Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black Fungus, Barley and Carrot Porridge

I have decided to use two new ingredients in this porridge - black fungus (wood ear mushroom) and barley. In Chinese herbal medicine, black fungus has a reputation to increasing the fluidity of the blood and improving circulation; for barley, apart from quenching our thirst, it is also good for cleansing our urinary tract to prevent urinary infection.

I also like to add carrot into porridge because it has excellent colour which can make the meal more appealing.


Honestly the porridge turned out to be a bit plain in taste but it still has a very attractive outlook. The black fungus has enhanced the texture of the porridge too; and I like the chewiness of it.

The barley somehow made the porridge to become gluier. Although these three ingredients that I’ve used do not really make the porridge taste sweet, but Sarah still manage to finished her meal.


Mummy Gwen said...

I thought Barley is for making tong shui or drinks. Can use for cooking porridge too ah? Wah..you are really creative and rajin lah. Tabik..hehe

Esmeralda said...

Haha.. I have no other words to say except - SALUTE!!! Good that Sarah is not picky wid food ya..

Daddy said...

Wow. The way I looked at all these recipes, the mommies here are very creative lar. salute salute. Must start learning liow. Before too long, Ryan will be on solid. It's a good thing I started the blog and get to know so many mommies. At least more people to turn for advice when I need them..hehe

Julie said...

I've never tried barley with porridge. Perhaps can try one day. Jonathan like to barley water. He can finish on whole bottle at one go.

The black fungus will still be hard. Can Sarah chew it?

agnes said...

wow.. so creative ah? u came out with own combination some more!!! ;) *keng*

MeRy said...

Another new recipe is Up...good job,Joanne!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery - Hehe...thanks thanks!

Agnes - Dont know why, I just love to mix all my favourite food into Sarah's porridge, thats why i came out this idea.

Julie - Huh!! Jonathan can finish the whole barley at one go? So keng! For Sarah, she doesnt like this type of barley water, she likes those called "sang suk yi mi". Luckily she still eats the barley when I cook them with porridge.
- Actually I have chopped the black fungus into very small pieces, I think she has no problem to chew and swallow it.

Ryan's Daddy - Haha...As I always said, I treat Sarah like me. Meaning if I like this food, then I thought she will likes it too..thats why I have came out with all these weird combination of porridge.
- Oh ya, currently Ryan is almost 5 mths right? Last time Sarah also started to eat solid food at 5.5 mths. Dont worry, I know you are a good cook too, so Ryan sure will have alot of nice menu and food from you.
- Yeap, is good to blog. Coz I also learned alot from my blogging frens.

Esmeralda - Thanks thanks!
- Yeap, luckily she is not picky eater, or else all my weird weird type of porridge, sure ended up in dustbin.

Mommy Gwen - Yes, I also use barley to make tong sui. But I think it can do far more than dessert. So ended up created this menu.

Serene said...

Joanne, some question here.. black fungus is it 黑木耳?? and the barley u use is it China barley or the local one(in tin)?

I was thinking if to add the sweetness, maybe can add some red dates too??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene - Yes, it is it 黑木耳. I dont know whether it is a china barley or the local one, but I know that this type of barley can be eaten one ,another type cannot eat one..
- I think is a good idea if adding in red dates, but I noticed Sarah doesnt like red dates lately, therefore I did not add.
Thanks for the idea.

LittleLamb said...

total agree with u. black fungus very good. i cook it with chicken + soy sauce... maybe next round can take out the bailey..or the bailey can be the stock...

Blessed mum said...

I never cook black fungus before though I eat them at mommy's house..hubby is scared of the colour:(

I didn't know it can cook with Barley, maybe I should give it a try.

btw, got a tag for you here:


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle - Hehe...Meaning you never cook black fungus for your home dinner?
- Maybe you can give a try..but as i said, it is lack of taste with barley and black fungus. So you might need to add in some extra ingredient into the porridge to make it sweeter.
- Thanks for the tag. I have got the tag from my other frens earlier, anyway, I will put your name into the fren's list. Thanks again!

Rachel - Yes, i love black fungus! It is so chewy.
- I never try to cook it with chicken. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks for suggestion.
- You mean use barley as the stock of noodle? Good idea too..

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Another one from you! ..Looks like a weird combination but if Sarah can finished it..why not..good job Joanne

little prince's mummy said...

Barley porridge? Joanne, u really very creative in cooking ler!~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sha - Yes, it is a weird comby, but luckily Sarah can finish it..hehe.
Thanks Sha.

Kylie - yeap, barley porridge.
Haha...I just throw in all the ingredients which I love into the porridge.

Kristie said...

lovely mix of ingredients!!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Hehe....not weird mix hor..

Natalia said...

Another new recipe from our creative mom...combination of barley & black fungus ya? Even my mom (a cook) never thought of this combination...salute to you...:)

the little prince said...

what a interesting combination!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - Hehe...thanks!

Natalia - Yes, barley and black fungus as the ingredients.
- Ai yo, I just cin cai cin cai create this recipe...