Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Apple, Dory Fish and Broccoli Porridge

This is first time I used fruit as an ingredient in porridge. I’ve read from Agnes, Kristie and Caroline’s blog that they cooked apple porridge for their little one, so I thought to give it a try too.

Dory Fish
I always have problem in getting the nice fish for Sarah, more over a boneless one. So frankly I thought it was a steal when I saw Carrefour selling the Dory Fish Fillet for just RM3 (two big pieces of it).

I have decided to fry the fillet lightly so that it won’t leave fishy taste to the porridge. Of course, I’ve also added a piece of ginger into the porridge for the same purpose.


The porridge turned out well and it taste yummy too. The sweetness of the apple blends well with the other two ingredients. Sarah and I love the dory fish fillet very much; its flesh still remains tender after cooked with the porridge.

Sarah manages to finish her big bowl of meal in less than 20 minutes. She is such a good girl.

P/S: Thanks Yugene for giving me the idea of using Dory Fish in Sarah’s menu.


Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

What is dory fish Joanne? But the porridge look yummy la. Anyway this few days Tina doesn't wanna eat porridge, she want to eat rice. So I have to cook it a bit 'lembik' than usual for her and us. But her appetite is going down. I dont know why..

MommyAngel said...

Oh .... Sarah's appetite is really good, I can see that's a huge bowl of porridge there, well done Joanne. I also feels that the combination is very nice .....

Dori fish .... never tried before leh. Maybe I did but don't know how the fish looks like, so does it taste different from other type of fish?

2xMum said...

Wow...great menu. How I wish my boy could eat more variety of food. I must chop/cook the ingredients till very fine. As I don't think he could eat food in cut in big chunks as he has not got any molar and incisor yet. It's been so many months already not a single tooth erupted leh...hmm, I wonder why...

Kristie said...

joanne, good try!!! the apples did give a very nice sweetness ya? :)

guess what? i also bought a pack of dory fillet from c4, the same one!

will prepare a nice meal for hubby and me :)

lovely combination of porridge, something i would definitely make once jayden can eat fish! :)

actually how old can start ah? now can right?

Kristie said...

oh forgot to ask, did sarah eat everything inside? the brocolli, apples and fish?

Mummy Gwen said...

Mmm...the porridge looks really yummy. Sarah is such a good girl finishing the big bowl of porridge. :)

Anonymous said...

Another great kid's menu :) Thanks for sharing dear!

2ma said...

yummy! i must ask the boys mummy to try it

Fussy mum said...

hah, I'd dory fish for dinner last night too - cooked with young ginger and spring onions. Very easy to eat cos it's boneless...hehe.

Sarah will never get bored with ur porridge as you have so many creation of it :)

Serene said...

Thank you for sharing Joanne, I wanna try!! I wanna try!!

Btw, I have several question here.. pai seh huh
1) Is the apple turn out yellowish or sour after cook together with porridge?
2) Can share with me the cooking method ah? Using slow cooker?
3) The dory fish is the fish use to cook fish and chips right? Can get it from wet market?

kekeke... If you find my question is too long, then dun mind to drop me a msn msg.. Terima Kasih!

piggie piglet chickie said...

joanne, if i cook this, i think my son not goin to eat the vege...
he sure will take it out n give it to me... did sarah eat those vege , apple ??

cre8tone said...

I wanna try cook apple porridge also!~ Thankx for sharing Joanne!

Blessed mum said...

wow! you are such experimental mom! do you cook the apples with the fish & porridge?? I would love to try it too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle - Hehe, I love to try new things on Sarah's food and luckily she is okay with it.
- Yes, I cooked the apple first once the porridge started to boil then followed by broccoli and fish.
- Hope Nicholas will like the recipe. Oh ya, you may marinate the fish with some salt, pepper and sesame oil, so that it has some nice aroma when served.

Kylie - Sure sure....try try try. It taste yummy with apple in porridge. Hope Sean will like it.

Yuki - Edward doesnt like vege and fruit? Maybe he doesnt know the nice taste of them, maybe he gets older, he will be fine.
- Yes, Sarah eats everything in the porridge, except the piece of ginger. Hehe.

Serene - Of course I am very happy to answered all your queries.
1) I think is normal gua that apple will turn yellowish after expose to air for some time. More over I cooked it in the porridge for several minutes.
Good question from you, actually I did not taste whether the apple turned sour after cook. Maybe I have a try tomoro and msn you ya.
Coz I see Sarah eating all the ingredients with no prob at all, so I assume all taste good. kekekek...
2) I cooked the porridge on the gas stove. Such a long time I did not use slow cooker.
First: Marinate the fish with some
salt, pepper and sesame oil, so that it has some nice aroma when served. Then, coated it with some tepung jagung and lightly fry it for few minutes (since we are putting it back to the porridge later).
Second: Start cooking the porridge.
Third: Once it started to boil, put in the apple and let it cooked till boiling.
Fourth: Put in broccoli and followed by fish meat with a pcs of ginger.
WALLA, it is served!
3) Yess, dory fish is those meat that used for fillet, but I am not sure it is available at wet market. Maybe you can have a look there. (Just be cautious with the bone in it). For the one that I bought from supermarket, it has no bone at all.
- Happy cooking to you and hope Xixi will like it.

Ivy - What a coincidence, you also cooked dory fish for your family. Sharlene like the dish?
- Thanks for sharing on how to cook the dory fish. It sounds yummy. Will try it next time.
- Hehe, I better think of many many different type of porridge before she get bored with it.

2ma - You want to try for Shan Leo and Shan Ray. Good good...
Hope that they will like it.
Good luck!

HN - You are most welcome.

Mommy Gwen - Thanks for your comment. I like the porridge too.

