Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sweet Peas, Baby Corn and Pumpkin Porridge

Yesterday I’ve tried a porridge which has the combination of three types of vegetables and colours.

Baby corn: This is not the first time I used corn in my recipe, but this time I used baby corn instead as I thought to let Sarah consume the corn as well. I further cut it into smaller pieces, hopping that it will be easier to cooked and soft enough to eat…

Sweet peas: Although I am not a big fan of sweet peas, but somehow I believed that it will add some nice colour to the porridge.

Pumpkin: In the spirit of not wasting food, I’ve added in the leftover pumpkin from my previous menu as the last ingredients.


I’ve expect the porridge will becomes orangey in colour, but it turned out to be yellowish (because of the baby corn). Besides, the sweet peas really added a touch of colour and decorative to the porridge.

The taste of the porridge is extremely sweet; it mainly comes from the baby corn. If you like corn, I think you will like this menu. I did not feed Sarah with the corn as it is still very hard after fully cooked. Therefore I just feed her with the sweet peas and pumpkin.

I think Sarah kind of like it. She can finish the big bowl of porridge within two servings. Good girl!


MommyAngel said...

You have tried so many food for Sarah, how nice :) This porridge really taste good hor .... must try next time :) What is sweet peas in mandarine? Coz the sweet peas I got for Angel is in 'pea' shape (round) ... how come ah?

Julie said...

A good choice. I find the yellow corn a bit hassle to prepare so all these while I've been giving Jonathan baby corn. He likes it and he likes this combination too.

Mummy Gwen said...

The colour is very bright..hehe. I have never cook pumpkin porridge before. Must try one day. Sarah really loves to eat lah..good girl. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Nice combinations!~

Natalia said...

Another recipe.

I'd love to try out this recipe but the porridge is extremely sweet ya.

Serene said...

Wah seh... another creative recipe here.. Sarah is such a good girl! I think most of the time she can complete her meal right?

Esmeralda said...

Nice one! Did u put any meat for this porridge?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - I did not put any meat into the porridge. The sweetness is purely from the veges.

Serene - Thanks Serene.
Hehe...yes, most of the time she can complete her meal. As I told you, she is very wei sek!

Natalia - Actually although it taste very sweet, but the sweetness is purely from the veges, so I guess it is healthy and okay to consume by Daniel.
Anyway, you may always try to adjust the qty of the corns and other veges in order to have less sweetness.
Good Luck!

Kylie - Thanks!

Mommy Gwen - I also like the colour of the porridge very much.
- Hehe..maybe you can try pumpkin porridge for Gwen and maybe she will likes it as it has sweet taste.
- Sarah is very wei sek, so she likes to eat all types of food.

Julie - Yeap, you are right Julie. The yellow corn is very hard and as you said, very hassle to prepare and cook. So I have chosen baby corn this time.
So will Jonathan eats the corn as well? I wonder what other ingredients that you have put besides bb corn?

Caroline - Welcome back!
- I have tried many foods on Sarah coz I thought it is good for her to taste all types of foods so that she wont be choosy in terms of food the next time. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed now.
- Ermmm...I dont know what it sweet peas called in Mandarin. I think in cantonese called "tim dao".
Maybe you can see this link to view the pic of sweet peas. I am sure you have seen it before


Ling That's Me said...

pumpkin is good for her :)

btw, Joanne, can I have your email address if convenient? :D

agnes said...

wow, I beg ur porridge must be NICE and TASTY??

my mom & myself repeat the same few recipes for chloe only.. and as she is growing up.. she refused to sit on the high chair/stroller for meal..

it makes feeding session a very headache one instead!!! sigh

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Agnes - Yeap, the porridge does taste nice and sweet. Give a try to Chloe and see whether she likes it..hehe.
- Haha..is ok to repeat the same recipe, as long as Chloe still eats it, then it is still an effort made from you and your mom.
- For Sarah, last time I used to feed her lunch with porridge on high chair, but I noticed that she eats less if sitting on it, so now I will feed her on the floor. But when comes to dinner time, she has to sit on the high chair again for meal.
- Maybe Chloe feeling "trapped" in the high chair, thats why she doesnt want to sit on it. So when she dine outside, she will sit on it?

Ling - Yes, pumpkin is a great ingredient as it is sweet and it has nice colour too.
- Sure..this is my email add: joanne_tiew@yahoo.com or joanne_tiew@hotmail.com
- I have msn and yahoo messenger, you may also add me in...

Mummy Moon said...

Sarah is so lucky to have such a hard working mummy, always give her the best recipe and cook her variety of food. Me is just lazy to think or try out new things for Heng Heng, everyday he has same fish porridge, only that I add in different vege for him.

Esmeralda said...

I see.. Looks like the veges are all really sweet ya.. Thsnks Joanne.. Will try it next time..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Moon - Hehe...I am not hardworking, but I just curious with some weird combination of foods, so I just tried out on Sarah..hehe.
- Fish porridge with vege is a very nutritious food..Heng Heng is lucky to have mommy like you..

Esmeralda - Yes, the veges that makes the porridge taste sweet.
Ok, hope that Ashton will likes it.

the little prince said...

Nice colour!!

I saw you cut the sweet pea in little pcs....my mum different, she take out the 'skin' and cook the beans only, but we didnt feed Kyle the beans, just want the taste of it. May be another month.

I think most of the kids like pumpkin cos its so sweet!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - Yes, this porridge really have a very nice colour.
- Yeap, I have cut the sweet peas (skin) and feed Sarah with it. And she likes it wor..haha.
- I think Kyle loves pumpkin too...