Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shopping for Sarah sake

Yesterday, I managed to shop these items for Sarah. I bought them for good reason:

1) baby jacket
Protect her from feeling cold whenever she is wearing sleeveless clothes.

2) pasifiers
To keep as stock, as we were unable to get this type of pasifier from the nearby shops.

[please see pic above]

3) slide cabinet safety lock
To help keep my cabinets safely shut. (Sarah loves to open the cabinet from her walker and peek into it)

4) potty
Will start potty training soon.

All the above items cost me less than RM100. Not bad, uh?


Serene said...

Yo.. Shopping Shopping!

Wah.. good deal! Less than RM100?

Joanne, where you bought the safety lock? I tot to buy too..
Nice pinky jaket and the potty seems very comfy!

MommyAngel said...

You have a very good deal leh ... for less then RM100 can get all that!! I like Sarah's potty .... and why does Sarah need that much of pasifiers?? You changed them every month or she will bite bite and spoil them? Lucky Sarah coz mommy do so much shopping for her oh ..... happy happy!!!

cre8tone said...

U bought striking red jacket for sarah... hehe..
I bought striking orange jacket for sean...

He just learn and now can take off his jacket whenever he feels hot... ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - also got a jacker for Sean? Next time show me the orange jacket ya..
So smart boy, know how to take off the jacket by himself.

Caroline - Good deal hor?
I bought so many pacifier for her, coz everyday she will be using 2 pasifiers. One for day and one for night. Therefore, I need to stock up the pasifiers lor..

Serene - Yes, less than RM100. The total bill is RM90 smthg..
The safety lock I bought it at Jusco bb department. It is cost rm8.90. I think you can find it there. Or else i think some online shop also have the same lock.
- Yes, the jacket has quite a good quality.
- The potty also looks comfy hor.

nicole said...

The potty is very comfy, where did u get it? how much?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nicole, I bought this potty from Jusco bb department. (Sunway pyramid new wing). It is sweet cherry brand. That time having sales. So it is about RM39 or Rm36.