Friday, November 28, 2008

A surprise gift

This afternoon I’ve got a big “Prudential” envelope from Mr. Postman. Just when I thought it was an insurance document, little do I know I was in for a surprise - my forum cum blogging friend Yugene has sent me three (big) pieces of bathroom stickers.

Actually the sticker is for Sarah; and here is why Yugene would send us all the cute stickers…

The other day when I saw Yugene blog about bathroom stickers which she bought for Kyle, I was so impressed by her beautiful sticker. Naturally I have asked some questions about the stickers and we started to chat about it. Then Yugene is so kind that she offered to send me the stickers. How nice of her.

Now I just can’t wait to decorate my bathroom with the stickers. Coincidentally Sarah likes Mickey Mouse very much. I think she will be surprised and happy when she saw her favourite cartoon in the wall during bath time.

Thanks again Yugene. I am really appreciated.

Complete the sentence Tag

Thanks to my beutiful Kristie for passing me this tag. It is another interesting tag!

1. Life is full of ups and downs.

2. I smile when Sarah smiles.

3. I can't sleep when my hubby snores.

4. I love the smell of perfume.

5. When I can't sleep, I will think of what to cook for Sarah.

6. I often dream about my school time.

7. I get irritated when I sweat.

8. I like the sound of Sarah's giggling.

9. People often call me Joanne.

10. I wish I could lost my current weight to 45kg.

11. The best creation in the world is Internet.

12. 1st 3 words that comes to my mind: Dear, Sarah, Mommy.

13. I've discovered that I addicted to net surfing.

14. When I'm in love, I gained alot of weight.

15. A baby is born with love and smile.

16. Before I met my husband, my life was bored with work.

17. A good marriage requires communication, patience and understanding.

18. I dislike places packed with people.

19. I say 'I Love You' not more than my husband say it.

20. My favourite subject in school was Bahasa Malaysia.

I'll pass on this tag to: Yugene, Pei Mun, Rachel, June, Michelle, Jennifer and Gladys.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wonder Woman and Lemonade Award

My Wonder Woman blogging friend, Mommy Gwen gave me these awards. Thanks a lot dear for your kindness :-)

I really hope to be a Wonder Woman, but in actual I have headache in coping with my house chores and my notty Sarah. Anyway, it is a great encouragement from you.

I like the Lemonade Award too. It really quenched my thirst :)

The rules of this award:
  • Put the logo on your blog
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they received this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post
I would like to share these awards with :
1) Agnes
2) Esmeralda
3) Mery
4) Serene

and lastly to ALL my other blogging friends...

Talk about impulsive buying…

We saw this inflatable ball pool when we were visiting a baby shop in the neighbourhood. It was displayed near the entrance; the shopkeeper allowed Sarah to have some fun to play inside.

I swear Sarah was having so much fun at that time with so many colourful balls around her in the “test drive”; and that is why we end up bought this ball pool home.

Guess what, things aren’t be the same when she was home. She doesn’t want to play with it anymore! We tried to lure her with the balls and other toys, but no avail; and there was one time that I put her in it…

See how she reacted towards her new toy? She wants to escape from it!

Now she even feel phobia with it. Whenever I said, “want to play inside?” she will crawl away quickly, what an anti-climax.

Currently the ball pool is still “parked” at our living hall. We can only hope Sarah will change her mind one day…

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alphabet Tag

Thanks Serene, for passing me this tag.

A. Attached or single ? - Attached
B. Best friend? – I used to have one best friend when I was in primary school.
C. Cake or pie? - Cake
D. Day of choice? - Saturday
E. Essential item? - Tissue
F. Favorite color? - Blue
G. Gummy bears or worms? – Gummy Bears
H. Hometown? – KL
I. Favorite indulgence? – All types of junk food
J. January or July? - July
K. Kids? – One
L. Life isn’t complete without? - Family
M. Marriage date? – Registered on 8 Mar 06. Wedding Dinner on 18 Mar 06.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - NIL
O. Orange or apple? - Apple
P. Phobias? – WORMS
Q. Quotes? – I like this quote very much..."Don't worry, be happy!"
R. Reasons to smile? – I am blessed with a caring husband and a lovely daughter.
S. Season of choice? – Winter
T. Tag 5 people – Kylie, Mommy Moon, Yen Ping, Mery and Sha.
U. Unknown facts about me? – Not sure…
V. Vegetable? – I like it alot
W. Worst habit? – Like to drink coffee
X-ray or ultrasound? – Ultrasound.
Y. Your favorite food(s)? – Seafood and Western Food
Z. Zodiac sign – Capricorn

