Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is this a dessert or what?

I have bought another baby biscuit (Finger Food by Gerber) for Sarah.

She doesn’t seem to favour it because she has difficulty in biting the hard texture of the biscuit. Furthermore, it does not melt easily in her mouth. So, I know this is not suitable for her. In order not to waste it, I’ve come out with an idea. I have crunched the biscuit and sprinkled it at the top of banana.

Want to know how this so-called “dessert” looks like…?

This is not a bad idea though, because Sarah can taste the sweet taste of banana and also some crunchy texture of the biscuits. Good try.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah says “Thank You” one more time

I was told by my blogging friends, Sarah is very lucky to have so many mommies remembering her birthday. Not only they sent birthday wishes, they also gave her many gifts as well.

I think it is true, because four days after her birthday, gifts still flowing in. This time I’ve got the gifts from Mommy Alyse and Mommy Peggy. A big “Thank You” to them.

Mommy Alyse

A very nice and cute hair clip for Sarah. I wonder how she knows I like to tie Sarah’s hair lately. I will love to clip this on her hair.

Mommy Peggy

Peggy had just came back from Taiwan and also recovering from ill, yet she still very thoughtful of sending this lovely dress she bought from Taiwan. I just can’t wait to wear it on Sarah.

Again on behalf of Sarah, I can only say “Thank You”. Thank you for all mommies out there who keep Sarah in your thought. She was truly lucky indeed.

Safety Gate

Ever since the scary incident that Sarah climbing up the stairs, we are determine to install a suitable safety gate to block her. The reason why I said “suitable” it is because my stairs have very wide width, hence to find the right size of safety gate is a headache to us and causing much delay.

We thought that to get a deluxe size of safety gate could solve our problem, but it still doesn’t wide enough to fit into the stairs. Sigh!

That is why, we have spent weeks in searching for shops which sell separate extension bar and finally we manage to get it from “My Dear” warehouse at Puchong.

By fitting in two extension bars to the gate (circled in red), it is ready to be install on the stairs. Peace of mind for us at last.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I just want her to feel the cold, end up she just couldn't let it go

Want to know what I meant with the long title above?

Watch the video...

MMR Jab (Backdated Post)

After few days of fun and celebration during Sarah’s birthday, I think it is time to brought her back to reality – by bringing her for vaccination (how cruel).

Her one year old jab (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) is due, so we brought her to the paediatrician. Once we reached there, the nurse first checked on her weight.

And then it is show time.

Once the paed laid her down to measure her height, she started to feel suspicious and uneasiness. She even tried to struggle and feel like crying. When the jab is given on her thigh, she cried out loud! (poor girl)

Luckily after the vaccination was done, we were able to calm her down quickly by divert her attention with the finger food we brought along.

In the conversation with the paed, to our surprise, we were told that she was slightly above the progress chart (in terms of height and weight). Until now, we still not sure is it a compliment or a warning?

Fish and Mushroom Porridge

I always wonder if mushroom can be used as the ingredient for porridge. I think I have to try it out to know the answer. Therefore, I have bought the Swiss Brown Mushroom for the experiment.

I have cut the mushroom into small pieces and also added in some fish into the porridge.

I was really anxious and keeping my fingers crossed for the result.


The mushroom made the whole porridge taste so good and sweet. I just can’t believe that Sarah has finished the big bowl of it and even asked for more…
I think this “experiment” really yielding fruitful result.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First anniversary in the journey of parenthood

How time flies, my little girl is finally one! I cannot believe that one whole year has passed since her birth. She has grown so much and is no longer a little infant.

Today is her actual birth day, although she already had a birthday celebration on last Sunday, but we think we still need to do a little something for her.

Therefore, we started her day with a birthday song, first thing in the morning.

In the afternoon, is gifts presentation time! We both gave her a traditional red ang pao with our messages on top of it. She was showing us a big smile while receiving it, she even bite it!

Since today is her special day, I planned to dine outside instead of cooking at home. When Sarah was in the restaurant, she was just feeling excited by looking around and she did have her first taste with a lollipop given by the waitress. It is a new experience for her anyway.

On our way home, we headed to the park. We just had a random walk, brought her to see children play and spend precious time together. Amazingly, these simple little things do bring great satisfaction to us.

I guess this is what they called the joy of parenthood?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sarah says “Thank You”

If Sarah is going to utter her first word now, I hope it will be “Thank You”, because I think she owed you all one.

These few days, I have received few couriers from my forum friends. They are so thoughtful of sending Sarah some birthday gifts.

Mommy Joanne Ngan

This is the first gift that I have received. It was really a big surprise for me. She not only gives a book for Sarah, she also gave me a key chain. So nice of her. The book just came at the right time, as I was about to get her one.

Mommy Yen Ping

Guess what, for the second gift, Yen Ping also gives books to Sarah.
I think this is definitely a reading time for her. Besides the books, Yen Ping also sent me a Hello Kitty pouch, and it’s really come in handy.

Mommy Huey Yuan, Mommy Jessica and Mommy Grace

Doesn’t it look lovely? I think so.
What a coincidence, the dress was from Flower Girl and I also bought a dress for Sarah from the same shop (for her birthday celebration).

