Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glutinous Rice Ball

I know for me to post something about Glutinous Rice Ball (Tang Yuan) is way outdated now, but after searching for so long I finally managed to get it yesterday.

Anyway, this sweetie is for me, not Sarah, ha-ha.

I’ve used palm sugar to make the sweet soup. This is the first time I cook sweet soup as traditionally my mum only cook salty type of soup which uses dried shrimp and Chinese mushroom.

In order to bring up the aroma of the sweet soup, I have added some pandan leaf too.


Nice, nice, nice! I don’t have much sweet tooth but I just like this dessert. The filling is not too sweet yet rich in contents. No wonder it is highly recommend by my blogging friends.

Sarah did try it too, but she is not so fancy with it.

P/S: A big thank you to Esmeralda for given me a lot of tips and advice on how to prepare the sweet soup.


Fussy mum said...

I love this dessert too, yummy yummy!! However I've never cook it with palm sugar before. hah, shall try it the next time :)

agnes said...

used to buy the ready made one for my mom years back but she said will 'break' while boiling & 'dirty' the whole bowl of soup wor.. so we have never tried that adi.. :)

any tips?

cre8tone said...

U didn't let Sarah hv a try?

Esmeralda said...

Now that is what I call a 'real' tang yuen soup... Haha.. not like my 'sup kosong'.. Haha...

U're most welcome JT.. Am glad that u love it. Oh Sarah dun relly fancy that? Ashton loves it so much till I hv to quickly gobble up the whole thing before he sees it again and whine..

Did u buy the red bean one too? It's nice too.. but peanut is still the best.. ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Hihi...
Actually you are my sifu, so if you are to make your own soup, sure taste nice, is just that you dont have the time to do so right? :-)
- Yes, of course I love it. I will try the other flavour next time. But as you said, I think I will still prefer the peanut one as the filling as some crunchy texture as compared with red bean. Thanks for your recommendation.
- I should said luckily Sarah doesnt like it, or else she will be like Ashton, ended up sharing mommy's portion..hehe.

Kylie - Yes, Sarah did had some..but she doesn't like it. Maybe the soft and gluey texture that makes her dislike this food.

Agnes - Is it ar? The brand that I bought is ok and cooked pretty well throughout the process. It did not break and dirty the soup.
- One thing, I should have use a separate pot of water to cook the tang yuen instead of using the soup, because somehow the end result, the soup has slight flour taste from the tang yuen, you get me?
- I dont have much tips in cooking tang yuen, coz I am a first timer in cooking it too. I just follow the instructions only.

Fussy Mum - Haha, I know that you love tang yuen. I saw it from your blog..hehe.
- I think is a not bad idea to use palm sugar. It has its aroma. Nice!

Serene said...

Hi Joanne, I love 第一家的汤圆 too. Their red bean one taste very good for me and husband. But like what Agnes said, the skin is easily break, the timing have to be just right.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene, You also like the tang yuen nice hor!
O, you mean the red bean is easier to break when cooking ya? Then I must pay extra attention when I cook it next time.

Joanne said...

i never taste this glutinous rice ball before, is it same taste with red bean one ? palm sugar is '黑糖' mah ?

Esmeralda said...

Joanne, dun say like that lar. I'm not ur sifu lar... These thing is all ready made one.. no kungfu needed.. haha... yup next timw i'll try with palm sugar. Is that gula melaka?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - Haha, for me terbalik with you..I also never taste the red bean filling before. But I think I will prefer peanut filling as it has its crunchiness when you bite on it.
- Yes, palm sugar is '黑糖'.

Esmeralda - I mean you are the sifu who taught me how to make the soup mah...:-)
- yes, it is gula melaka.

Kristie said...

hahahhah seems like everyone is in the tang yuan craze! :) i just bought another 2 packs recently... and will make them when i have the craving! :)

good job joanne! does ur hubby like them too?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha..yes, I think it is a trend of eating tang yuen. I also thought to buy few packets and eat them whenever I like..hehe.
- Thanks ya! I also learnt alot from you all..hehe.
My husband only tried one biji and he said, not bad!