Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friendship Gift, Christmas Gift and Birthday Gift

Yes, it’s all about gifts again; this time not only the gifts are for Sarah but for me too. And this is the only way to show my appreciation and say thank you to all of you.

Friendship Gift from Ann

Ann has sent me some recipe books a few weeks back, and that really giving me more idea in cooking.

Christmas Gift from Amanda

Amanda surprised me with early Christmas gift (to Sarah). She said it is to reward Sarah for help out in decorating the Christmas tree. I think Amanda is too kind that she will find any excuse to give Sarah a present because the fact is, Sarah did not helps at all, LOL!

Christmas Gift from Kristie

Kristie sent us a Christmas card and also a Disney Princess Handkerchief Set. When Sarah saw the pictures printed on the hanky, she told me it is dirty already. Silly girl! She never has such a colourful hanky.

Christmas Gift from Angel

Just about a week after I sent my Christmas gift to Angel, she returned us with a lovely blouse and also a battery-operated fan. The blouse is slightly small for Sarah but the fan is great and useful.

Birthday Gift from siblings and parent

My siblings and parent will never forget to give me birthday wishes and also presents. By coincidence, I’ve got another fine watch from my youngest sister; as for my parent and other siblings, I get the cold hard cash (Ang Pao).

Monday, December 28, 2009

One Year Older

As certain as day following by night, it was once again my turn to become one year older – I turned 29 last Sunday. For me, this year birthday’s definitely a special one which I’ll never forget.

We planned to have dinner at TGIF, but unfortunately Sarah was down with flu since three days ago and she vomited, twice, during her nap time. Therefore, we have to cancel the dinner and have just a walkabout at nearby mall.

On a happier note, hubby has surprised me with a gift - a gorgeous watch. It is no way near as good as the likes of Omega or Rolex but it’s already fit enough for me.

He’s so sweet that he can’t wait to present me the gift on actual day (he gave himself up six day earlier). On price tag, this is the most expensive thing that I’ve ever received; but in term of value, I always knew I already possess the most precious gift (from above) in my family.

Besides, I am overwhelmed with the birthday wishes received from friends. That means a lot to me; thank you to all of you out there.

I don't really have any wish aside from good health for me and my love ones. I just want to count my blessing, one by one; and say a little prayer for whatever God has given me so far.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday with Blogging Mommy

Last Saturday we went to Yugene’s son (Kyle) birthday party. I was excited about her invitation as I never seen her in person, although we have known each other for quite some time.

The party was held at a KFC restaurant. Initially Sarah was okay as she thought we were merely there for our regular meal; but she gets tensed up when seeing me greeting with Yugene and Yvonne, she then hesitated to join us until I showed her the party pack.

I quickly get her some fries and let her enjoyed it with ketchup; she seems to settle down, only then I have the opportunity to have some photo-session with mommies and kids.

She gets spooked again when the game-session started; she was shocked with the loud music and also the screaming from kids. She nearly cried for “help”!

Daddy has no choice but to bring her to the mini playground outside. She enjoyed her time there and later she does not want to come into the restaurant anymore.

And then she saw the mascot “Chicky” from outside at cake-cutting time. Looking at her scary face, I told daddy to let her stay inside the car until the party end (sigh).

For me, it was an enjoyable outing as I am able to catch up with fellow blogging mommy like Yugene, Yvonne, Rachel, Julie, and of course my old friend, Nicole; they are all friendly mommies.

As for Sarah, she has learned a new vocab from the event, which is “Chicky”!

P/S: Thanks Yugene and Yvonne for the gifts.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Manuka Honey

Sarah seems less interested in drinking plain-water as compared to when she was a baby.

One of the recommendations from friend is to add honey into the water, and they say normally kids like it. Therefore, we’ve bought Manuka Honey for Sarah to try.

Alas, she totally dislikes the honey taste. She kept shivering when she first have it, and then she stick out her tongue; so I guess mommy has to take over from here to finish the remaining two cans of it.

Honestly, I was not a big fan of honey but I am now! The other night after I have my first try with just small amount, I fell in love with it; it taste quite sweet but I like its aromatic flavour.

No wonder bees protect it and bears love it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1 to 10

Yes! Finally Sarah can count, from one to ten.

We did not really teach her how to count but I guess she learned it from daily life. We sometimes will recite the numbers during playtime or when she could not finish her milk;

Maybe this is what they call “Play N Learn”.

Actually the video was recorded few weeks ago and at that time, she’s still very excited every time we asked her to count, and she can do it correctly. But now her interest is slowly fading away yet we are feeling proud with this small achievement.

