Friday, August 22, 2008

New Play Area

I think Sarah has started to feel bored with her toys, so she has discovered these places (under the cradle and high chair) to play. She seems enjoying herself playing there.

Although sometimes she did not have any toy with her, but she can stayed there for more than few minutes.

Anyway it is a good news for me, because at least I can rest myself within that few minutes.


MommyAngel said...

I like Sarah's cute shirt (1st video), she looks so sweet in that! Oh my .... BTW, what is Sarah playing with?? Cords??

Hehehe .... that's Sarah first attempt to play with the high chair, later when she is older, I think Sarah will be like Angel, pushing the high chair all over the house like a trolley, kekeke, so funny :)

Serene said...

Sarah so easy to handle ya.. no need to give her toy also boleh. But Joanne, be watch out ya, later when she is older she will terbalikan the high chair, just like my Xixi.. kekekee =)

Wonderful Life said...

Ryan also loves to play at these two area too!

little prince's mummy said...

I didn't buy cradle for Sean... but he likes to climb inside under the highchair, too... haha~~~

Serene, Xixi so geng 1 a? Then I think I must take more alert.. dunno when he'll terbalikkan highchair 1 wor...

the little prince said...

sometimes BB want to have their own space just like adult ya.... :-)

Sarah, watch out for Sarah head, if she have learn to stand up, her head will 'hit' the high chair then.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - I agreed with what you said. Maybe she feels that it is more freedom for her to play there.
- These few days, she is learning to stand up by holding the chair, so she is making me "heart attack"!

Kylie - So, normally Sean will sleep on the bed for afternoon nap?
- Seems like Sean also has the same play area as Sarah (Playing undee the high chair).

Serene - She ya, sometimes she will be ok playing all by herself, but all the time, she needs me to teman her.
- Yes, infact now she is learning to push the high chair and also stand by it, so I have to keep an eye on her..or else, she will really terbalik the chair and herself too. Hehe.

Doreen - Yes, I also noticed in some of the video that Ryan loves to hold on the cradle steel and do some "pole dancing"..hehe.

Caroline - Thanks for your comment. Infact she was wearing the same shirt after visited Kristie. I like the shirt too..At least, look like girl2 after wearing it.
- Yes, she was playing with the cords. Actually that is the laptop cords. She just like to play with it. Everytime I need to take it away when she was at that area. So now become malas, so just leave it, but must off the power!
- Now, she started to push the high chair already. Cham mo!!

Ping said...

Another new thing to play for sarah. She really love to smile :0 Cute girl.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping, yalah, as you know, baby never stop playing toys and games, so she has found this new game.
Hehe, thanks for the comment.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

I notice that you have high chair for sarah, did you find it useful for her? Hubby and I plan to buy one for qistina but still thinking about it. How much you buy this chair anyway?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sha - Yes,I have bought a high chair for her since she knows how to sit unsupport. It is from those furniture shop. It sell at RM48.
I think is good if we can train our lil one eat on their high chair, so when we are dining out, is more easier for us.


Hi... couldn't resist not commenting. Sarah is so cute. Very strong also eh... can see in the 2nd video, she can pull and push that high chair!

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

you're right..will discuss it back with hubby..thanks

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Leanne's Mommy (or how should I address you?), thanks for visiting my blog. Mind if I linked your blog too?
Thank you so much for your comment. Sarah is very notty and strong, thats why she able to pull and push the chair. I always said she is like a "cow".

Sha - You are welcome.