Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fantastic Four

Thanks Kylie, Michelle and Ling for passing me this tag.

Four places I go over and over: my house, mini market, playground and restaurant.

Four people who email me regularly: Forum friends, Blogging friends, Cousin sister, and My husband.

Four of my favorite places to eat: TGI Friday, Mc'D, Mum-cooked-food and A "Penang theme" restaurant in neighbourhood.

Four places you’d rather be: Dining Table, My parents' house, Previous workplace and Japan

Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Amazing Race, The America Next Top Model, Project Runway and Hell Kitchen.

Four people I think will respond: Esmeralda, Leann, Grape and Amanda.


cre8tone said...


Blessed mum said...

didn't realised you did this already.

I got the same tag for you, maybe you can just add me in here..thanks


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle - Dont worry, I am more than happy to receive this tag from you. Thanks again.
Sure I will add you in...