Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day + Ikea + Study Table

Isn't it weird that we celebrate Valentine's Day at Ikea? Actually it was the place where we were first dating. I know it is not romantic but the most important thing is I spent the day with my “lovers”, Sarah and my husband.

We intentionally skip our breakfast to eat the Swedish meatball there. It is still as good as before and Sarah also enjoyed munching the meatball.

After that, we proceed to the children section to buy a study table (and chair) for Sarah. Actually there are a lot of choices but we have decided to buy these.

We have chosen this table because it does not have sharp edges, which is very safe for our naughty daughter. We thought to buy a lean chair but the design seems too shaky to lean on, so we settle for the stool instead.

Not to forget, we also bought a storage basket to store Sarah’s toys.

Sarah did have a lot of fun at Ikea. She walked a lot which is unlike what she normally does when she was outing. At the end we have to entice her to stand on the shopping cart when we check out. Or else, she will just keep walk and walk and walk…


After we set up the table and the chair when we got home, we were surprised to know that the stool is a bit too high for Sarah. So now every time I have to help her to get up and down from the stool.

Besides that she also found a new way to play with the stool - she enjoyed pushing it around the house! Hopefully our neighbours would not complaint about the irritating noise created by her.

A study table, Swedish meatball and a stroll down the place of our first dating, all in all, it was a wholesome Valentine’s Day outing for us.


MeRy said...

Happy Belated Valentine Day !!

Kristie said...

very lovely v-day indeed! wah so greedy... got 2 lovers hahhahha :p

i like the ikea table and stool too, so cute, thought of getting it everytime i see them, but of cos still too early :) i think sarah likes it there cos everything there is so colourful and cheerful!

the storage bag is nice too.. i also want to get one, maybe next time.

agnes said...

hehe.. guess these are the parents pick all time!!!

we also bought the round Ikea table + 2 stools + 1 chair for chloe last time.. ;)

cre8tone said...

Great!~ Sarah can study more in her new table n stools~

Serene said...

Ya Ya, being together with our loves one is most important thing in valentines day.. doesn't matter where is the place.
Sarah got a studying table and stool already, so mummy tend to send her to school soon is it? Heheh..
Btw, I have the Ikea stool at home too. For Xixi, the stool act more like her toy lah.. hahah.. she like to perform all kind of stunt on it; push it terbalik way; also use it as stacker when she trying to reach something that is high!! How dangerous wor... Then I keep all the 3 stool out of her sight now, so no more stunt. *sweat*

Lynn said...

I was there at ikea too on valentines day... wanted to buy a table too but it was out of stock. I was eyeing on the wooden table, it's smaller than the one u have.

Mummy Gwen said...

Ikea bring alot of memories for you huh..hehe. Anywhere also nevermind as long as we get to spend special days like this with our family right? I got the round Ikea table for Gwen instead. Gwen also like to push the round Ikea stool..hahaha..sometimes we have to hide it from her..hahaha

Fussy mum said...

hahah...sharlene has got the green stool from Ikea too. Btw, I love their swedish meatballs too and of course, their coffee :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen - Haha...ya brings alot of memories when I went Ikea again.
- Yes, for long as it is a family day, then anywhere also ok.
- Round Ikea table? Any pic taken in your blog?
Seems like all kids love to push the stool.

Lynn - You were at ikea too? What a coincidence. May I know what time you were there?
- I think I know which table that you planned to buy for Andrea. I saw it too..It is really a cute one and nice wooden colour too.

Serene - Agreed! If last time pak toh time,me and my husband spent the day is the most important. Now with Sarah, things changed! Spending the family day is the best!
- Ei,you know husband always ask Sarah:" when you schooling ya?" He always think that he will be more free after Sarah has start schooling
- Xixi also another toddler that likes to perform dangerous act using the stool. Seems like it is really a toy for them.

Kylie - Yes, now Sarah needs not to put the books on the floor and read..kesian her.

Agnes - Ya hor..seems like all parents likes to buy Ikea kids furniture.

Kristie - Greedy ya, having two lovers in my lifetime..what to do, I really love both of them.
- Sarah loves the table when she first saw it. Yes, maybe it is colourful and the red colour is a striking one!
- So now already plan to buy study table and storage basket for Jayden. So nice mommy, always plan ahead.

Mery - Same to you, Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Fussy Mum - I think as my fren Agnes said, the stool is a favourite hot pick for parents.
- Yeap, their sweedish meatball is the best. I have yet to try their coffee. Will try next time.

MommyAngel said...

The stool and desk are so nice ...... I love it. The Ikea basket also looks so pretty leh .....