Well done, girl.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miso Soup with Tofu & Wakame

My neighbour Kiyo loan me a book about Japanese cuisine when she got to know that I will cook Miso soup.

For me, Miso is something new so I’ve seeks a lot of advices from her. Kiyo also introduced me another ingredient, named Dashi; she said a Miso soup will taste better with it.

Since this is my first attempt on the recipe, I was extra particular with the measurement and it goes like this:

1 - 1.5 tablespoon of Miso
1 teaspoon of Dashi
2 cups of water


The soup has a unique taste of itself (hard to descript). I am surprised that Sarah likes the soup when she first tasted it with rice; she ate quite a lot of it. She only stopped when the soup started turning cold.

Sarah dislikes Tofu but she is still okay with the Wakame.

On same day itself, by coincidence Kiyo also cooked Miso soup and she has invited me to her house for the soup-tasting.

Her version is much better than mine (of course) and Sarah kept asking for more. Kiyo asserted that I’ve got the right measurement but maybe she’s using the Red Miso, so it might tastes different.

Another recipe tried, another new thing learned.

She has “discovered” this method in drinking soup lately.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My (Merry) Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas, I mean, ladies and gentlemen...this is our very first Christmas tree.

I was overjoyed once we decided to put a Christmas tree in our living room. I have to thanks Kristie for giving me advices in decorating the tree and where to shop for the ornaments; and finally we’ve got all the items in place.

Daddy has put up a great effort in setting up the tree, and I really like the way he bend and curve the branches to make it looks real. For me, I enjoy putting up ornaments the most!

The final outcome was awesome (to us) and we all love it. We are not a Christian officially, we just doing this to impressed Sarah, so we will make decorating Christmas tree a yearly tradition in the future.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shy Girl Dancing

It is understandable that kids have all kind of fears. For Sarah, seem like her biggest fear is to socialize and playing with other kids. I am not sure if she is timid by nature, but we really hope she’s able to overcome her shyness to have great time making friends.

Therefore, we try to help by arranging her to attend some activity classes to boost up her confidents (as we think it is still too early to enroll her to kindergarten).

We’ve actually went for trial class last week at a music studio in the neighborhood (and she enjoy it). The class mainly consists of children at Sarah’s age, which is good for her to mingle around easily.

Then, yesterday we went for our first class.

Sarah was comfortable at the reception area initially, but later she burst into tears when being asked to go into the classroom (to our surprise); she just wanted to stay outside.

I have no choice but to get daddy into the room together with her. Sarah sat real close to daddy at the corner when the class started; she left me alone by dancing and singing with other kids and mommies.

After much persuasion, Sarah was finally okay to join me in the group (and watching daddy sneak out of classroom)…we really hope she will do better in coming classes.

P/S: Just wondering did any mommies know of playgroup available in Kemuning or Subang area? I would love to let Sarah join too.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye Pacifier

I always know it’s tough to wean off one’s pacifier, I heard of horrified tales about the weaning process; therefore, I feel so hesitated to start as Sarah still need the “Zui Zui” during her nap and bed time.

But I guess it is better to begin early as I think the elder she grows, the more difficult the process will be. So I decided to start it with Sarah on last Tuesday.

My trick? I told her the “Zui Zui” is spoiled by “ant-ant”.

And here is some progress in the first two day:

Day 1 – We showed Sarah her “spoilt” pacifier. She was shocked, but luckily she buys our story and sleep well during her nap and bed time without the “Zui Zui”.

Day 2 – She started to show some “symptom” of the addiction. I had a very tough night as she was unable to fall asleep after woke up for milk in the midnight. She stayed awake for two hours and only went back to sleep at about 5am.

But thank God, since then she has no problem at all during her sleeping time.

We thought that Sarah will rant and rave for her pacifier during the transition, we have prepared our self for the worst case scenario; but she makes us so happy that she did not shed one tear about it.

Not only she showed no frustration but she’s also done some funny acts when she is unable to fall sleep (to comfort herself, I guess), for example sing songs, playing with her fingers, clap hands and etc.

It has been a week now and Sarah is doing fine without her pacifier; she has makes us proud, really. This is totally unexpected.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chinese Taipei School (KL) Kindergarten

We plan to enroll Sarah to kindergarten only in year 2011 but somehow we would start to explore the options available, especially in our area; just like last Sunday, we brought her to Chinese Taipei School (KL) Kindergarten open day.

The place is just five minutes drive away from our house. Sarah behaved well on the day, although she started with a little uneasiness when we reached the school; but things changed once she saw my neighbour Kiyo’s son was there too.