Kristie - Thank you for giving me the idea of using apple as the ingredient. Sarah and I love it.
Yes, it taste sweet.
- So ngam, you also bought the dory fish from c4. Very worth it hor. So big piece only for RM3.
- So mind to share how would cook the fish? Wanna learn from you.
- I first intro fish to Sarah was when she was 8 mths old. Luckily she was ok with it.
Actually if Jayden able to chew well with food, then you may intro to him, but if to play safe, wait till he reached one year old.
- Yes, Sarah eats everything in the porridge.

Doreen - If I am not mistaken, Ryan started to eat fruits right? So you can also start to cook something like this for him. Since he can't chew well yet, then maybe you need to do some extra work in chopping the ingredients finely.
The most impt thing, he eats the porridge :-)
- Dont worry Doreen, once Ryan's teeth started erupt, then it will not only one but sometimes comes with few.

Caroline - I also noticed that lately Sarah likes to eat all types of food except her milk. Maybe this is the reason she can swallow the big bowl of porridge.
- Last time I also no idea about Dory Fish until I shopped at Carrefour.
Actually it has the same taste like other type of fish. For me, I like it because it is really boneless. Not even single one. So more easy to feed Sarah with it.

Sha - Have you watch Finding Nemo? The blue in colour fish is called Dory Fish. (This is the exact question from me and the answer from MP mommies when I asked them what is Dory Fish)
- Normally Dory Fish can be used to cooked fillet, coz it is boneless.
- For me, I think is a good thing that Tina doesn't like porridge and prefer rice, so that you have easier job to feed her when dining outside.
- Is Tina teething that leads to decrease in appetite?

UmmiRosma said...

Porridge with apple cubes?
This is new...I will have a go with this one...

the little prince said...

Glad that Sarah love the porridge!!

Joanne, you're welcome!!

Mummy Moon said...

Oh, nice recipe, I never try using dory fish in my baby porridge, thanks for sharing.

Merryn said...

wow... dory fish.. tak pernah try... i've not cook porridge for soooo long.. forgotten how it suppose to taste! hahaha.. my ethan refused to take porridge since 12 mths old.. since then, he has been eating rice with watever we are eating.. i know it's not good for him, but at least that way he is eating... :(

slavemom said...

I've nvr cooked fruits in the kids' meal b4. But I think it gives a natural sweet taste (from sweet fruits). Sarah's good eating habits really a good motivator for u to try more new recipes. ;)

Esmeralda said...

Dory fish is nice, texture is soft and smooth... It's usually used in fish & chips at restaurants... But I'm wondering how come dory fish are very cheap compared to other fish? Any ideas where this fish come from? Are they reared/caught in deep sea?

Serene said...

Thank you for sharing, Joanne. I shall try this recipe when i get dory fish.. heheh. Let me know if the apple turn sour, ok! thanks again!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene - you are most welcome. Happy cooking ya.

Esmeralda - actually last time I also have no idea about dory fish until I joined MP.
- Yes, it has a very smooth texture. I like it a lot.
- I thought only carrefour is selling as such a price, meaning at KK also the same?
Erm, I have no idea where this fish come from. Sorry.

Slavemom - Yeap, the porridge does have the natural sweetness from the apple. Taste not bad.
- Is true, I have to thank Sarah for eating most of my food, so that I am more motivated to cook for her.

Merryn - This is the first time I used dory fish in cooking too. I think I will use it more often. I like its taste and texture.
- Ethan stop eating porridge since 12 mths old? For Sarah, she started taking rice at about 12 mths old too, but since then she still likes porridge.
- I think no harm for Ethan to eat rice and eat whatever you all eat. Coz Sarah also like that.
I know Ethan is not picky in food, so is more easier for you to prepare food for him.

Mommy Moon - You are most welcome.
You may have a try to Heng Heng. Hope he will like it.

Yugene - Thanks to you again.
Sarah likes it a lot.

Ummi - Hehe, yes..porridge with apple cubes.
Hope both your angels will like it.

MeRy said...

Joanne..another good recipe. I m yet to intro apple into porridge yet.

Kristie said...

joanne, u are most welcome! actually i am pretty surprised that many mummies have not tried including fruits into their porridge... porridge is not confined to savoury stuffs only hehe :) glad sarah and u liked it!!!! it does give a very nice sweet taste to the porridge...

btw for serene's query, for fuji apples, normally they are very sweet already, so it wont be sour in the porridge!

i have not introduced the dory fish to jayden yet cos i am not sure when? i read from a book then actually can include small pcs inside the porridge already...

ya lor, damn worth it hor??? i got a surprise too when i saw the price, only RM3!!!! ya very big pieces too...

i plan to make a nice meal using the dory fish for the both of us :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Yes, we both like the porridge. Really gotto thank you for sharing the great recipe to us and also to all other mommies.
- Oh ya, I did not not tell Serene about the fuji apple. Actually I just used normal apple in the porridge, and it still gives sweet taste to it. Of course if can get Fuji is the best lah!
- So when would you start to feed Jayden with fish? Maybe as the book stated, start with few pcs in the meal?
- I am sure you will make a yummy meal for your family. Once you have cooked it, mind to let me know. I want to learn from you, thanks!

Mery - Thanks Mery.
- Apple in porridge, not a bad choice for our lil one. :-)

Kristie said...

joanne, i will try soon, cos jayden is turning 8 mths just round the corner :) u are most welcome dear! cheers!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie, so fast Jayden is going to turn 8 mths old. Me getting old lor..
- Hope Jayden will like fish meal. Hehe.

quEeNie said...

I never tried fruit as an ingredient in porridge yet....can try & cook for Chloe :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ya, is worth a try. Maybe Chloe will like it.
Good luck!