Thursday, December 4, 2008

Progress Report

Potty Training (Lesson 3)
This is actually a backdated post. I suppose to update it two months ago. Please refer here for the previous progress.

Yeah, finally Sarah is able to wee wee AND also poo poo in the potty!

Whenever she wakes up from her nap, I will let her sit on the potty to wee wee. Besides that, if I know she has the urge in passing motion, immediately I will bring the potty and let her passing stool in it.

There will be times when she doesn’t want to sit on the potty (when she has no urge to pass urine or pass motion) but I never insist her to do so, because I don’t want her to feel phobia towards the potty.

Sippy Cup
This is also a backdated post. Please refer here for the previous progress.

I have never given up in training Sarah to drink with sippy cup since I bought it few months ago.

Every morning I will fill in some water in the cup and let her “explore” with it. I used the word “explore” because I noticed that she likes to overturn the cup and let the water leak out, and then she will use her hand to play with it. I know this is an extra job for me to clean the mess, but I still continue to let her do so. Once in a while, she will try to drink with the sippy cup and when she managed to sip some water from it, she will spit it out….

After so many trials, now she finally knows how to drink with sippy cup. She also knows how to drink with straw when we are dining out.

Good job, Sarah!


MeRy said...

Good job, Sarah!!

Auntie Mery give u a big kisses...*-*

Something About Us said...

mummy has done a great job too! give yourself a pat :)

Little Sarah is so sweet to help mummy and daddy save money on diapers.

- Ling

SY said...

Bravo Sarah...U did a great job.

agnes said...

well done mama.. im a bit lazy to pee pee train her lah.. hahahaa.. will start soon if not so busy lah.. :P

Qi said...

Sarah..very clever... because Mummy pandai teaching oh !!

Esmeralda said...

Bravo Sarah.. She's so obedient (sitting down on the potty), and intelligent (in drinking from straw and sippy cup)... It's the other way around for Ashton... He likes to sit on his potty (with his pants on of coz, and rock the potty as if it's a rocking chair)... and no success with the sippy cup (or any other bottles except for his current feeding bottles), and no success with the straw either..

Anyway, great job Joanne and Sarah...

Serene said...

Smart girl, Sarah!
Oh... talking about potty training, I also didn't give up, but hor... seems like nt easy for them to master the skill leh.. especially wee wee.

MommyAngel said...

Good job Sarah and Well done Joanne, so is Sarah using less nappy at day time?

Mummy Gwen said...

Sarah is such a smart girl. *Clap clap* Joanne, you are so patient and good mummy lah. Gwen still not potty trained yet. I dont know where to start.

Julie said...

Good girl Sarah. Sigh...Jonathan boy still refuse to sit on the potty. He feels restless everytime waking up from bed so when I let him sit on the potty, he refuses and just want me to carry.

Kristie said...

clever girl... so cooperative with mummy... it all pays off joanne!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Ya...luckily Sarah is cooperative with me, or else I wont be able to train her in these training.

Julie - Sometimes Sarah also like Jonathan, still feeling restless after wake up from nap, so I just let her be or I will let her play with some toys and sit on the potty.

Mommy Gwen - Actually I am not a patient mommy, I always scold Sarah one..hehe. But I am determine or I should said stubborn in training her, thats why she has no choice other than follow my intensive training:-)
- Dont worry, you will know when will be the right time to train Gwen.

Caroline - Thanks!
- I should said she did less some of my work in washing the cloth diaper as she sometimes will wee wee on the potty.

Serene - Thanks!
- Serene, I am sure Xixi will able to "diaper free" one day...Add oil ya!

Esmeralda - Sarah is a playful girl, so if you let her play with the sippy cup for sometimes, so indirectly she will explore more about the actual usage of the cup besides playing with the water.
- Potty train...Hmm...I just let Sarah sit on it less than 5 times a day, so that she wont have the phobia feeling towards it. And I am lucky that so far she is very good girl in sitting on it.
- Take your time in training Ashton..He will definitely make it, he is a very smart boy!

Vivi - Thanks...
Ai ya, I just tried my best....

Agnes - Yalor..sometimes I will skip a day or two to train her...

Su Ying - Thank you, thank you!

Ling - Thank you.
- Yes, she is able to save up some money for me...hehe
She is also saving up my energy in washing more of her cloth diaper.

Mery - Thank you..

the little prince said...

So happy for you....soon you will save money from buying diapers!!

Clever Sarah!!

Esmeralda said...

Joanne.. Now everyday Ashton has been sitting down on his potty, but he likes to take away the small potty pot from the "potty".. dunno why... he just loves sitting down and rock the potty chair without the potty pot.. if u u'stand what I'm talking about.. Yup.. have to be reaaaaaaalllly patient wid this boy.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - thanks Yugene.
I hope I can train Sarah to be diaper free a day...Kambateh!

Esmeralda - I think I got what you meant. The one that Ashton using now is potty chair which comes with a pot (to fill the urine and poo2 right)? So he loves to take away that and sitting on the potty chair?

Wonderful Life said...

Well done Sarah!

My Ryan was a little faster learning sipping water from the sippy straw cup and also the normal straws... but he's not potty trained yet! Pretty hard to get him sit still on the potty! *sigh*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Thanks Doreen.
- I always said Ryan is a smart boy..He is fast in learning most of the things..Good job to him!
- Hehe...dont worry, he will willingly sit on the potty when the right time has come..

Esmeralda said...

U r right Joanne. The potty chair comes wid a pot. He loves to take it out when he sit down. Haha.. funny boy!