Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prune Juice

Since Sarah started to consume solid food when she was 5 months old, sometimes she will passed some hard stool. Normally what I did was, just feed her with a lot of water and I also boiled some barley-water, just hope to improve her bowel movement.

The other day she was having a mild constipation (not so often but also not the first time either). I remember my forum friends once told me that, prune juice can be one of the ways to relief Sarah from this uncomfortable period. So, we bought it home and let Sarah have a try this morning.

Actually I have a taste on it before feeding Sarah and I found it a little too sweet for her. So, I diluted it with some water and feed her using the water bottle.

She do not hesitated to drink it and even drank quite a lot at one go. I guess she’s kind of like it.


Serene said...

I normally let Xixi eat more fruits, and drink more water to overcome constipation.
She likes to eat prunes too(Sunsweet brand also). As for prune juice, we never try before.
Is it taste likes Ribena? Or something sour?

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen doesn't like to drink water. Maybe I will give the Prune juice a try. Thanks for sharing. :)

MeRy said...

Glad to hear tat Sarah love to drink prune juice. So far, I nvr let Ryan try on it. I will always blend fruit juices for him,nextime will giv a try on Prune Juice too..

SY said...

Thanks for sharing Joanne. Never across my mind to introduce prune juice to my boy. I will try it out.

cre8tone said...

Never think of buy prune juice for Sean.. thankx for the idea :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing now i onlt got this type of prune juice ler...

Natalie like to drink ribena also and i will consider to buy this for her. She like to eat prune also ;p

Anonymous said...

You can consider to give her prune fruit. I still thinks that those commercial prune juice has added sugar and preservative eventhough they claim no.

agnes said...

chloe love to EAT it instead.. hahaha.. so we normally removed the skin and let her eat the 'meat' inside.. she likes the sweetness i guess..

i dont quite prefer the taste of prune juice coz i used to buy 1 for myself when pregnant since having constipation towards the end.. but i just cant stand the taste.. :-S

if hardly constipate nowadays except the moment when we first introduced semi-solid at 6 mth. we feed her probiotic instead given by pediatrician, no harm since it's just the active friendly bacteria for the stomach. :)

another advise frm my midwife last time was, dont finish her porridge/meal in one go then only feed water, should intervene between food & water until finish so it makes digestion easier wor.

anyway, just my 2 cents la

the little prince said...

my baby Kyle also love Prune juice!!

I am still giving him the HEINZ prune juice once a week as it is already diluted. I do not need to adjust the water cos I am bit blur blur in doing this!! :-p

Try few different fruit if Sarah still have the consti....

Kristie said...

ya i also take prunes when i am constipated... it helps a lot...

joanne, so did sarah poo poo almost immediately after drinking the prune juice?

Blessed mum said...

I gave my kids this too sometimes..try giving yogurt too..very effective for constipation.

Got a tag for you over my blog, join in the fun :)

LittleLamb said...

tried yogurt or yakult? cos that also can make baby poo-poo.

i never gave prune or prune juice to philip cos i dont like myself. so i thought if i dont like, sure philip dont like..haahhaahhaha *weird hor*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - I just never come across my mind to buy yakult or yogurt. Thanks for your suggestion.
- dont like prune juice ar..? why? :-) For me, I am ok with it.

Michelle - Yes, I think it does help to relieve the constipation.
- Thanks for your tag.

Kristie - Yes, the prune juice does help her to poo2, hehe...

Yugene - Heinz also has prune juice? The next time, I will have alook when I go to shopping. What it is taste like?
- Thanks for your suggestion, I will feed her with different type of fruit.

Agnes - Good idea, I never think of feeding Sarah with prune. Coz I thought it is too big for her to swallow, but next time I will try your idea to peel off the skin. THANKS!
- For me, I am ok with the prune juice taste, and I think I have to force myself to love it coz I have constipation problem very often.
- Probiotic? Is it in liquid form? Ok, if Sarah has major constipation problem, will try to get this from doc.
- Actually, last time I did feed Sarah with water in between (when I feed her porridge), but nowadays she just doesnt like this way..sigh!
Anyway, thanks for all your great idea!

Julie - Thanks for your suggestions. I never came across my mind to feed her prunes. But now having this great idea from all of you, will give a try.

Yen Ping - I also dont know about prune juice until MP mommy told me so..hehe.
Good lah, since Natalie likes to eat prunes, then she will have less constipation prob.

Su Ying - hehe..welcome.
Hope Yan will like the taste.

Mery - I felt glad least I have found this "solution" to solve her poo2 problem..hehe.
I always thought to blend juice for Sarah, but very lazy..hehe.

Mommy Gwen - Happy Trying. Hope Gwen will like the sweet and sour taste of this juice.

Serene - Actually is good that you feed more fruit to Xixi, coz this is more a natural way to overcome the constipation prob, but as for me, I just get nice and fresh fruits over here..
- The taste of prune juice ya..erm...sweet and sour. But it is not as nice as Ribena.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - You are most welcome.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene - Ops, typo error on the last 3 lines ..."I just CANT get....". Sorry :-)

cre8tone said...

I just bought and let Sean try... But seems like he not very like it...

btw, got a tag for u:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie, ops...Sean doesnt like it ya..Why? Feeling sour?
Maybe you will like to have a try..

Thanks for the tag.

MommyAngel said...

Hi Sarah, last time I used to buy the Gerber Prune Puree for Angel when she is constipated but very hard to find it. So at last, I bought the prune and blend the prune into puree and feed Angel :) I did buy this prune juice too but for hubby, hahaha .... don't know why never think of feeding that to Angel. I think apple juice will also do the trick for constipation coz I read somewhere from the internet, these 2 fruits juices will draw the water into thier poo poo to make them loose so they will be easier to poo. But I am glad to know this works for Sarah and she loves the taste too :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caroline - Gerber prune juice..Ok, but I never seen it around here. As you said, very hard to find it here.
- Good idea leh, blend the prunes. I never think of this. So Angel likes it?
- I very lazy to blend juice for Sarah, therefore end up bought this for her. But if I have the time, I will make her some apple juice.