Mommy Nicole

Nicole gives Sarah a microfibre tights. She never wears tights before; therefore I’m thinking of give her a try on our next outing. (Hopefully she can fit in)


It’s always fun and exciting when receiving pressies. What’s more it is an unexpected one.

On Sarah behalf, I would like to say a million thanks for all the lovely birthday gifts, and of course not forgetting mommies who have been giving warm and loving birthday wishes.

A BIG hug and kiss to all of you!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Birthday Bash - A Memorable Night

After weeks of preparations & anticipations, the big day was finally here, yeah…!

Last Sunday we celebrated Sarah first birthday at a restaurant in our neighborhood. The dinner was brought forward as the actual day (24th) will fall on weekday. We intended to do a small scale yet meaningful eating-out for the celebration, so I only invited my own family members.

It turned out to be a memorable night for us, indeed. Good food, nice environment, birthday cake, children laughter and family get-together, that pretty much sums up the whole picture of the celebration.

I wish Sarah enjoy her first birthday. In fact, let her spending quality time with our family is the part I treasured most. For me, I truly will remember this celebration in the long time to come.

Every birthday come and pass, thank God, memory stay.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cabbage and Carrot Porridge

I love to cook cabbage for my family’s meal, but so far never come across my mind to let Sarah have a taste of it. Since yesterday I have bought a big-size cabbage, I decided to use some of it to cook the porridge. Oh, I’ve added in carrot too.

Cabbage has excellent source of vitamin C. Therefore it is definitely a good and nutritious vegetable to be introduced to her.


I should have introduced cabbage to her earlier, because she just loved it. She can finish 2 plates (2 meals) of porridge within short period of time.

I noticed that she preferred cabbage more than carrot, because whenever I fed her carrot with porridge, she will turn her head away. But if fed with cabbage, she will open her mouth widely.

P/S: When the porridge is served, I did add some anchovies powder too.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

I am to have the I Love Your Blog Award bestowed upon this site so graciously by Caroline, Joanne Ngan and Mommy Gwen. Thank you so much, my dear freinds. It’s nice to know that someone actually loves my blog!

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Now, I am presenting my "I Love Your Blog" Award to the following bloggers:

1) Serene
2) Kristie
3) Doreen
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5) Karen
6) Yen Ping
7) Yvonne

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tofu, tofu and more tofu

This is what Sarah had for today…

Tofu with marmite and anchovies powder

Outcome: She was not so favour to it. Maybe she just woke up from her nap. Not so much appetite yet. But I like it very much..

Tofu with mash sweet potato

Outcome: This is slightly better. She can finish almost the whole meal.

Tofu with gravy

Outcome: I have cooked tofu with gravy and pork for me and my husband’s dinner. Since recently Sarah started to eat rice, so I just put in some gravy to the rice and feed her. She likes it!

What a TO-FULL day!

P/S: Please ignore all the date printed on the photos, as human error occurred in camera date setting.

Take it to the Next Level

Well, I mean Sarah’s baby formula.

I feed Sarah with Wyeth formula (S26) since she was born till now. She is fine with it and I am also satisfied with her growth and health too.

When she was 6 months old, she has switched from S26 (Step 1) to Promil (Step 2).

Now she is going to turn to one year old, so we have started to change the formula to Progress (Step 3).

Normally we will follow the changeover feeding table during this transition. With this guide, we can ensure that Sarah can go through the process smoothly without causing any problem.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Love Award

It is a great feeling of receiving another award from my friend. Thanks Doreen for this lovely award.

Now, I’d like to pass it on to:


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Awesome Site Award

One great part of blogging is to be appreciated by anyone. Thanks to Mommy Gwen for this award. Thank you so much my friend. I really appreciate it a lot! Please keep the awards comin'!:-)

I would like to share this to Caroline, Serene and Doreen. To all my other friends, please feel free to grab this award, you all deserve it!

Bountiful Shopping Trip (Backdated Post)

Another shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid with Sarah on last Saturday. This is one of our favourite shopping spot, as they provide ample parking with the advance parking lot indicator.

Besides, the baby department (in Jaya Jusco) looked tidy and comfortable to shop, there are many baby items available too. Oh yes, not forget also the baby changing room. It is nice, clean and comfortable.

For this round shopping, we have bought these items.

Three pairs of socks
I definitely need them as Sarah doesn’t have socks since born till now. Hard to believe right? All this while, she was just wearing oversize booties to sleep. But her legs have outgrown them, so I need these socks urgently.

A pair of soft shoes
Sarah always bare foot whenever she goes to “kai kai”. So, this soft shoe can protect her feet against cold and I think she will look nicer with a shoe on her feet.

Night Glow Pacifier
I always have difficulty in finding Sarah’s pacifier during night time. So this will definitely helps.

Sippy Cup
Yeap, another Sippy Cup for Sarah. This time we have bought the straw type for her. We have stopped using the Japlo sippy cup, because we noticed that maybe she was too used to my words of asking her to tilt her head high to drink the water, therefore sometimes she will lost her balance and fall backwards and knocked her head. From there on, we have decided to buy a new cup for her. With this straw type sippy cup, she needs not to tilt her head anymore.