Fantastic Four

Thanks Kylie, Michelle and Ling for passing me this tag.

Four places I go over and over: my house, mini market, playground and restaurant.

Four people who email me regularly: Forum friends, Blogging friends, Cousin sister, and My husband.

Four of my favorite places to eat: TGI Friday, Mc'D, Mum-cooked-food and A "Penang theme" restaurant in neighbourhood.

Four places you’d rather be: Dining Table, My parents' house, Previous workplace and Japan

Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Amazing Race, The America Next Top Model, Project Runway and Hell Kitchen.

Four people I think will respond: Esmeralda, Leann, Grape and Amanda.

Braised “Yi Mien”

I noticed that Sarah likes to eat “Yi Mien” very much. Whenever I eat “Yi Mien Soup” or “Sizzling Hot Plate Yi Mien”, she will sure want to share my meal and she can finish all the noodles that I apportioned for her; that is why I came out with the idea of “Braised Yi Mien”.

These are the ingredients that I have used.

Yi Mien, chicken meat and pumpkin

Actually I have done some internet research in regards with how to prepare the sauce. From there, only I knew that in order to bring out the real flavour of the “braised Yi Mien”, I have to use sesame oil (instead of cooking oil) to fry all the ingredients. It sounds weird to me but it really works for this menu.


Sarah and I like this meal. The pumpkin had definitely made the sauce taste sweeter.

Another good try…

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Meal

I am a fast food lover. I like to eat all kinds of fast food, and my favourite one is - Mc’D. Although currently I am on diet, but I still can’t resist the temptation of the burgers and fries. Furthermore, there is this Mc’D located not far from my house…

Ok, enough of how much I love Mc’D. Now let me introduce this toy to you all, I am sure you all have seen this or know what this is…

This is the first Happy Meal-toy which we gave Sarah. In order to get it, my husband ordered his Happy Meal for the first time ever. When I asked how is the meal, he said: “Not bad!” Just ‘ngam ngam’ for his eating portion (as he is no big fans of Mc’D).

Sarah is not so interested towards the toy; although it is an interesting one with sound when touch on it. But I still keep it in her toys box, who knows she will change her mind one day.

In future, either I or my husband will be ‘sacrificed’ to eat Happy Meal in order to collect many more toys for Sarah.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black Fungus, Barley and Carrot Porridge

I have decided to use two new ingredients in this porridge - black fungus (wood ear mushroom) and barley. In Chinese herbal medicine, black fungus has a reputation to increasing the fluidity of the blood and improving circulation; for barley, apart from quenching our thirst, it is also good for cleansing our urinary tract to prevent urinary infection.

I also like to add carrot into porridge because it has excellent colour which can make the meal more appealing.


Honestly the porridge turned out to be a bit plain in taste but it still has a very attractive outlook. The black fungus has enhanced the texture of the porridge too; and I like the chewiness of it.

The barley somehow made the porridge to become gluier. Although these three ingredients that I’ve used do not really make the porridge taste sweet, but Sarah still manage to finished her meal.

Monday, November 17, 2008

No. 12

After the first molar pop out from Sarah’s lower jaw two weeks ago, I knew that sooner or later the left-side molar will going to catch up…

Today I have confirmed that it was growing in. Bingo!

8 Random Things About Me

Awhile back, Mommy Gwen, Michelle, Amanda and Jennifer have tagged me with the 8 Random Things About Me meme, thanks for tagging me.

