Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vermicelli with Crab Stick

Recently we noticed Sarah started to fond with crunchy food. For example, if she heard the crunchy sound of eating fried wanton, she will definitely asked for some.

Now she also prefers eating plain rice with only gravy, rather than with other substances. If I were to feed her rice with potato, she will surely vomit out the potato.

I take this as a challenge for me to create more food that suits her new appetite. This is also the reason why I seldom blog about Sarah’s recipe lately as I need time in pondering the right stuffs to be used in her menu.

For this week, I have used vermicelli and crab stick as the ingredients. She never tries crab stick before but I think she will like the sweet taste of it.

I’ve cooked some ikan bilis broth to serve with the vermicelli. I just dumped in the crab stick when the broth is boiled, to hope that it will enhance the flavour of the soup. And this time I did not add in egg when served, instead I choose Chinese cabbage.


Phew…Sarah really likes the crab stick and Chinese cabbage a lot. With these two ingredients, she can finish almost the entire bowl of vermicelli.


Kristie said...

yipppeee! i am so happy that ur experiment worked :) i understand how u feel too... after all the trouble we go into preparing the food, if baby don't like it, a bit sad... :)

Fussy mum said...

Wah, you always have so many ideas when it comes to food preparation for Sarah. That's a nice combination and the soup must be tasty. No wonder Sarah loves it!

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Instead of vermicelli, I have tried put crab stick in porridge but seems like Tina doesn't love it. She loves it when I fried it and give to her hand. She bite the crabstick and I give her porridge.

But may be it taste differently when comes to vermicelli..but I haven't reintroduce vermicelli to Tina yet. In my first introduce..she doesn't like it.

But nvm..I have 14times more to reintroduce coz from my reading, we should introduce new food up to 15 times before we conclude that they cannot accept you know?

Mummy Ryan said...

Wow u really a good mum...Happy to hear tat Sarah luv ur new menu veri much...

Mummy Ryan said...

Joanne..instead of crab stick mbe u also can put fishball

LittleLamb said...

Dont worry about cooking new stuff all the time. At first i had this thinking n made me pressure/stress. then my cousin tell me, u can cook the same food everyday one... kids different from adult a bit la...

most important is the nutrition they get. so must have meat/seafood and veg is important.

so nowadays i cook same food n freeze them. damn lazy..

but but..u got time maybe u can experiment more..than i come here more often to copy only..ehehehehhe

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - Thanks for your advice. Actually sometimes I did repeat those menu. But I just like to think of more new type of food for Sarah. So what to do...cracking my head lor..hehe.
- Yes, is a good way to cook and freeze food. Actually is can saves alot of time. I also do that.
- Haha, ok I experiment the ingredients, then you give me advice ya.

KC - You and I are a good mom :-)
- Hoho...luckily Sarah likes the dish. She again sapu the meal today.
- Ya, next time I should fish ball. Thanks ya!

Sha - I think Tina also enjoying the crunchiness of the fried crab stick. Maybe she think that when the crab stick is being rendam in the porridge, it is became soft and doesn't taste good anymore.
- Actually for vermicelli, the crab stick will also has soft texture, but I think the sweet taste will be stronger.
- I did not know about "the 15 times trial"..hehe. Thanks for telling me. So perhaps it works for the vermicelli.

Fussy Mum - Haha, I also spend quite some time in thinking this recipe.
- Yeap, the soup taste good.

Kristie - Yea, is a great news knowing that our baby like our prepared food.

Mummy Moon said...

Woh, another new food for Sarah!!!

Julie said...

I love this combination. Jonathan loves the crabstick especially. But actually not good for them. :P

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Another new recipe!~

Blessed mum said...

heard little one should not take too much chinese cabbage as it leads to wind in the tummy..don't know how true that is though :)

Here wishing you and your family a happy blessed lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle - Is it ar? I did not know about that..Thanks for your advice. I think is better to feed her moderately.
- Thanks for your wishes. Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you too..

Kylie and Mommy Moon - Thanks!

Julie - Jonathan also likes crabstick ya..I think he likes it because of its sweetness.
- Yes, I think should feed our lil one moderately with it.

the little prince said...

Joanne, you are so great keep trying new food for Sarah!!

I have not give my boy crabstick cos my hubby dont like it at all...I only give sausage but not the frozen type, is the fresh type selling in gram. You can find in Jusco, there is promoter there weighing for u.

oppss...新年快乐~ 恭喜发财

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I love the process of searching for the right ingredient for Sarah..hehe.
- Your husband doesnt like crab stick? My husband also not a big fans to it..
- I think I know which type of sausage that you are mentioning here. Thanks for your suggestions, will try it the next time.
- Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you...

UmmiRosma said...

Hi.. coming here for the first time and I would love to come here often...will add you to mine..pls do the same ok...feel free to come over to mine..:)

You r such a lucky creative mum...your daughter loves everything you prepared! I'm jealous of you...LOL

I think I would try some of them to my kids...