That was definitely a bountiful shopping for all of us!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Fun with Lantern

We just came back from my parents’ house for the Mid Autumn Festival celebration. This year’s celebration was a meaningful one to us as this is also Sarah’s first. We really had a real good time there and here are the photos that we have taken …

I was happy that Sarah was able to mingle around with my family members, relatives and neighbours without shedding any tears. Seems like she is getting more and more adapt to a new environment. Good Girl, Sarah!

Lastly, I wish everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah the "Dare Devil"

I was shocked and nervous when watching her doing this for the very first time …

She was climbing the stairs like she's been doing it since she was born, but she still doesn’t know how to climb down yet. So what she did was, keep climbing and climbing, until I carried her down.

This act definitely could be dangerous and we would definitely need to investing in a baby gate to put at the top and bottom of our stairs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mashed Potato with Water Chestnut

I always feel some “itching in my heart” to buy water chestnut whenever I see them in wet market. So, I have bought one packet home but without further thinking of any idea to be used in Sarah’ menu.

Thinking of the crunchy texture of the water chestnut, I imagine it shall taste good if I mixed it with any soft form of mixture, for example puree food or porridge. But since lately Sarah doesn’t like pureed food, so I thought to just mash the potato and add-in the chopped water chestnut.

Yesterday when she ate the food, she was fine at the beginning. But once she swallows it, Ops, I think she has difficulty to swallow the mashed potato. Hmmm…mistake again! I think my decision in not pureeing the food is wrong!

Normally when this situation happened, I will try to think a way out. So, I have mixed the mashed potato and water chestnut into the porridge.

Ah hah, thanks Goodness, she was able to finish the porridge.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Just Can’t Wait …

I am sure most of the parents will get excited in the preparation towards their little one’s first birthday. So do us….

Maybe let me update with you all what we have done so far:

1) Booked a table for dinner with family at a descent Chinese cuisine restaurant

2) Having seven dishes and one dessert as the menu for the day.

3) Booked an one kg “Mango Lychee” birthday cake with layered Mickey Mouse coating on top of it.

AND lastly, this is also what I wish to highlight here…

4) Bought a nice dress, shoes and hair clip for Sarah.

Since this is her first birthday, so we are trying to dress her like a princess and hope that the above arrangements will create a special memory for her (and for us). Keep our fingers crossed for the big day.

P/S: The dinner will be brought forward to 21 Sept 2008, as the actual day (24th) fall on weekdays.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No.7 & No.8

Sarah lost her appetite these few days. She drinks not more than 8oz of milk in a day. Every three hours, she only sips maybe 1 or 2 oz of milk. Besides, she also had interrupted sleep at night. She likes me to cuddle her a lot, and will show her impatient & frustration at times.

Yes, these signs are obvious, I have a feeling that she is growing another tooth. After a checked on her gum, it is confirmed that she is having teething problem these few days.

This time, she has 2 upper lateral incisors. No wonder she feels so much discomfort and cranky.

As parents, we are experienced enough to recognise the symptoms of teething and knowing exactly what is happening; now I just need to do something to make her teething a less painful one.

Hang on there, Sarah.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Real McCoy

Mommies, see....what I have got for Sarah?

Yes, FINALLY... I got it right! I suppose last time when I bought the wrong baby biscuit for Sarah it was a big joke. But I do get a lot of tips and advice from mommies about baby biscuit.

So this evening, I went to the same mini market to buy some grocery items. Guest what, I found the real Baby Bites in the baby formula section! And I recalled that some mommies did told me that Baby Bites normally display in this section. Actually I also can see others brands of baby biscuit here like Heinz...I just didn't noticed last time I came here. Blurred mommy!

Without any hesitation, I bought one packet home. Once reached home, I instantly opened it and let Sarah tried it. Woww, she was able to eat 2 pieces of them at one go! I think she really likes it very much. Actually not only she likes it, me too!

Anyway, I will always feed the baby biscuit to her in moderate way. Because it is really a heaty snack for baby.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Potty Training (Lesson 2)

It's time for me to update the potty training progression with you all, after training Sarah for about a month time.

Initially, she was able to wee wee in the potty chair i bought her for several days. But after a while, she started to get hesitated when I made her to sit on the potty. So, I decided to use the traditional potty instead.

Once I have changed the potty, she seems more comfortable with it. She also can wee wee there. From that point onwards, I really thought the traditional type of potty has solved my problem. So I continued my effort in training her using this potty.

Until few weeks ago, things changed. Every time I put her on the potty, she will immediately stand up. Then, if I put her down again, she will do the same. So, I was a bit disappointed at that time. But I know is always not an easy task to potty training a child.

So, what should I do now?

Ok, I am going to stick with the training! I know that potty training is a long term 'programme'. Although at this moment, it is not a big success yet, but at least she has the idea planted in her brain about, "what is potty". Because whenever I asked her where is the 'potty shee shee', she will looked at it at the right direction. Not bad huh?

I will always remind myself to be more patient and I am sure the results will come one day. Good luck and relax!