Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Braised “Yi Mien”

I noticed that Sarah likes to eat “Yi Mien” very much. Whenever I eat “Yi Mien Soup” or “Sizzling Hot Plate Yi Mien”, she will sure want to share my meal and she can finish all the noodles that I apportioned for her; that is why I came out with the idea of “Braised Yi Mien”.

These are the ingredients that I have used.

Yi Mien, chicken meat and pumpkin

Actually I have done some internet research in regards with how to prepare the sauce. From there, only I knew that in order to bring out the real flavour of the “braised Yi Mien”, I have to use sesame oil (instead of cooking oil) to fry all the ingredients. It sounds weird to me but it really works for this menu.


Sarah and I like this meal. The pumpkin had definitely made the sauce taste sweeter.

Another good try…


Esmeralda said...

Yummy yummy!!! Can I have a portion to share as well? Haha... That looks more like adult food to me... Nowadays kids love adult food right? So does Ashton.. He loves all sort of noodles and food that we take..

Julie said...

Another noodle dish for Sarah. She's sure a good girl to chew her food properly. I thought of getting mushroom for Jonathan but on second thought, I don't think he will chew but swallow it. I'm afraid he will get chooked.

LittleLamb said...

if you dont mind, can you pass me the recipe for this???

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - Sure sure.. I am more than happy to share the recipe.
I will write it at your blog.

Julie - Yes, I think Sarah is quite ok in terms of chewing food. But of course, I need to cut it into medium or smaller pieces, so that she wont get chocked.
- Dont worry Julie, you may always start it slow in introducing all type of hard texture food to Jonathan.
What if you cut the mushroom into smaller pieces?

Esmeralda - Sure, you come to KL then I cook for you..hehe
- Yes, it lookes and taste more like an adult food. Thats why I like it too..
- Nowadays kids very Sing muk", they know adult food always taste nice, thats why they like it so much.

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... nice dish. Sarah could chew the chunks of chicken meat??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Thanks!
The pic actually took before I cut the chicken meat into smaller pieces..hehe.

Esmeralda said...

Yeah... Ashton loves to share my Spicy Olio Spaghetti from DOME too.. even though it's spicy (of coz I dip it in warm water already, but still got little bit of spicy-ness), but he dun mind.. Now he doesn't wanna LOOK at the porridge that I cook for him. Everytime wanna eat rice/noodles. No more porridge.. Need to crack my head.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Woww...Ashton likes spicy food now...or he particularly like all the Dome Food..hehe..
- I remember last time you told me that Ashton still likes to eat porridge, so now is not the same anymore. Since he loves adults food, so maybe you just cook something that we adult eat? But maybe less oil, salt and sugar...
Thats my 2 cents lah!