Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mashed Potato with Water Chestnut

I always feel some “itching in my heart” to buy water chestnut whenever I see them in wet market. So, I have bought one packet home but without further thinking of any idea to be used in Sarah’ menu.

Thinking of the crunchy texture of the water chestnut, I imagine it shall taste good if I mixed it with any soft form of mixture, for example puree food or porridge. But since lately Sarah doesn’t like pureed food, so I thought to just mash the potato and add-in the chopped water chestnut.

Yesterday when she ate the food, she was fine at the beginning. But once she swallows it, Ops, I think she has difficulty to swallow the mashed potato. Hmmm…mistake again! I think my decision in not pureeing the food is wrong!

Normally when this situation happened, I will try to think a way out. So, I have mixed the mashed potato and water chestnut into the porridge.

Ah hah, thanks Goodness, she was able to finish the porridge.


MommyAngel said...

What a special menu you have. Good job. Normally I will just boiled the water chestnut and make it a drink for Angel, never think of making a meal out of it but I think I'll try next time seeing how sarah loves her water chestnut porridge :)

I think maybe you are right, the texture of the mash potato is too dry. But you are pandai also to add it into her porridge. If you want another way out, maybe adding some formula milk into the potato will help too. It does work for my Angel and you can get any texture or any consistency you want from adding milk into it. I always do that when I want to let Angel having potatoes as her main course in a meal.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..u mommies are really dedicated la. Honestly, I never give Gwen this much variety as u did. Keep up the good work. :)

Serene said...

I'm imagining how is the taste of water chestnut porridge?! I think it must be very sweet + crunchy?
Ya, the mashed potato can be added with some milk so it taste not that dry.. another good idea!

SY said...

Joann you are the best mom d. Sarah is a lucky girl.I need to learn from you coz I seldom make foods for WeiYan.

little prince's mummy said...

New menu for sarah again~~~ Joanne, u really full of great nice idea on preparing baby food :)

Julie said...

I also think the potato is too dry. You didn't mix some milk? Mixing it with porridge is a good idea.

I'm gonna try chestnut in porridge but not going to chop it. Will just boil it together with porridge to get the sweet taste.

Thanks for the idea.

Wonderful Life said...

Thanks for sharing such nice recipe!!

Don't mind I copy yours heh? :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen, of course I wont mind. I am more than happy to share this menu with you and Ryan. Welcome for your feedback after trying.

Julie and Caroline, yalor...too dry for her if to just swallow the mashed potato plainly. But as far as I know, she doesnt like to add anything with milk. But maybe that was her bb time, now maybe she has different taste bud.
Anyway, thanks for your great idea.
- Yes, I think boil the whole chestnut in the porridge will be taste nice too..Nice try!

Kylie - Me ya..actually i always treat Sarah like an adult or like her mommy. So if I likes to eat chestnut, I wil think of a menu adding in chestnut:-)

Su Ying - Ai are a good mommy also. Maybe you dont have the time to make food for Yan2. Dont worry about that.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene - Ermmm..the taste of the porridge ar..actually is not that sweet, coz I just add in lil amount of chopped chesnut. But it definitely smell good, and the crunchiness is there...
- as far as I know, she doesnt like to add anything with milk. But maybe that was her bb time, now maybe she has different taste bud.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

MOmmy Gwen - Haha..I am so dedicated into cooking different menu for Sarah, coz I enjoy the process from preparing the food to cleaning the bowl. Seeing her finished all the food that i prepared, makes me feel happy!

LittleLamb said...

Just cut the potatoe to smaller pieces n boil for 20 mins..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Little Lamb, I am a lazy mommy. So I normally will use a steamer to steam the potato (this could reserve the nutrient too).
But boiling a potato definitely can make the potato softer and easier to mash.