Mushroom

I’ve heard from many mommies that Shitake Mushroom has the best taste and aroma compared with other mushrooms; so I decided to give it a try…

White Pomfret
This is the first time I used Pomfret in Sarah’s menu. I have steamed the fish with some shitake mushroom, ginger, light soy sauce and sesame oil; and the fish will serve together with the noodles.


The fish look good and fresh in the end; but somehow the taste of green peas has overshadowed the mushroom. Luckily, Sarah like the steamed fish and managed to finish her meal.


The other day when I saw Sarah happily eating the coleslaw at KFC, I was like: why not I make some for her myself?

I have used the usual suspects: cabbage, carrot, cucumber and raisins, and mixing it with the mayonnaise and Walla…the home made coleslaw are ready to serve.


Wow, this is delicious! I can taste the crunchiness of the vegetables and the raisin makes the coleslaw simply superb!

Sarah did tried two spoonful of it and then turned away. I think she still prefer the one from KFC.

P/S: Put a tiny pinch of salt into the coleslaw before serve. It will bring up a lot of flavour.


Mummy Gwen said...

That great. Sarah finished mummy's delicious meal again. I wonder what is air dried noodles?

Your coleslaw looks yummy. Gwen doesn't like KFC coleslaw..hehe..just like the Daddy.

Serene said...

KFC coleslaw taste sweeter, I think thats y Sarah prefer that. The steamed fish looks nice, I personally love this dish too =)

Fussy mum said...

Nice and yummy dishes!! I love coleslaw, it goes very well with western food like chicken chop and fish n chips :)

LittleLamb said...

i think the KFC coleslaw got artificial taste. Dont give if possible.

Merryn said...

steam pomfret.. so sedap! me not a fan of coleslaw.. so didnt try giving it to ethan.. i dun give him raw veges yet.. :) but urs looks yummy!

little prince's mummy said...

Uncooked vege is ok for kiddos?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - To be honest, I also not sure whether uncooked vege is ok for kiddos, but I think if I feed her moderately, shall be fine.

Merryn - Thanks for your comment about the steam pomfret. Do you like steamed fish? Does Ethan likes it?
- You don't like coleslaw? You don't like its "raw" taste ya?

Rachel - Yes, I also think that KFC coleslaw got artificial taste. Luckily we seldom dine in at KFC.
Anyway, thanks ya.

Ivy - Thanks for your comment.
- I also like coleslaw with western food. Taste great!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene - Yalor, Sarah prefer the KFC's coleslaw. Maybe it has some artificial taste in it, thats why she likes it.
- You also like steam fish? Good...
How about Xixi?

Mommy Gwen - Air Dried Noodles are those Nonfrying noodles. The normal type of instant noodles are fried to remove its moisture and therefore contains more fat. So Air Dried Noodles are FAT FREE.
- Thanks for your comment about the coleslaw.
Eee..I thought Gwen likes to eat vege? But maybe she doesn't like the raw taste of the veges used in coleslaw.

Mummy Gwen said...

Glad to know you understand my explanation..hehe. Gwen likes vege, maybe she doesn't like the mayonaise gua..haha.

Ping said...

Yummy! Yummy ! Make me hungry now ;p hahaha!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping - Hungry ya..come to KL, I belanja you.

Mommy Gwen - Of course I understand you explaination. You have explained it in a very detailed manner. Thanks again, you are so kind.
- Oo..Gwen doesn't like the taste of mayonaise ya? So taste great!

Esmeralda said...

Btw, how did u serve the promfret together with the noodle soup? You add into together, or feed her noodles & fish alternately?

I think the KFC coleslaw is quite "hancur" already that's why she preferred it...

slavemom said...

Maybe next time try using thousand island dressing (or other salad dressing) instead of mayo?

HN said...

Great idea to add raisin in the coleslaw! Thanks for sharing Joanne!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment. The reason I added raisin in the coleslaw because Sarah seldom eat raisins now, so I better not wasting it.
Luckily it taste great in the coleslaw. Hehe.

Thanks for your suggestion. I think is great to add thousand island in the coleslaw. It should taste nice.
I like thousand island very much.

Yes, I feed the fish alternately with the noodles.
- Ya, maybe Sarah prefer the "hancur" texture from the KFC coleslaw.

MeRy said...

I will let Ryan try coleslaw nextime. Never came across my mind to make my own coleslaw for him. Since ryan like to eat burger, I make my homemade burger for him with cheese + burger meat + egg.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think Ryan will like coleslaw because he loves vege, right?
- Woww...homemade burger. So looking forward for the recipe. Must post ya.

Mummy Moon said...

I like to eat steam fish and coleslaw. hehe, I also tried to make my coleslaw too, but also prefer the kfc 1 .

Do hop over to my blog and vote for my babies ya!

UmmiRosma said...

I love KFC coleslaw too cant make a good one myself! What they are mixing as dressings isn't yoghurt? I am also not sure with this one...hehee

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also love KFC coleslaw? I prefer homemade one because I can put more mayonaise in it.
Ooo..they used yogurt for the dressing? I thought is mayonaise? I am not sure either.

Mommy Moon:
Yes, steam fish taste fresh and good too.
I totally opposite with you, I prefer homemade coleslaw.
Sure, I will vote for Heng2 and Yan2 later. Gd Luck!

Julie said...

Never thought of giving Jonathan coleslaw. Must let him try one day. But I got the instinct that he may not like it. Let's see.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

After I posted this topic, only I knew that a lot of kids don't like coleslaw.
Maybe Jonathan will like it..hehe.