Sarah just following us visits the classrooms one by one; those classrooms fill with music instrument would able to attract her attention particularly. There was a moment I felt very proud of her - she was able to follow a teacher’s instructions well and enjoy the process when the teacher guiding her to play the Hoola-Hoop.

From the management we gathered that the Primary and Secondary school is only reserved for Taiwanese or foreigner, but for kindergarten they do accepted local.

I must say the school environments are conductive for learning and their tuition fee are quite reasonable; but the only things that holding us back are the medium language…

Sarah likes the place so much that she doesn’t want to go home at the end. We really hope these exposures will enlighten and teach her the meaning of “school” as we always mentioned to her.

As for the enrollment, we still have time; we just keep our options open.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lucky First Timer

I am so pleased that my comment has been chosen and published in the latest issue of Drypers Parent’s Circle.

This was my first try and I was praying hard that my comment get selected as I know there will be some free diapers as a token of encouragement.

The free gift had finally arrived the other day; although it is not as big pack as I would thought (greedy mommy), but what else can I ask for as I can now save some money in buying the diapers for Sarah.

It’s always a wonderful feeling winning a prize, lucky me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Indoor Playground

I keep close contact with few of my neighbours and one of them is Kiyo, a kind and polite Japanese lady.

Two weeks ago, she offered me to take home a swing sets which placed at her house for quite some time (she said her son does not like swings). I think it is a good idea; in the spirits of give and take, I offered Sarah’s ball pool to her in return.

But Sarah showed no fancy towards the swing, because it's too high for her to sit on it.

And it was coincidence that my sister-in-law visits us the next day and she also brought Sarah a complete set of swing and slide. Sarah started to showed her excitement when she saw “gu gu” busy setting up the play sets and she was eager to get a hand on it.

She prefers the latter swing as it suit her height, so she can swing all by herself. She likes the slide too, although she’s little too big for the play sets. She always needs to bow her head low to avoid getting knock when she climbing in.

All the play sets is not brand-new but at least Sarah has her own play area now; she likes to invite the children to join in whenever my neighbours drop by to visit. I think she is such a lucky girl.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Like seeing an old friend

It’s always nice to keep in touch with friends. I often chat with Kristie via Facebook and the other day we were suggesting for a gathering. Our initial plan was to meet up at my house (since she never been here before) but due to some changes, I decided to visit her house instead.

As expected, Sarah cried when we reached Kristie’s house; actually this is the second time we’re there, but I am sure she has totally forgotten about it. I really hope her crying did not awake Kristie’s son Jayden, who was still taking his nap.

Luckily I have standby some snack to ‘bribe’ her, and as usual, it works. After a while, we saw Kristie’s husband carried Jayden to the living hall; Jayden was so well-behaved and did not shocked with our presence at all.

After some warm up time for both kids, it comes the photo session.

Kristie was so courteous that she kept offering us snacks and drinks; of course, Sarah would not hesitate to eat all of them as she loves snack. Sarah also got a pressie from the beautiful auntie. And for me, I’ve got a recipe book and a bookmark, plus one big delicious Pandan Chiffon Cake.

You know what, Kristie is such a sweetie; she purposely baked the cake because there was one time I told her that how I wish I have a chance to eat the cake she baked…I just can’t thank you enough, my dear friend.

I had a great time chatting with Kristie; she has a nice house and a loving family. She’s as charming as I saw her last time; She always had a smile on her face, and she was such a bubbly person.

Making friends online is one thing, but if you really see Kristie in person, you’ll be blown away by her pleasant personality. It’s really a time well spent meeting her.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Health Supplement

Actually we have long mull the idea of introducing Sarah the Scott’s Emulsion cod liver oil; and our window of opportunity comes when Sarah saw my sister feeding her son the liver oil at grandma’s house the other day. Naturally, she will also want to try, and guess what, she showed no rejection towards it.

Therefore, we’ve decided to let her take it as health supplement; but to play it safe, we bought the smallest one (in orange flavour).

When she first saw the bottle, her mind was so sharp that she told me it is a medicine for flu. Under pressure, I replied: “No, it’s a sweet-sweet, and you will be able to carry a fish at your back just like uncle after having it, you want?”

And she just nods her head, and drinks it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Western Breakfast

Sausage, Corn and Orange Juice

When it comes to Sarah’s menu, sometime I feel like I’ve exhausted myself in preparing new dish. So for most of the time, I will just cook the same-old noodle soup or porridge for her.

