Friday, November 14, 2008

Bean Strip

Sarah has tried macaroni and vermicelli; today I have introduced another type of noodles for her: bean strip.

I have used chicken meat and Chinese mushroom to cook the sauce. This is the first time I cook Chinese mushroom (apart from Swiss Brown Mushroom). Luckily, I managed to handle it without ruining the whole menu.

Let me share the method of cooking the sauce for this recipe. Firstly I use some shallot to fry the mushroom with the marinated chicken meat. Then I add a dash of oyster sauce and sesame oil to keep frying. At the end, add some water into the mixture and continue cook it for about 10 minutes. Walla, the sauce is served!


I am so surprise that Sarah can finish all of them, included the mushroom and chicken. Mission accomplished. Yeah!

Actually the final outcome is not as oily as the picture shown. We have some tough time in adapting our new camera’s (overly) intelligent self lighting adjustment technology.


Blessed mum said...

I'm sure Sarah will grow up not to be a fussy kid! Mommy had exposed her to all kinds of food and texture..well done, mommy!

Esmeralda said...

Wow... great job Joanne.. Btw, what type of noodle is the "bean strip"? Never heard before, or maybe seen before but dunno what it is.. Does it take very long to cook, or just a while like the "mee-suah"?

MeRy said...

Another new menu...tq for sharing,Joanne !!Good mommy.

Kristie said...

joanne, it looks like ban mee kind of noodle!

nicole said...

bean strip, i got at home, never cook, now i know liao!!!! thx for ur menu!!!!!!!!!

Serene said...

Good that Sarah adapt new food easily. Actually I did tried several new recipe for Xixi, but she just refuse!! She even refuse the alphabet macaroni soup I cooked for her few weeks ago... Sad!

LittleLamb said...

what is bean strip? Cantonese call it as what?? is it pan mee??

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog recently...A real great and informative blog...

My daughter is just 1 day younger than Sarah but don't think she can finish that whole bowl of noodle like Sarah hehehe...Sarah is a good eater...

May I know how do you feed her ? Did you cut the bean strip into smaller pieces ?

Thank you.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Yin - Welcome to my blog. I am so happy that I have a new fren here. Mind to share your blog add too?
- Thanks for giving me kind words about my blog, I am happy to have such a great encouragement from you.
- Sarah is a "wei sek" girl. My husband always said she is a "bandaraya", always sapu all the food! May I know what is your dotter's name?
- I have a pair of scissors which I bought intentionally to cut all those food into smaller pieces. So, for bean strips, I also do the same. But Sarah likes to eat food with some texture, so I did not cute it finely.

Rachel - Bean Strip is cantonese is call 豆签/dao qim. You can get it from any sundry shop.

Serene - it? Maybe Xixi prefer to eat thick sauce type of noodle or macaroni?

Nicole - You are most welcome.
You may try to cook this bean strip for Jessica, maybe she will likes it.

Kristie - Yes, it looks like pan mee. But the texture is softer than it. It is call 豆签/dao qim.

Mery - You are most welcome. You are good mommy too.

Esmeralda - Thanks Esmeralda.
- this type of noodle can be found at any sundry shop. It is call Dao Qim (in cantonese).
It has the same texture as mee sua, a soft and sticky texture.
- What I did was, I soak it in water for about few mins, then only cook it. It will cook faster.

Michelle - Thanks!
- This is what I hope too..

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. i see... Never come across such product.. hehe.. maybe need to look out for it when i go groceries shopping next time.. thanks Joanne for the details..

Anonymous said...

Sarah can chew the mushroom and meat already? I have yet to give Jonathan minced meat and mushroom cause afraid that he will get chocked as he tend to swallow without chewing.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Julie - I think so..haha..Coz I just give her eat the mushroom and meat, and she just eat and swallow.

Esmeralda - You are most welcome. Is ok, the next time if you see it during shopping, maybe you can buy it and try it for Ashton.

2xMum said...

Wow... another nice menu. Sarah so clever... could finished up all the food cooked by mummy!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Sarah is very "wei sek". So she can finish all the meal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your tips...I don't have my own blog yet...still procastinating to start actually hehehe...

I noticed Sarah has quite a number of teeth already...I think about 12 already ? My daughter, Valerie, only has 8 teeth so far hahaha...she is very lazy to chew, only swallow...maybe that's why, gum lacks of exercise...:)

Thanks again and have a good day...


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Yin, welcome back!
- I really looking forward for your blog. I am sure you have alot of story about Valerie to share with us. Cant wait to see your new blog..Remember to share your blog add with me once you got it.
- Yes, Sarah has 12 teeth now. For me, I love to give some baby biscuits for Sarah to eat, maybe she learn to bite and chew from there..
- NIce day to you too!