Wednesday, December 31, 2008

TGIB (Shopping Part)

These are the items that we managed to grab from the “quick” shopping trip at Subang Parade last week.

‘Beep Beep’ Shoe

Gradually, Sarah had outgrown the white colour shoe which we bought for her when she was one year old.

When she first wears this ‘beep beep’ shoe, she seems not so used to it. Maybe she feels unsecured because of her foot was not fully wrapped, or maybe because of the funny sound. Anyway after a few trials, she now can walk with it comfortably.


It was quite some time we did not buy any VCD for Sarah. We bought this because she started to feel bored with the same old songs that she listened through the past one year.

Yellow Tops

When I looked into Sarah’s wardrobe, I noticed that she has a lot of dresses but few tops. So we have decided to buy the tops.


Mummy Gwen said... like shoes with Beep beep sound huh. It's good to buy educational CD for Sarah. The top is so sweet. :)

reds man said...

The shoe look cute....some more got sound..Ryan last time oso scared to wear..after used to it then he ok...then everytime ask for "beep"2 shoe then he purposely walk fast2 cz wanna hear the sound..Hws the new CD? Normally Sarah watch wat type of CD? Ryan favourite CD is Barney & Sesame Street..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen - Guess what, last time I was so irritate when I heard beep beep shoes, but now when I have Sarah, I think the sound is nice..haha.
- Yes, I have bought alot of educational VCD for Sarah since she was a baby. Sometimes me and my husband also enjoyed to it.
- Thanks for your comment about the tops. I like it too.

Reds Man - Hmmm, i wonder are you KC? Hehe...coz you have changed your id ya?
- Last time Ryan also scared of the beep beep shoes ya? But now Sarah also like Ryan, sometimes she will purposely tap her foot and let me hear of the sound.
- Ryan is Barney and Sesame Street lovers? I am sure he has alot of these cd?
Sarah likes the new VCD. She normally likes whatever nursery songs.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Your beep beep shoes by bubble gummers is it? I thought it same brand with Tina. I love it so much..I am sure Sarah will look so adorable wearing it. Why dont you snap a picture of her with the shoes and post it here..

I never buy Tina a VCD..wanna buy but dunno which one..I saw a lot of it so confuse on choosing. How many do you have ya?

Joanne share with us pic when Sarah wear the top cute she look like..

Mummy Ryan said...

JOanne...hahha finally Sarah Luv the shoe..yes tats me KC..but am wondering hw can my ID can change? cz i never change to REDS wondering...

Mummy Ryan said...

JOanne..yes Ryan is Barney & Sesame Street Lover then we hv few collection if tis CD at home...Last week just bought 2 news CD cz now got 20% discount...

Ping said...

Cute Shoe *Pinky Beep Beep shoe* hahaha! As i remember that time i buy the 1st beep shoe for my girl. She feel curious and walk here and there. When Sarah fully stable walk by the time you will see her run here and there hahaha!

little prince's mummy said...

Hehe.. Beep beep sounds when they walk is really cutie!~

btw, I'm looking for shoes with lights when toddler steps... Do u know where I can find it?

LittleLamb said...

Besides your TGIF lunch, then went shopping too?? Very fruitful trip.

I think the pink shoes fit Sarah just nice. So suit her since its so lovely.

Happy New Year to u.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - Yes, it is cute when listen to the sound when they walked. I think now the whole neighbourhood can hear her beep beep shoes sound, hehe.
- I think most of the shoes shop did sell the type of shoes that you are looking for...I am sure Sean will likes to wear on it.

Yen Ping - I like this shoes also.
Last time Natalie also got a pair of beep beep shoes ya? I think most of them will feel it is a "special" shoes that has sound when walk, so they feel curious.
- Ai yo, now Sarah already very notty, started to walk her and there very fast, so keep listening to her beep beep shoes sound....

KC - O, is really you ya?
I was wondering for so long who is "reds man", but seeing the way you talked to me and talked about Ryan, I just make a guess that is you...hehe. Luckily I got it right!
- Hehe, personally I don't like barney as I think it doesn't look cute and it is really purple :-)
- I am sure Ryan will like the 2 new CD that you have bought for him.

Sha - Guess what, now I only I know the shoes brand name (until you asked me)..hehe.
- O, same brand with Tina one? Same cartoon also? Doesn't it cute?
- I did not snap the pic when she was wearing it as she really can walk very fast now, so tak sempat to snap a nice shot..hehe.
- Actually, there is alot of educational VCD, some are purely songs, some with reading and for Sarah's one, she likes songs type, so normally I buy it for her.
Currently, she has more than 5 pcs of vcd. Maybe you can have a look here on the collection
- Ok, I will snap the pic when Sarah is wearing the yellow top.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - Yes, after the TGIF dinner, we went for a quick shopping..hehe
- Thanks for your comment. The shoes really look fit with Sarah. She likes it too.
- Happy New Year to you too!

Julie said...

I just came back from 2nd round shopping. Bought a lot for Jonathan too. But still haven't found a shoes for him. I definitely need a 3rd round. Hihi...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Julie, it? May I know where did you went?
Wow...3rd round geng!

Wonderful Life said...

My Ryan's "lion" shoes also got beeping sound too.

The VCD is it nice?? Where you bought it from??

Oliveoylz said...

I can't wait to get "beep beep" shoes for my little princess one day...Great to have a change of CD songs. I'm getting bored with the smae songs playing in the car too...ha ha.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Olive - Sure you will have the chance to buy a similar shoes for your lil baby girl. I think she will like it too..
- Yes, not only Sarah is bored with the same old nursery songs, me and my husband also feel the same..hehe.

Doreen - Is it? I think I have seen the similar shoes (lion) at the shop that I bought this beep beep shoes.
- So Ryan likes his shoes?
- Yes, the VCD is nice. It has alot of nursery songs and Sarah likes it alot. We bought it at Speedy.

Natalia said...

Can you believe it, I still didn't get any educational CD for Daniel yet. I'll get one for him one day..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is ok...maybe the next time you go to shopping, you may try to get one for Daniel. Maybe he will likes it.

Mummy Moon said...

The beep beep shoes is nice.. from bubble gummers? Never bought this brand before... Hows the quality and price and any nice design for boys? Ha Ha, so sorry ask too many. Anywhere, I bet Sarah now already get use with this shoes and she sure will like it....

Wonderful Life said...

Ya, he likes the shoes and get used to it already.

Oh, Speedy. I try to look out when visiting the mall.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - The "lion" shoes is cute...glad that Ryan likes it.
- Yes, hope that you can get a educational vcd for Ryan.

Mommy Moon - Thanks for your comment.
- Yes, it is from bubble gummers. Actually I also did not know about the brand name until blogging mommy told me that.
- The quality is not bad and I can see that Sarah feeling so comfortable while wearing it.
- I cant remember the exact price of the shoes. But it is less than RM30.

Joanne ~ said...

Sarah have new cloth n shoes again ya ! the shirt look very comfortable.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Joanne N - Yes, another new clothes and shoes for her.
- I like the clothes also. Hope it is truly comfort to wear on.