Monday, October 6, 2008

Seaweed, Chicken and Mushroom Porridge

This is the first time I combined so many ingredients in porridge. The reason is, I have some leftover Swiss Brown Mushroom, plus a big piece of chicken breast I bought few days ago and of course I can always find seaweed in my fridge, since it is my favourite ingredient in making soup.

In order not to turn the porridge bitter, therefore I just put a small sum of seaweed in it.


It turns out to be something like Swiss Brown Mushroom Porridge. The porridges has almost identical colour but this time the chicken meat and seaweed definitely enhanced the sweetness of the porridge.

Not forget also the slight chewiness of the seaweed; it makes this a more interesting recipe.


My Lil' Monster said...

Yup seaweed actually will make the porridge tastier as it already have the salty taste and very indeed a healthy meal.

twins mama said...

thanks for sharing this recipe. but my gals v choosy nowadays. duno whether they'll like the taste of seaweed cos mummy also not into it.. haha. btw, will let them try :)

MeRy said...

Another great menu...I like seaweed soup added with vinegar.

MommyAngel said...

Wow wow .... I also just bought seaweed for Angel yesterday as I wanted to intro Angel with more vege these days!!! Can't believe it you cooked seaweed porridge too!!! But your porridge looks so yummy leh ..... I think I can have a share of Angel's meal too if I cooked the seaweed porridge for her after her Pasta week. Did you eat Sarah's meal too?? Good job Joanne! I really feels tempted to eat this porridge leh :)

Mummy Gwen said... has been long time I didn't cook seaweed porridge for Gwen. Does Sarah like the porridge?

SY said...

Yummy Yummy.. I like to eat seaweed too. Sure this porridge very yum..Great meal..

cre8tone said...

I cooked mushroom's porridge for sean recently also.. but didn't add seaweed.. mayb will add in for nx cooking :) thankx for the idea...

Anonymous said...

Hem...another mushroom recipe. I'm so tempted to let Jonathan try. Maybe when he recover from his chickenpox first.

Anonymous said...

Hem...another mushroom recipe. I'm so tempted to let Jonathan try. Maybe when he recover from his chickenpox first.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Julie - Yes. Since I have some leftover from last recipe, therefore created this recipe.
Oo..I did not know Jonathan just recovered from chicken pox. How is he now?

Kylie - You also cooked mushroom porridge to Sean? what type of mushroom you used? Sean like it?

Su Ying - Hehe..join the boat, coz both of us also the seaweed fans!

Mommy Gwen - So you did tried this recipe b4? What do you added in last time bsides seaweed?
Yes, Sarah likes it. She sapu the whole pot leh..:-)

Caroline - So ngam leh, you also intend to let Angel try seaweed. I think it is a healthy yet delicious vege. Hope Angel will like it.
Yes, I did tried the porridge and it taste yummy!
Come to my house lah, I cook for you..hehe.

Mery - Yaya, me too! But my husband dislike the taste after added in the vinegar.

Li Teng - You dont like seaweed? Why ya? Is nice wor..:-)
Is like that lah, as your girls grow up, they will tend to taste alot of different food, so they tend to be more picky eater. Dont worry, take it slow.
Happy Trying!

Violet - Yeap, you are right! It is a healthy and delicious meal. I am sure you like seaweed too!

LittleLamb said...

i can curi idea again...
but then i was thinking to wait till philip is older first cos i read on some website...mushroom is considered "wild"?? species??

Esmeralda said...

Hi Joanne
Another good combination wic we can "steal" from.. Btw, just saw the pic of the porridge - I noticed that the porridge is slightly "hard" is it? I mean the grain of the rice was not cooked for long? Is that the way Sarah prefer her porridge? Sorry ya for being a bit "ke-poh" again..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - You are always welcome to cook this recipe. Is not steal lah..hehe.
- You very observant leh..Yes, thats the new form of porridge that Sarah prefer lately. She likes to chew the rice.
No lah, where got kepoh!

Rachel - Hehe, no lah..where got curi. We learn it together.
Nevermind, just intro it to Philip when you think the time is right.

Mummy Gwen said...

Joanne, I put brocolli, tomatoes and fish besides seaweed. How come u never visit my blog anymore? :(

2xMum said...

Yummy! I love seaweed too! Great recipe... going to copy cat again as soon as Ryan has more teeth :)

Esmeralda said...

I see.. Sarah is a big girl now. Wanna chew on the rice. Ashton pula, hai... Still wan bb porridge - just like me, until now also, prefer well-cooked smooth porridge.. hehe..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Yes, since the last time she ate rice when my mom fed her, from there on, she prefer rice than porridge. But off and on, I will cook the well cooked porridge for her, coz I afraid she will be bored of rice all the time.
Hehe..dont worry. Ashton will soon love rice.

Doreen - So you joined my "seeweed" boat too..Hehe.
Ok ok...give a try and hope Ryan likes it.

Mommy Gwen - ok, thanks for sharing.
Heeiii..i did visit your blog very often and leave comment mah..hehe:-)