Monday, September 15, 2008

Bountiful Shopping Trip (Backdated Post)

Another shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid with Sarah on last Saturday. This is one of our favourite shopping spot, as they provide ample parking with the advance parking lot indicator.

Besides, the baby department (in Jaya Jusco) looked tidy and comfortable to shop, there are many baby items available too. Oh yes, not forget also the baby changing room. It is nice, clean and comfortable.

For this round shopping, we have bought these items.

Three pairs of socks
I definitely need them as Sarah doesn’t have socks since born till now. Hard to believe right? All this while, she was just wearing oversize booties to sleep. But her legs have outgrown them, so I need these socks urgently.

A pair of soft shoes
Sarah always bare foot whenever she goes to “kai kai”. So, this soft shoe can protect her feet against cold and I think she will look nicer with a shoe on her feet.

Night Glow Pacifier
I always have difficulty in finding Sarah’s pacifier during night time. So this will definitely helps.

Sippy Cup
Yeap, another Sippy Cup for Sarah. This time we have bought the straw type for her. We have stopped using the Japlo sippy cup, because we noticed that maybe she was too used to my words of asking her to tilt her head high to drink the water, therefore sometimes she will lost her balance and fall backwards and knocked her head. From there on, we have decided to buy a new cup for her. With this straw type sippy cup, she needs not to tilt her head anymore.

That was definitely a bountiful shopping for all of us!


MommyAngel said...

Wah .... lucky Sarah coz mommy bought her so much stuffs during the weekend. Seems like all in our mind is our little girl nowadays hor ......

I also just got Angel a sippy cup with straw but yet to use it. So what are you going to do with her old sippy cup?

Serene said...

Hubby also just bought a straw type sippy cup for Xixi yesterday.. What a coincident! =)

Jusco departmental store are customer friendly. I like the baby room also. Normally i will change Xixi diaper inside too..

The Kiko shoes looks very sweet! But i heard old folks say, must wait bb 1year old then can let them wear shoes?!

Lucky Sarah got so many things... =)

Wonderful Life said...

I've been looking for straw sippy cup too. What brand is the straw sippy cup?

Ya, Jusco is baby friendly store. However, I feel the Jusco baby's dept in Penang not good enough as there was only a small corner and limited brands and stocks!!

little prince's mummy said...

Happy shopping! :)

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

So how Sarah doing with this new sippy cup?

Esmeralda said...

Wow.. Sarah knows how to use the sippy cup with the straw already? Did u teach her to do that? My Ashton still so reluctant to use it lar..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Esmeralda - When the first time she use the cup, she able to suck a lot of water. But after that, she just don suck anymore, but just play with it. Funny and weird!!
- I did not teach her at first. Coz she can suck noodles that I feed her pretty well.
- Take it slow..I am sure one day Ashton sure know how.

Sha - When the first time she use the cup, she able to suck a lot of water. But after that, she just don suck anymore, but just play with it. Funny and weird!!

Kylie - Yeap, we do enjoyed the shopping very much.

Doreen - GUess what, I have forgotten the brand name. But I think is either Tolly Joy or Pigeon.
- Maybe different branch of Jusco is different.

Serene - Is it..another "ngam" with you. So what brand that your husband bought?
- Yes, you also like the bb room in Jusco. Normally I like to feed milk there.
- Thanks for your comment about the soft shoes. Actually I also heard my mom and elderly said b4. But I just feel that she really needs one. So I just let her wear, and even my mom saw it the other day, she was ok..hehe.

Caroline - Yes, I also feel Sarah is lucky, coz everytime plan for shopping, her things will be the first in my list.
- Seems like alot of mommies have bought sippy cup.
Anyway, the old sippy cup now stored inside the cupboard.

Julie said...

I love to shop in JJ if I'm having Jonathan with me. So convenient.

I bought the night glow pacifier for Jonathan too but the glow only work for a while in the dark. I still can't find his pacifier at night. Most of the nights mommy and daddy have to search like blind, flipped the blanket and pillows. Now, I'm smart already. I'll pull out the pacifier from Jonathan's mouth before I go to sleep.

LittleLamb said...

why wear socks to sleep at night???? maybe u can try the romper?

for the pacifier, i bought the clip n its very useful.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rachel - Yes, I will let Sarah wear socks whenever she goes to sleep to prevent cold. I never try romper. Maybe will try it the next time, thanks!
- I also have the clip. But my girl loves to pull it.

Julie - So JJ is your favourite spot too..:-)
- Huh!! The night glow effect just stay for a while only ya..Aiseh...
Hmmm...Sarah needs her pasifier everytime she goes to sleep. So, i think I have to work other way out.

Wonderful Life said...

The new sippy cup you bought for Sarah is confirmed Tollyjoy brand! I went to shop for straw sippy cup for Ryan and I saw the exactly the same one as Sarah on the shelf... hehe.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen - Thanks for confirming the brand to me. Coz the moment you asked me about the brand of it, me and my husband were searching high and low for the receipt (just to get the brand name).
So, which sippy cup that you have bought for Ryan?