Friday, September 19, 2008

Cabbage and Carrot Porridge

I love to cook cabbage for my family’s meal, but so far never come across my mind to let Sarah have a taste of it. Since yesterday I have bought a big-size cabbage, I decided to use some of it to cook the porridge. Oh, I’ve added in carrot too.

Cabbage has excellent source of vitamin C. Therefore it is definitely a good and nutritious vegetable to be introduced to her.


I should have introduced cabbage to her earlier, because she just loved it. She can finish 2 plates (2 meals) of porridge within short period of time.

I noticed that she preferred cabbage more than carrot, because whenever I fed her carrot with porridge, she will turn her head away. But if fed with cabbage, she will open her mouth widely.

P/S: When the porridge is served, I did add some anchovies powder too.


Mummy Gwen said...

Hey, I just cooked cabbage for dinner just now..haha..
Good that Sarah eats cabbage. Maybe she is bored already eating carrots. So smart Sarah, only open mouth when she likes the food..hehe..She is good ler eats whatever u cook.

Esmeralda said...

Good idea for a change of taste Joanne! I never thought of using cabbage you know. All this while I've been using brocolli, carrots, spinach, potatoes, red beet, but not cabbage. By the way, did u cook that for long? How long was that? Using normal gas cooker or slow cooker? Dun mind u can share with us ya..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I can smell it even from here. Haha...

It reminds me that I've not been giving cabbage to Jonathan for quite sometime already.

MommyAngel said...

Wow ..... lovely meals. Actually I have also yet to introduce cabbage to Angel, will try soon and thank you so much for the idea ya.

Oh ya, just a quick note, cabbage should be eaten in moderate and avoid for gassy babies coz this is one type of vege that will caused gassiness for younger children (lesson from my breastfeeding class). Breastfeeding mommies should also avoid this if possible. Hhhmmmm .... am i being too kepoh? :P :P

Esmeralda said...

Yup, I heard my mum told me that too Caroline. Cabbages are "gassy" veges, even if she took too much also she will get gastric... Dun worry Caroline. I think it's good that we share all the good and bad of certain types of food, esp when we are going to give it to our bbs..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caroline - Thank you very much for your info about cabbage. I did not know that it will cause gassiness to bb. Dont worry, you are being very helpful here, where got kepoh. As Esmeralda said, you just wanna share good and useful info to mommies.
- Ok, I will feed her with cabbage in moderate way.

Esmeralda - Actually, I also out of idea cooking porridge to her, thats why just think of using cabbage.
Anyway, I am a lazy mommy. So I like to switch on my slow cooker and throw in all the vege and let it cooked overnight. I know somehow some nutrient wil lost since it cooked for long hours, but it seems like the taste of the vege will be mixed well with the porridge using this way.
- Thanks for your info also about cabbage is a type of "gassy" vege. I also have gastric history, but so far maybe I take it moderately, so still ok. But will definitely take note of it.

Julie - So far also can smell. So Jonathan likes cabbage?

Mommy Gwen - what a coincidence!
Yalor, I think Sarah has bored with orange colour vege, thats why she loves cabbage. Sarah is like that, if she likes the food, she will keeps open her mouth n asking for food.
My husband always said, ask Sarah to work in "DBKL sweeper", coz she can sapu all the food. hehe..

Esmeralda said...

Joanne, I think for a toddler, the most important thing is for us to introduce different kinds of fruits and veges to them. As for the nutrition part, I think that comes in second coz when the got used to the fruits/veges, then can we think of how to preserve the nutrition value of them. Dun say u r a lazy mum. I know there's lots to do when u have a toddler at home - so don't worry about using a slow cooker.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - Yes, actually I do agreed with what you said. So far what I did was, tried to introduce different type of food to her. Let her used to the food texture and taste.
- Hehe...true leh, is not easy to handle so many jobs in one time if we have a toddler at home.

Blessed mum said...

you are so adventurous with food for Sarah! She's so lucky to taste so many different food at such young age!

Sha@Mama TinaAzra said...

I found out tina love carrot more than cabbage.. Joanne..your menu always give me such a good idea la..I always hope to spend more time for tina..meaning dont have to work anymore..hehehe

2xMum said...

You turn on the slow cooker to cook over night? The pot won't dry up? Then used up a lot of electricity lo?

Kristie said...

great that sarah likes to eat veggie! :) gd job mummy!

MeRy said...

Glad to hear that Sarah loves to eat cabbage. Ryan also like to eat carrot+cabbage+tomato. Sometimes, I will cook Chap Chai(carrot+cabbage+tomato+pork/chicken)for his dinner (eat with rice).
Its good to intro more new foods to ur baby.

LittleLamb said...

absolutely delicious n healthy meal!

cre8tone said...

My hubby loves cabbages, too..

rachelsee said...

hey stumbled upon your blog and how i wish i discovered blog like this when my boy is younger. He is 4.5 years old now. The porridge looks yummy but the old folks believe the cabbage will introduce 'air' to the baby's tummy, not sure how true is that.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Bonjour Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes, Malcolm is a big boy now, but I think mommy did prepared nice dish for him when he was a baby, thats why now he has a healthy body.
I think you are right, some of my blogger friends also told me the same info that cabbage is a "
gassy" vege, but I will feed her in moderate manner.
Thanks ya.

Kylie - So normally how do you cook cabbage?

Rachel - Thanks! I also enjoy eating this healthy meal.

Mery - Yes, is always good to intro different type of vege or food to our bb.
Good idea, I think next time i will cook chap chai for Sarah too. Thanks ya!

Doreen - Yeap, I turn on the slow cooker overnight, normally from 1am to 8am the next morning. I did bought a timer to install to the slow cooker, but I did not know how to use it, so end up, I have to turn it on for the whole night.
The pot wont dry up, coz I will put in enuf water for the porridge to be cook.
Haha..i think it does used up alot of electricity, but my husband said ok wor..

Kristie - Such a long time did not see your comments in my blog. Anyway, thanks ya.
Yeap, i also feel glad that Sarah likes to eat vege.

Sha - So Tina also has tried cabbage b4? You cooked with porridge too?
Sha, we always learn from each other. So I have nice and good menu, sure wanna share with you all.
I think Tina will know that mommy is working hard to provide a better life for Tina.

Michelle - Yes, I think I do agreed with you. I am quite dare to cook everything for Sarah to eat. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi. Glad to be here. My Ryan is 4.5 months old now. Soon I guess I will be thinking of what to cook for him. All your ideas are wonderful. Will definitely bookmark them to try for Ryan when the time is right. Will definitely be following your blog.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Ryan's Daddy. Glad to meet you here and thanks for bookmark my blog..hehe
I have added your blog into my list too..I also visited your blog, I love it very much. You are such a good daddy and husband in preparing so many nice dishes for your family.