And then when I realised there is some corn and sausages sitting on my fridge, here comes the idea of making her the western breakfast.

Sarah is never a fan of sausages; but after seeing her showing interest in ketchup (at Mc’D) the other day, I decided to trick her to try sausage with ketchup this time.


She felt excited when she saw I brought the meal to the dining table; she then dips the sausages in the ketchup but alas, she still doesn’t like it. Hmm…I thought all the kids love sausage?

Anyway, I am happy that she ate quite a lot of corn (maybe it is because of the butter and salt); she also finished the orange juice and keeps asking for refill.

Friday, November 6, 2009

SP Banana Cake

Do you love banana cake? I do, but I always found those selling outside either taste too artificially, or it is too sweet for my liking. Therefore, I decided to bake one myself.

I’ve got the recipe from Angela (she’s good in baking and cooking, you know); and I have to thanks her for many tips and advice even before I started.

Ok, I admitted my cake looked a bit dark at the top. I really should know my oven better to get the right temperature. Besides, I guess I should use more bananas next time as I found my cake is lacking in taste as well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gift Exchange

Surprise, surprise; I’ve sent Ann a birthday gift and few days later I got the beautiful pouch from her in return.

Now I am using it to fill up Sarah’s cutlery, water bottle, hanky and my purse whenever we are going out for meal.

It is such a useful gift, and thank you so much, Ann.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bloggers’ Meet

My blogging friend Cynthia comes a-calling last Tuesday.

I know Cynthia when she first left comments on my blog several months ago. She has a beautiful girl called Breanna, and I love reading everything about the little girl; maybe that’s the reason why I get addicted to her blog (LOL)!

We were supposed to meet up when she deliver my mooncake order, unfortunately she was too busy then that we have to reschedule the meeting.

I am happy finally to have a chance to see both of them. Breanna was doing fine and comfortable when she came to our house; but our shy girl Sarah crying out loud when greeted by Cynthia. I really hope Breanna did not get spooked by the crying “jie jie”.

Of course, Cynthia and I had a long chat and her little girl just enjoying herself with some toys; she is such a good girl. I try to get Sarah to take photo with Breanna, but she just attached to me all the time. Luckily she was okay when I carry Breanna on my lap, and then Sarah had her first close contact with Breanna by touching her little hand.

During lunch time, we have some noodles soup. I guess Cynthia enjoyed the meal a lot and so did Breanna; she kept making “yummy” sound and asking for more.

They went home after lunch and Cynthia is so thoughtful to give Sarah a puzzle.

For me, Cynthia was always a friendly character. I really glad to have spent a couple of hours meeting and getting to know her; I am already looking forward to our next meeting.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pan Mee (or Mee Fun Kuih)

Sarah loves Pan Mee whenever we eating outside; we have to order extra portion because she can eats quite a lot. Well, since she likes it so much, why not I cook it myself?

I started by google the recipes and I let Sarah involve in making the Pan Mee dough. She’s enjoying the process and she was such a good helper.


The final outcome is far from satisfying. The Pan Mee turned out to be a little too chewy for Sarah; it looked like she was having the chewing gum.

I think it’s the water; I should add more water into the dough mixture in my next attempt.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Port Dickson

It’s been a while since we last bring Sarah to Cameron Highlands for vacation. Therefore, over the weekend while daddy needs to mind some chores in his hometown, we stop over at Port Dickson (Corus Hotel) for a night stay.

Sarah seemed to be anxious (and not excited) when she saw us loading luggage to the car and then she just kept silent for the first 30 minutes in the journey, until I warmed her up with some snacks. Actually we did tell her where we heading to, but she just say “No No”. Luckily she was okay once we reached the destination.

There was some arcade game at the hotel lobby and she was attracted to it instantly; she keep pressing the buttons and turning the joystick.

After we have checked in and also had a short nap, we headed to the swimming pool. I was worried that Sarah will afraid of the water as compared to her mini pool at home, but she showed no fear at all.

Next, we brought her to the beach. I don’t think she like seaside at this stage because she seems annoyed as the wave kept hitting her. And she is too “hygienic” to play with sand; she needs her hands to be washed every time she touches them.

At the evening we fete ourselves a seafood dinner then proceed to daddy’s hometown. Sarah was so happy during the trip that she doesn’t want to go to sleep at night; she played with all the limited toys available in the hotel room (and the best part was she did not disturbing us while we were reading newspaper and drinking coffee).

It was just a simple trip; the hotel is a bit run down and the seaside is not so clean, to be honest. But nevertheless it is consider a good day off for all of us at the beach.

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