I like the way you spend your v day too. Actually spending the day with our beloved even doing nothing at home also is such a bless, don't you think so? But of course can go kai kai and brought Sarah's stuffs is such nice feeling leh. She looks cute while standing inside the trolley, hehehehe

Esmeralda said...

It doesn't matter where u spent V-day, all that matters is who u spent it with! I'm sure all of u enjoyed the outing ya!

Haha.. I also have one of the storage basket for Ashton. His is the turtle design, intentionally bought by hubby to store Ashton's dirty laundry, but seeing it too pretty & cute, I used it to store his ever-growing toys... hehe...

The table is nice too.. How much did u buy that? I got that stool long time ago, but still haven't assemble yet coz scared Ashton will take it to bang here & there lar! What did Sarah do with the stool? Looks like she can sit still reading there! Good girl!

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

I just gone to ikea for the first time on my Kl trip. Ikea is a very nice place and have nice things too. I ask hubby to buy that same stool you bought for Sarah but hubby said its not the time yet. I am a bit dissappointed but may be he's right. Tina is not ready yet for study table.

Its just that I really attracted to the stool..very cute is it. Hehehe.. I can see that the stool is quite high for Sarah..never mind..she's cute sitting on the stool..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Agreed with you. I did enjoyed my outing.
- I did not know it has turtle design for the storage basket. It sure looked cute too. think that is too sayang to use the beutiful basket to store laundry. Haha, I also think so leh.
So with one basket is it enuf to store Ashton's toys?
- The table is cost at RM99.
I think you have make a right choice of not assembling the stool at this moment. See Sarah, she is pushing the stool around the house.
But sometimes she behaved well. She can sit on it and read books.
- I wonder at KK also got Ikea?
- Did you try their sweedish meat ball?

Caroline - Is true leh, spending the day with husband and our angels is the best! But for me, I prefer to go outside coz feeling bored at home all day long. :-)
- I like the table and stool too. And the storage basket hor..very useful leh. It really can store quite alot of things and it can stood firm there.
- Haha..I like the photo that Sarah standing in the shopping cart. She is like very sombong2.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sha - Yaya, I have read from your blog that you had a great day at Ikea.
- Ikea really is a big shopping place and their things are very organised. I like this place. Did you try the sweedish meatball?
- Is true that the stool is too high for Sarah. So now I gotto help her when she likes to read on the table.
- Is ok Sha, maybe next time when Tina is ready with the study table and stool, you could come to KL again.

Esmeralda said...

Here in KK dun have IKEA, but some furniture shop & departmental store got sell few of IKEA's things.... so no
Swedish meatballs here lor.. the turtle design is blue & greenish in colour. Yalor... Ashton likes to push the chairs around also...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - I see. At least you can get Ikea things from the shops. Not bad too..

Kristie said...

ya same here joanne, i am also madly in love with my big baby and small baby :)

i love to go ikea too... nice to walk around and love to look at their concepts!

Unknown said...

Each time we went shopping Natalie will like Sarah stand inside shopping cart hahaha! She do make noise to come down but we refuse to let her walk on the ground coz too many shopping cart around the shopping complex @___@

By the way, The ikea study table is cute ;p

UmmiRosma said...

I like the brightly eyecatching. Got to watch out if Sarah tries to climb up by herself...n then on the table !! kids would do the same...they even dance n tables! My goodness!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping - Infact that is the first time I let Sarah stand in the shopping cart. She was excited at first but after a while, she asked for come down.
I think you are right leh..Is better let Natalie stay close with you coz is abit dangerous to let her walking alone during shopping.
- Not bad ya the table. Is nice hor...

Ummi - Yea, it has nice red colour.
For Sarah, I will not put the stool when I am not with her. Or else, she will sure climb up to the table. She is a notty girl.
- Woww...your kids are acting like lion dance ya. Dancing on high platform.

Kristie - Agreed with you. Ikea really very creative in designing the furniture.

MommyAngel said...

Joanne, Sarah doesn't look sombong in the pix leh, she is more like a boss watching her way while daddy is her chauffer for the day, kekekeke ..... but she does look cute there leh, so concentrated :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caroline, you are really kind with all the nice comment about Sarah. Thanks ya.

I think she is more than cautious and papa (holding tight the shopping cart) while her daddy chauffer her.

Joanne said...

The table colour so 'ang', i think caroline mummy sure like it, hehe... i have 2 small chair but not Ikea brand, one of the chair oledi spoit 1 kaki, so palia, erm... Ikea brand more '实用'.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - yalor hor, so ang hor...
yeap, Caroline likes red alot. She will sure like it.
Is it ya? Spoilt one kaki? How come ya?

Joanne said...

The quality is not strong enough, further more we also sat on it so ma spoilt lo, ha..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - also sit on the chair ya. Ok, then I know why spoilt. hehe.