Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Her VCDs

Can Intelligence Be Increased Through Exposure To Music? I am not so sure about this, but Sarah is definitely exposed to alot of VCD which played more than 100 nursery rhymes altogether.

I have started to play baby song to her when she was in my tummy. And since she was born till now, almost everyday she will be watching her nursery rhyme, either when she was playing her toys, when she was in her walker and etc..

Her favourite VCD will be Baby Songs. And her favourite song is "You Are My Sunshine". Everytime these two VCDs were being played, she will surely sit down and watch the TV closely without turning her sight away.

The most recent VCD that I bought for her is "So Smart". It is like a "moving book" because all the alphabet and the objects are appearing onscreen. But in order to play this VCD, it requires an extra effort and time from me, as it encourage the parents to sit down with the baby while watching the video, and explore the alphabet together. I think it is time for her to study, study time!!

p/s: Mommy Caroline, thanks for giving me the idea of posting this topic.

"When the songs have finished playing, she will....O"


Serene said...

Oh... Sarah has so many VCDs!
I'm sure she learn a lots from it!

cre8tone said...

Wow~~~~~ a lot ler~~~~~

MommyAngel said...

Hi JT, Wow ..... a lot of VCDs you have. Your's is more on the songs ya :) hahaha ..... and look at Sarah ... the look on her face is really priceless!! (she didn't comb her hair ah that morning, hehehehe).

Is the SO SMART a good recommendation?? Hopes Sarah like it, does she???

I would also share my Angel's VCDs in near future ya :) Thanks for sharing with us!!

Qi said...

hahaha..Sarah very cute..
Sarah.. sing a song oh.. Daddy & Mommy is your super fans...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Vivi - Thanks for comment.
She doesnt know how to sing the song yet, but the daddy n the mommy loves to sing the song very much..hehe

Caroline - Yes, what I have bought so far was more on songs...
-Pai seh, normally thats her hair style when she is at home. The mommy also very bad, did not comb her hair...
-About the SO SMART, I would not recommend it, coz I thought the video itself wil speak the word and let us follow, but is not. It just have pics and alphabet. So then the mommy has to pronounce for the bb. Maybe this is the reason they wan the parents to join watching the video.
Looking forward for Angel's VCD collection.

Serene and Kylie - Hehe..yalor, coz everytime went for shopping, sure buy one or two.

Serene said...

Joanne, got a tag for you. Pls grab it from my blog if you're free.

Unknown said...

Wow! So many VCD collection for Sarah. She so enjoy with the song :)

Joanne Tiew mummy i got a tag for you. Feel free to drop by my blog under title 'Tag' :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene and Yen Ping - Yes, I am doing the tag too..So will inform you ladies once is done. thanks!

Yen Ping - Yes, she very enjoy the song. So, at the same time, i can do my house chores.