Thursday, October 30, 2008

When I am busy…

This is normally what I will do when I am occupied in kitchen…If I do this, she can stayed quiet and obedient for quite some time in the living hall (watching TV).

I would put a pacifier on her, and then she will automatically go to the couch and get her favourite “Zam Zam” (bolster).


Mummy Moon said...

Hi, Give me 5 ! When I am busy, my 2 angels also watch tv and my girl girl sure wants 3 things with her : Zhui Zhui, her blanket and 1 handkerchief. My boy only needs only his own fingers, haha

nicole said...

haha.. me too, if i busy to do paper work in 1st floor office, i let Jessica have pacifier, small zam zam & big zam zam, then on the Astro 613

Mummy Gwen said...

SO cute ler. Very good at least mummy can do her own thing..hehe

Blessed mum said...

so cute and easily satisfy!

Daddy said... nice. Hope Ryan will learn to do that one day. Now, he is like a koala. So we will be busy with him before we can be busy with our own stuff.

Natalia said...

Sarah is so cute! It's good that she can kuai kuai like least you still have time to do your house chores.

little prince's mummy said...

So guai~~~

Wonderful Life said...

so good girl one! How I wish my Ryan will be so gwai like Sarah.

However, he's not that type leh. He doesn't like pacifier and doesn't stay still in 1 min! He'll be following me (with his pillow in his hand) to every where I go and also started his mission to open the cabinets after that! Sigh.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

How sweet Sarah can quiet and obedient like that. So cute with her pacifier.

Nowadays Tina like want to manja-manja with me. may be coz she only see me late evening. Always want to follow me even to the kitchen..

LittleLamb said...

Sarah, you are such an obedient gal :)

Keep it up. Make mummy happy.

Esmeralda said...

Oh.. so cute and adorable lar.. She's so "kuai" Joanne... She will not follow u into the kitchen as well? If Ashton, wherever I go he will tag along oh..!

I noticed that ur floor not so messy ya.. haha.. my floor during the day will be like pasar lambak... all his toys here and there.. once I keep it inside his big containers, he will mess it up again..

Btw, Sarah's hair is growing thicker liao now?

agnes said...

so guai.. i dont think i can walk away from her for more than 1 min!!! but she was okie when my mom put her inside the playpen w. chut chut (pacifier), chou chou (towel), bai-bee (favorite soft toy), A LOT OF pillows. she can even perform 'ta-guan-tou' inside the playpen!!! OMG..
place her inside playpen is to prevent her to do superman stunt on the sofa!!!!
that's why i said sarah is so guai..

Julie said...

At least there's something which can keep them down. They just can't leave without their fav. Jonathan's fav is his pacifier.

MeRy said...

Sarah is so cute..Just now when Ryan saw Sarah video, he makes the snoring sound...he know that Sarah is lying on the pillow, wanna rest.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery - I think Ryan is cuter. I never thought that he will and he can make snoring sound...Super cute!
Haha, smart boy!
So what is Ryan's favourite thing to calm him down or make him sleep?

Julie - Yalor, at least pacifier does the job in calming down our bb.

Doreen - o, Ryan likes to open the cabinet? Did you buy the slide lock ? I have bought few and now Sarah dont have anymore things to open when she is in the kitchen..hehe..
- Is good that Ryan doesnt like pacifier, so in future you have no hard time in weaning him.

Agnes - Chloe so geng! Can perform acrobatic inside her playpen with so many things inside it. Salute!
- Yes, I have saw in your blog that Chloe has alot of bai-bee.
- Sarah is only guai sometimes, but notty most of the time..hehe

Esmeralda - Guai meh..Not all the time like that, but if with her pacifier, she will behaved guai abit.
-She will not folow me to the kitchen if with these 2 things with her.
- Esmeralda, I feel pai seh when you said my floor is not messy..haha..
Coz actually sometimes my floor will be like pasar lambak also, but I just ignore. Sometimes if I rajin, I will tidy up the toys.
- Sarah also like that, if she sees me keeping up the toys, she will also mess them up. Sakit hati!
-Actually Sarah has thick hair since small till now, and the last time we trimmed her hair was on last 2 weeks.

Rachel - Hehe....she really make me happy when she is obedient.

Sha - Thanks for your compliment. I also like to see bb with pacifier in their mouth..cuter look.
Actually Sarah also likes to tag with me, but I just give some toys to her, so sometimes it works that she can stay with the toys for sometime.

Kylie - Sometimes guai only...hehe

Natalia - Hai hai..long time did not hear from you.
- Thanks for your compliment. Daniel is a cute boy too..
- Yalor, at least I can do my housechores without her disturbance.

Ryan's Daddy - Hehe..Maybe Ryan is still small, thats why he needs your attention very much. Sarah also was like that. But as they grow older, things will get change. Dont worry ya.

Mommy Gwen - Yalor, at least I can do my housechores without her disturbance

Michelle - With the pacifier and her Zam Zam, then she can be satisfied easily. Or else.....Susah!

Nicole - So ngam lah..we both have the same way in keeping our girls stay diam2. hehe...

Mommy Moon - Hehe, Heng2 is very easy to gao dim ya, just suck his fingers as it is a pacifier.
Whereas Yan2 like Sarah, needs favourite things to get her guai2. Woww...she has blanket and hanky too..

Esmeralda said...

Haha.. high 5 then on the "pasar lambak" floor. The only time it will be clean up will be nite time after they slp, otherwise no point cleaning up, so next second they will mess it up again. So good Sarah will not tag along with u. Me even give the "secret weapon" wic is the pacifier also no use..

Regarding Sarah's hair, maybe u can start growing them and tie cute "coconut tree" on it.. hehe... she'll definitely look cute and adorable..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - are right, if we continuous cleaning and tidying up the toys, there will be never ending job for us...
- Maybe Ashton love his pacifier just like his toys,but for Sarah, she will treat it as something that makes her feel sleepy....
- I did planted the coconut tree since she has longer hair. Erm....but maybe so far I did not posted the "tree" on blog..hehe...