Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Time

When Sarah was still a baby, I have more time to take care of my flowers and plant. Every time when I do gardening then, I will just put her in the high chair and leave her with some biscuits or toys. Then I could finish my gardening without much disturbance.

Now, I can’t to do that anymore because Sarah will want me to take her along and find out what am I up to at the garden.

Therefore, I have come out with an idea...I let her play with water while I am gardening.

For me, this is not a bad idea as she will really concentrate with pouring water from the few plastic containers to a pail and with that, she could leave me with my plant for a period of time.

She will play till sweat and her shirts and pants will also be wet. So when I need to get her to bath, she will be very angry and upset.


Esmeralda said...

Oh my... She really gets a bit frustrated when u said let's go (was it let's go or something else like finish??)... She just loves the water. Luckily I don't hv a garden here, otherwise I might be facing the same problem as u. I don't wanna be splashed twice a day coz Ashton loves to take the containers that I gave him to play while taking his bath, fill them with water, and just pour and splashed onto me!!! *slap forehead*

MommyAngel said...

Oh .... Sarah is so cute there!!! She will flip both her hands showing that she don't want to go to bath ya, hahahaha .... so cute!!! She won't cry?

You let her play with water while you do the gardening ah? Will the floor get wet and slippery for little Sarah? Coz for me I am pretty scared to let Angel play with water when I am not watching her coz there was once she fall down hard because of slippery floor, I guess your car porch is not that slippery ya?

It's so nice to be able to see Sarah's video, her hair is pretty long now hor.

slavemom said...

That sure is a lot of fun!
hahaha I use "Byeee..." too when the kiddo refuse to budge.

Mummy Gwen said...

Hehe..Sarah is enjoying herself there. She is sooo cute leh. :) I won't let Gwen play outside coz she sure kick up a fuss when I ask her to go inside the house. She is very stubborn. I'm a control mum hor..hehee

Fussy mum said...

Sarah loves water and had lots of fun, ya. Sharlene loves to play with water too. When hubby washes the car outside the porch, she sure will 'kepoh' outside and make herself all wet...haha

Ping said...

Hahaha...she just love to play with it. Natalie will play on her bath time @___@ keep pour out the water.
Kids just love water...

agnes said...

sarah so 'guai' lah.. if chloe ah.. she adi pour out the water or terbalik the pail and stand up high to perform stunt adi.. else, she will try to sit her butt inside the pail with water.. so dangerous rite??

hahahhaa.. so it's definitely a no no for me to leave her with water loh.. :P

Serene said...

At least she willing to self entertain. For Xixi, I'm sure she will keep follow me keh-pohing on what i'm doing. She wouldn't sit quietly to play one. If i pass her the water would even worse.. I think she will pour out the water and pretend to swim on the floor.. haha!
Sarah is very guai guai girl!

little prince's mummy said...

She really enjoy herself very much!~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - Yea, she loves playing with water. I am sure Sean also the same.

Serene - Actually Sarah also will come and check on me, but she will continue her fun game after that.
- Haha...Xixi pretend to swim on the floor ya...really pengsan leh..
- Sarah also will try to pour the water, but normally before she do that, she already stopped by me.

Agnes - Yaya, I know that Chloe learn a new stunt now, standing on the pail (i saw it from your blog), she is so geng!
You mean she can sit inside the small pail? Ai yo yo...
- Sarah also will try to pour the water, but normally before she do that, she already stopped by me.

Yen Ping - Yalor, I think all kids just love playing with water.

Fussy Mum - Yeap, she had great time playing with the water.
- So Sharlene is not helping daddy in washing car but playing with water..hehe.

Mommy Gwen - Thanks for your comment. Sarah is very notty girl.
- You are not control mom. You know well on Gwen's behaviour, so you will do what that not makes her fussy.
For Sarah, she will also make a fuss when being asked to bath, but after letting her play further for while, she is ok. If she is stubborn, I will also stubborn. Hehe.

Slavemom - Seems like mommies like to use "byeee...". It is a powerful words ya.

Caroline - Hehe, ya lor, thats how she do when she feel fruss (flipping her hands). She wont cry..
- My car porch (floor) is not that slippery as you can see the floor texture is make from cement. So I just leave her with the water and pail lor. Once a while, I will check on her.
- Poor Angel, she fall hard on the floor. How was she? She had "bungalow"?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - See, thats how naughty Sarah is when she is playing with water.
- I used "lets go" is to..leave the things, and go...hehe.
- Ashton also loves playing with water ya, some more splashed water to mommy.
For Sarah, she dare not to do that, or else sure kena from me..hehe.

Esmeralda said...

I also use "let'sgo" and "bye" if Ashton is really stubborn and don't wanna leave the stuffs. When it comes to water, i think most kids really fell in love with them. Dunno why. Even if I scold him after he splashed the water on me, he will not be afraid one. *sigh*

Natalia said...

Sarah loves to play water ya. Same as Daniel. I guess every kids love to play with water.

If Daniel refused to go out from his bath tub, I'll say "Bye Bye, Mommy go kai kai loh". Then he'll willing to be carried out. *Sigh*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...yes, seems like all kids just love playing with water. Is one of their fav hobby.
- Daniel also refused to come out from bath tub ya? Same lah...Sarah also like that. I tak peduli, just carry her out from thete. Hehe.

I think Ashton loves to bully mommy ya, thats why altho you scolded him for splashing the water, he will still do that. Hehe.

HN said...

I think most of the kids loves to play with water :) I usually attracts Sethy wt something else to pull him away :)

MeRy said...

It is so much fun playing with water.

LittleLamb said...

U can let her play water every evening...hehehe

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - No no no..if I really let her play every evening, she will sure get addicted to it, and I will be very cham...hehe.

Mery - Yes, I believe all kids love playing with water.

HN - I am sure Sethy is more obedient than Sarah. He will sure follow mommy's instructions.

Joanne ~ said...

first when i saw ur pic, i thought u let sarah help u to wash ur car, haha... so u can enjoy ur gardening while sarah playing with the water, good idea !

Priscilla said...

Hi was going to ask u what's a SAHM.. but I think I figured it out. Stay at Home Mum right?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - Haha....Guess what, I hardly wash my car, so I think Sarah will have not much opp to do that.

Priscilla - Hai, thanks for dropping by.
- Yeap, you are right. SAHM = Stay At Home Mom.

MommyAngel said...

oh .... that time her head did have a small bungalow, poor her but I am glad that she is alright. Actually she also will not fell down but sometimes don't know why she will start to stand up then run!!

MommyAngel said...
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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caroline - Oh my, really had a "bungalow". Kesian Angel.
- Sarah also learn to run nowadays. I think once they started to walk steadily, they will try to jump and run.

Kristie said...

i like the way sarah said 'NOOOOOO'!!! i hardly hear her speak so clearly :) nice video!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Glad that you like the video, me too.
She is always good at flapping her hands and rejecting things.

Kristie said...

hahaah so cute lah.... when i see her next, she will be so much taller.... want to hug her again!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also think that Sarah is much guai and cute now. Hehe. So is more easy for me to take k of her compared to last time.
- I am sure you will surprised how much she has grown up. She is really a tall girl.