Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah the "Dare Devil"

I was shocked and nervous when watching her doing this for the very first time …

She was climbing the stairs like she's been doing it since she was born, but she still doesn’t know how to climb down yet. So what she did was, keep climbing and climbing, until I carried her down.

This act definitely could be dangerous and we would definitely need to investing in a baby gate to put at the top and bottom of our stairs.


LittleLamb said...

First time here. i can learn a lot from yr blog. Sarah is older than my bb about 15 days..he was born 6/oct-2007

Serene said...

Oh My...... *Sweat*
Doesn't seems like her first time climbing. Looks very well practice huh.

MommyAngel said...

Hahaha .... her "little coconut tree" is so cute lah!!! If you want to see the scarier version, wait till you see her coming down the stairs!! Even when I watched Angel walking down with me holding both her arms, my heart still pound so fast!! Ya lor ... I think putting up a safety gate is a necessary precautions for now.

Anyway, still want to say this to Sarah, “Good job Sarah!! Seems like you have reached another milestone. Keep up the good work!!” hehe …. :P

Mummy Gwen said...

Sarah is so cute, she can smiled at the camera some more..hehe. Kids are really obsessed with staircase. Gwen also like to climb up the stairs. Maybe u can teach her how to come down from the stairs. U can put one leg down at a time as in reverse position. I learnt this from the Discovery Home and Health channel. :P
Anyway, it's good to install the safety gate.

Mummy Gwen said...

Joanne, I have an award for u :

2xMum said...

Yee... Sarah is soooo adorable with the pony tail on top!

Ya, better install the safety gate. My apt only has 3 steps of staircase at the main door. My Fil diy the safety gate... his own version :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Haha...yes, thanks for your comment about the pony tail. This is her new hairdo. I love to tie her hair lately :-)
- Yes, I have ordered a safety gate from a bb shop.
- Your FIL so hebat, can DIY a safety gate. Did you share the pic of the safety gate in your blog b4?

Mommy Gwen - Thanks for the tag. Will get it later.
- Yes, when Sarah saw me video record her, she turned back and smiled at me. Pengsan!
- Actually Sarah knows how to climb down from bed or any higher place. You are right, I think I need to train her to climb down from staircase. More safer.

Caroline - Cute hor..I also like the "tree"!
Ai yo...I really cant imagine if she knows how to climb down from the stairs..Sure making me heart attack!
So Angel knows how to walk down from stairs all by herself? Or she needs your help?
Yes, in the process of getting a safety gate. Thanks!

Serene - When i first saw her climbing the stairs, also making me sweat!

Little Lamb - Hi, welcome to my blog. I wonder how do you know about my blog?
- Mind if I linked up your blog?
- What is your bb's name?

2xMum said...

Hehe... not yet share the photo of the gate as my FIL hasn't completed his project! Tergendala half way! He has yet to paint up the gate but the gate already installed and in used too! :)

Anonymous said...

Good to have a safety gate but must also teach her how to climb down. Good thing I don't need a safety gate yet. Jonathan won't go near the our house staircase eventhough he knows how to climb the stairs.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - O, tergendala. Ok ok...nevermind la, as long as the gate is usable, so if without paint also alright!

Julie - Yes, I must teach her to climb down from stairs. Coz I am afraid if she is able to climb over the gate and reach the stairs, then it will be dangerous.
Jonathan is such a good boy. How did you do that?

MommyAngel said...

JT, of course Angel still needs my help because she will stand up straight and wants to walk down the stairs like we do, can you imagine??? She don't like to climb down :( So everytime, she will just lift her leg and me/hubby need to hold her tide. She enjoys the free fall with mommy and daddy support her whole body weight, sigh!

cre8tone said...

My son oso will climb but he'll come down when he feels it's high enough for him... ur sarah really is dare devil.. brave brave!

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

See..she's not climbing out from walker but climbing the stairs! Luckily my mum house and my new house got no stairs at all. But Joanne, her face is so confident lah climbing it. Like pro already hehehe...

Esmeralda said...

Great job Sarah - for making mummy's heart pound faster.. haha... Ashton also did his own stunt when we were at Perth. I left him to play on the floor for few seconds to grab some towels nearby and the next thing I heard was his loud cries. He fell flat on his face, had a small bump right at the corner of his left eyebrow. I think he tried to climb up the stairs a few steps, and when he wanna go down, he tried to walk down like a man, but fell flat! Luckily he's alright. I didn't even knew he was so daring to climb up the stairs. Maybe he saw us climbing it up and down easily and wanna try it for himself.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Ai yo...luckily Ashton was fine. Sometimes kids really makes us heart attack.
- Huh!! Ashton walked down the stairs all by himself...I can imagine he must be super pain when he fall down.

Sha - Yalah...I think Sarah like Tina now, can learn alot of stunt as time goes.
- Good lah, no staircase, no headache!
- I also think so. She looked like have been doing it many times.

Kylie - Sean also likes to climb staircase. So did you install the safety gate?

Caroline - I think Angel like Ashton. Enjoying walk down the stairs like how we adult do. Luckily you and your husband are there.

Qi said... to Sarah smiling face... have to take good care for Sarah.. buy gate for safety oh...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Vivi - Thanks for your comment. She always have that cheeky smile.
Yes, have to keep an eye on her. Thanks ya!

Esmeralda said...

Yalor Joanne. I think he's in pain too. I think my heart stop beeping for a few seconds when I saw the bump when taking bath for him. I said "Not another accident again"... Luckily everything is OK. Have to check him from head to toe..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Sure heart pain looking at the "bungalow" built by him. If me, also will feel the same.
Luckily he is ok after a detailed checking by you.