Hmmm, I better choose wisely...

1. I have gone for a major operation (intestinal obstruction) in year 2001. I was hospitalized for 10 days and at that point of time, I recorded my thinnest weight ever (as an adult).

2. I got my driving license in year 1998 but I only ‘officially’ started driving in year 2005. I was so hesitated to drive then because I was phobia and hate to drive manual car. My husband was the one who encouraged and teaching me. Of course, for now I am driving an auto car.

3. I love to peek on my husband favourite TV programme (EPL football and CSI), although I am not a big fan of it; and the funny thing is, I am able to name those football stars and I also knew who Horatio Cane was. Not bad huh?

4. I know this is a bad habit, but I just love to squeeze toothpaste from the middle; and luckily I am not being scolded by husband for doing that (because he squeezes from bottom).

5. I (once) have a pet; I name it I-Sh. It is a lovely rabbit. It has brown and white fur with a pair of big brown eyes. I love I-Sh very much, but it dies about four years ago.

6. I was working as an Administrative Assistant in four different companies.

7. I love to collect stickers. Maybe this sounds childish, but I just can’t stop myself from buying it if I saw those cute and funny stickers. If Sarah also likes stickers when she’s grow up, I will sure pass all my collections to her. Lucky her….

8. I was a class monitor for 6 years (remove to Form Five) in secondary school.

Then I have to follow the Tag Rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. A the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

Now, I hope you’ll forgive me, but I won’t be tagging anyone. But if you read this and for some reason haven’t been tagged yet, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

When Popo come visit…

My mum was the one who carry Sarah back from hospital; she was also my confinement lady back then. There for, Sarah always has a special place in her heart.

Off and on, Sarah’s popo will have a sleepover at our house on weekend. I always think this is the opportunity for them to strengthen their bond. This time, Popo had stay with us for a week and today she has just went home after a week “holiday” at our house.

Sarah recognized popo (very well). Whenever she sees popo, she likes to be hug or carry by her. Popo has taught a lot of new things to Sarah while staying with us. For example, disciplined her to wear “shoe shoe” whenever she goes out, taught her the meaning of “mei mei” (pretty) and etc…

Oh ya, Sarah also learnt the meaning of “kai kai” (going out) too. Now I have a problem because since day one popo were here, every morning I had bring them out for breakfast that it had become a custom; now that popo has went back, hopefully she won’t make noise for “kai kai” tomorrow morning.

Actually Sarah seldom have chance to see popo (compared to her cousin who live nearby). There for, I truly treasure the moments we spent time together. After a week staying with us, I think Sarah started to missing popo. Because just now when in the car we asked her where popo is, she keeps turning her back and looking at the rear seat (where popo normally sat while carrying her).

My mum must be touched if I tell her this.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bean Strip

Sarah has tried macaroni and vermicelli; today I have introduced another type of noodles for her: bean strip.

I have used chicken meat and Chinese mushroom to cook the sauce. This is the first time I cook Chinese mushroom (apart from Swiss Brown Mushroom). Luckily, I managed to handle it without ruining the whole menu.

Let me share the method of cooking the sauce for this recipe. Firstly I use some shallot to fry the mushroom with the marinated chicken meat. Then I add a dash of oyster sauce and sesame oil to keep frying. At the end, add some water into the mixture and continue cook it for about 10 minutes. Walla, the sauce is served!


I am so surprise that Sarah can finish all of them, included the mushroom and chicken. Mission accomplished. Yeah!

Actually the final outcome is not as oily as the picture shown. We have some tough time in adapting our new camera’s (overly) intelligent self lighting adjustment technology.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finger Toothbrush

I know I should start brushing Sarah’s teeth as soon as they came out, but believe it or not, I just couldn’t find the right toothbrush somehow…

My intention is to buy a finger toothbrush. I tried to search for it from several places, either they sell kids toothbrush or if they do sell, they sell it at skyrocketing price. .

