Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cod Fish

Today I had introduced cod fish to Sarah. Cooking fish is not new to me, but this is definitely the first time she had this medium-high-price type of fish. Judging from the favorable outcome, I must say it worth every penny.

Well, after knowing Caroline have steamed fish with wolfberries and dates, I also thought to do the same. But this time I’ve added another ingredient in this menu. I placed some tofu below the fish, to hope that the sweet flavour from the fish can be absorbed by it through the steaming process.

And to make the dish more appealing, I added in some chopped sawi too.


The cod fish and tofu taste so good with some slight flavour from the wolfberries and dates. I also mixed the gravy into the rice. Yummy!

Sarah was able to finish all of them, what a filling meal. As I said before, the rich taste of the cod fish do justify the cost.


Something About Us said...

cod fish is very nutritious to kids and my kids love it!

btw, my hubby has posted his recipe for the sauce which you requested. hope you have gotton it :D

- Ling

MeRy said...

I cooked this steam fish for Ryan also last week...I also put tofu,add some sliced ginger. I marinated the fish with osyter sos for about 1 hr before steaming it. It taste great n Ryan loves it.

Wonderful Life said...

Hmm... I though Cod fish is very expensive fish! I usually see that a piece of cod fish cost RM30+ leh!

Red dates and wolfberries are very good and will make your food taste good and nice. My mil always cook
Ryan's porridge either added with red dates or wolfberries besides other veggies or fish.

little prince's mummy said...

Looks tempting!~ I'm sure sarah loves it!

Mummy Gwen said...

Cod fish is really expensive but good nutritional values. It's really sweet when you steamed it like that. It sure looked yummy. :)

Qi said...

Mummy Joanne.. very pandai cooking.. Sarah must be finish it.Yume yume...

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

What I said have so much great menu in your blog is it?..hehehe..If I have much time (if I can be a full time house wife)I want to look all your menu for qistina.Sometimes I wonder how rajin are you!

Mindy Jessica's Pet Shop Collection said...

im also do steam the cod fish with red dates & wolfberries, its very nice
I use to buy cod fish at Jusco too.....
SOmetimes Salmon fish.... u may try this

Esmeralda said...

Haha... Today I also bought cod fish for Ashton's meal tomoro. I'm scratching my head as to how to steam it, coz I don't wanna add soy sauce as we usually do - ur recipe, and Caroline's recipe (TQ TQ..) comes just in time... Will definitely cook for Ashton tomoro. Btw, Sarah finished the whole cod fish - is it with rice/porridge, or just the fish?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - So ngam again! You also bought cod fish. Mind to share how much is the cod fish that available at KK wet market? Should be cheaper is it?
- No thanks..we all learned from each other mah. But as usual, i think you need to adjust the qty of dates that you put, coz if you put too many dates, it will cause bitter taste.
- remember to tell me whether Ashton like the dish..
- Actually i have cut the big piece of cod fish into 2 then cooked it into 2 meals, and Sarah able to finish it.
The first day, I feed her with rice and today she eat it plain (only fish and tofu)

Hai Mindy Jessica's pet shop collection (Sorry,I am sure how should I address you).
Thanks for leaving comment at my blog. Mind if I add your blog into my blogroll?
- You have a very sharp eyes, you can see the jusco price label on the packaging..hehe. Yes, thats the only place which I can get fresh seafood.
- So far I have yet to try salmon, will sure try it out

Sha - Ai yo, Sha..Thanks for giving so much support to created menu.
- Actually I enjoyed the process of cooking food for Sarah more than my family meal, hehe..thats why indirectly like become rajin mommy :-)

Vivi - Yes, it taste nice, and the fish is very fresh. You may try it for qiqi too..

Mommy Gwen - Yeap, i like cod fish, but due to it is sell at a higher price than normal type of fish, so I seldom cook it for Sarah (but since Sarah likes it very much, I think off and on I will cook it too)

Kylie - Thanks! Yeap, Sarah able to finish the whole meal!

Doreen - Hehe, actually I am not so sure is it any other type of fish that is higher price than cod fish, thats why i said medium-high..haha.
But I do agreed with you, the piece of fish that I have bought for her already cost me RM10 plus..but since Sarah likes it, I think is ok..
- Yes, red dates and wolfberries are very good comby. Last time I also cook this porridge for Sarah and she loves it.

Mery - also have the same idea in putting tofu in the dish..hehe..we both have the same thinking leh..
- I am sure the marinated cod fish will taste nicer. No wonder Ryan likes it so much!

Ling - Yeap, cod fish not only nutrious, it has less bone too..:-)
-Ops, I have yet to check the recipe for the sauce from your blog, sorry ya...kinda of busy. But will definitely do it later. Thanks to your husband for posting it.

JoAnne said...

the outcome look very delicious, can feel the taste is very good too, such a yummy dish for sarah...

Esmeralda said...

Joanne.. Haha.. so ngam ya... For ur info, cod fish is only available as "frozen" items here, so it'll be more expensive than West M'sia. I bought it a shop selling Japanese food items, together with my favourite Unagi, which I'll be preparing maybe next week.. Haha.. and thanks for d advice regarding the red dates. So u just steam it without any salt? Definitely will post it on my blog when I'm free ya..

Julie said...

Expensive fish wor...sure Sarah likes it. That's not just kids favourite but adults too. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Julie - Yes, the price of cod fish is much higher than other type of fish.
- I also like it. But so far only tried once..

Esmeralda - I think the frozen type of cod fish is ok, as long as it is freshly packed.
- Woww...unagi, yummy! So will you post the recipe into your blog? I wish to see it..hehe
- I did not put any salt when steaming the fish. But you can add some sesame oil and light soya sauce.

Joanne N - Yeap, it is indeed yummy! I like it too..

LittleLamb said...

wow..that's a lot of fish for one meal???? yes COD fish is better choice for kids since less bones.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - No lah, not for one meal..hehe..
I bought that piece of fish and divided it into 4 meals. One day I will served 2 meals. So Sarah finished it within 2 days lor..
- Yeap, thats why I like COD fish. Less bone, so is safer for toddler to eat.

Mummy Gwen said...

Joanne, about the cabbage soup. I fry some ikan bilis with a few pieces of ginger then add water to boil. I put fishballs, crabsticks in my cabbage soup besides the cabbage la. You can even put pork or chicken meat, homemade fish paste or "farn si"(the transparent glass noodles). Add salt for seasoning too. Then before serving add some green onions(chives).

HN said...

Wow, this must taste very good! You have always posted nice recipe for toddlers, thanks for sharing :)

nicole said...


ths Mindy Jessica Petshop Collection, is me la... heheheh

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nicole - Ai yo, you really tricked me this round..hehe.
Why your blog name is different? Who is Mindy then?

HN - Yes, it taste good and sweet! You are most welcome.

Mommy Gwen - Thanks for leaving the cabbage soup recipe here.
I like glass noddle, and I will take note of those ingredient that you have put for the soup.

Esmeralda said...

Thks for the info on how to steam the cod fish Joanne. I'll definitely post the unagi on my blog when I cook it ya...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - You are most welcome.
So I will be waiting for your yummy unagi recipe lor..

Wonderful Life said...

Joanne, I've tagged you. Do check it out ya :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen, ok ok..thanks!

Serene said...

Ya,. Ya.. I will grab this recipe too. Thanks Joanne for another sharing =)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome Serene.

mumsgather said...

Wow! That looks nice for adults too, not just todders. Haha.

mumsgather said...

Wow! That looks nice for adults too, not just todders. Haha.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes, I think cod fish is the favourite seafood among adults too..