The other day when I saw Mummy Gwen talk about toothbrush for Gwen, we started to discuss this topic. Then Mery came along, after knowing that I have difficulty in finding the finger toothbrush, she insisted to buy one for Sarah (as a belated birthday gift)!

She was so kind that she mailed it all the way from Sibu, and finally I got it today…how sweet.

Besides the finger toothbrush, she also included few lovely hair clips for Sarah. I feel so touch and overwhelming when I received it.

Thanks Mery. I can’t wait to let Sarah use the finger toothbrush and to wear the clips on her.

P/S: Also thanks Mummy Gwen for providing useful tips and information regarding the toothbrush.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pink Beans Porridge

The hardest part about this menu is getting the ingredient, the Pink Beans. I have come across this menu from Karen’s blog several months ago, but due to difficulty in finding these oval-shaped beans, so I have delayed in cooking the porridge until today. My mom has finally got it for me from the wet market at her place.

I did not add any other ingredients into the menu as I want to know the genuine taste of the beans itself and also the sweetness level to the porridge.


It tastes sweet, but somehow it just lacks a bit in term of richness. I think by adding some meat or vegetables it may well further enhance the appealing of the porridge.

Anyway, by adding some Bovril before serving is a good idea too. Sarah loves this meal very much, she just keeps asking for more.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Power Blog

This cute! The Power Blog Award from Serene. I'm always so honored when someone nominates me for a blog award so thank you Serene!

I am now passing it on to friends:
HN, Mery and Mommy Gwen.

First Accessories

Sarah got this lovely anklet from her gong gong and po po as a full-month's gift. I have kept it deep in my closet and Sarah never wears once. All this while I’m wondering if she’s ready as I afraid she might not get used to “something” strap on her ankle.

I think now is about time. Today I finally decided to let Sarah had a “trial session” with the anklet. She was a bit uneasy the first moment she worn the anklet. She kept pulling it, maybe she just curious. Therefore, I thought to distract her with some food and toys, it works! Gradually she’s settled down and finally she is okay with it (at least for now).

I just love to see this anklet worn around her leg; after all, this is also her first accessories. And now I will know where she is when I am busy with my house chores.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Superior Scribbler Award

I received this Superior Scribbler award from Mommy Moon and Mommy Gwen. It is so cute... yeah, I guess it looks like most of us, passion for blogging....
Anyway, thanks for giving this award to me, am appreciate it!

So the rules are :
Every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.
If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award.
Then you must display the adorable award and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
Finally you must visit this post and tell your name to Mr. Linky List.
Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

I'm passing it to:
1) Agnes
2) Kylie
3) Ling and Ming
4) Serene
5) Doreen

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Molar

Just roughly a month away from her first molars grown, the lower (right) first molar is now catching up.

Sarah currently has 11 teeth. She really likes to bite all kinds of hard texture food, for example: rice, noodles, biscuits and etc…I think she doesn’t like pureed food anymore. Even when I cook porridge, I have to make sure the rice is not overcooked, so that she can still feel the texture and chew the rice when eating it.

Nowadays she can really bite hard, you know. The other day I had a painful experience that my finger is bitten so hard that until leaving a bite marks (for several days). So now I have to be extra careful when I am cleaning or checking on her teeth.

There is some error in the last few tooth charts (on lower teeth). For accurate plotting please refer to the latest chart below.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Eggplant + Sweet Potato + White Potato Porridge

When I first feed Sarah with Eggplant, I have pureed it with sweet potato. This time, apart from sweet potato, white potato also being used as one of the ingredients. I really hope this combination of three can produced the right ‘chemical’.

Actually my earlier plan was to cook something like “stuffed eggplant with potatoes” (think Yong Tau Fu), but somehow I just have the feeling that it won’t works, so I decided to turned this recipe to porridge.


Well, personally I am not so favour to the porridge (although I like eggplant a lot), as the strong taste of the eggplant had overshadowing the rest of the ingredient, but luckily Sarah loves it anyway.

When I feed her the porridge, I will intentionally include some eggplant in the feeding and she will just chew and swallow it with no problem at all…bravo to her.