Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gathering with Mommy Kristie and Mommy Grace

First of all, congratulation to my forum friend, Kristie for delivered a healthy baby boy (Jayden) on 1st August 2008. Therefore, Grace (my another forum friend) and I have planned for a visit.

On yesterday morning, I have brought Sarah along to visit Kristie and Baby Jayden. When we were there, Sarah was pretty behaved. She just sat on the floor and played with her toys. BUT! When Kristie's dog started to bark (the postman pressed on the door bell) she started to cry out loud.

Anyway, I managed to calm her down by letting her slurp abit of my cold drink. Hehe..

After 15 mins, Grace and her family were at the front gate. Of course they will also pressed the door bell. AGAIN she cried. But this time, she managed to calm herself very well.

Sarah gets more comfortable when she saw Rachel Jiejie walking around the house and also playing toys with her. And she can be carried by Grace and Kristie. She loves them very much.

Maybe she is still small, so she still doesnt know how to sayang BB Jayden. Therefore she will just ignored me when I pointed Jayden to her.

All in all, we did had a great time in Kristie home. I am glad to have this gathering with Grace and Kristie (first time meeting Kristie)


Therese Marie Khor said...

OH...y never ajak me along ??? aiseh

Serene said...

Oh.. i miss Kristie la!! Thanks Joanne for posting Kris and Jayden pictue! Kristie cut short hair liao?!
Btw, bb Jayden looks so cute, and more look alike his daddy hor..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Therese - Aiseh!! Yalor..I never think of tat..Sorry ya!! Or else, Hannah and Michelle also can see lil Jayden.
Nevermind, next time when I visit her again, I will sure ajak you.

Serene - too!! You are most welcome about the pic.
Yes, Kristie had her hair cut, maybe she feels more comfortable with short hair (u know lah, during confinemenr, panas meh..)
- For me, Jayden is 98% looks alike the daddy.

Mery said...

Joanne, Tq for posting the bb Jayden & Kristie new look pic.

My Lil' Monster said...

Jo, Thanks for the update and pics.

I missed kris ler..

Kris & James's Baby Super Chubby hor. Good to see Kris is in Good health. I like her new hair style too.

Sarah seems mixing around well. So, can bring her out more often so she can play with other kids.

little prince said...

Wow!~ u go visit mummy kristie and bb jayden d.. :)
He looks so cute!~

Qi said...

Good Job!Joanne..hahaha.. Finally we can see Kristie & BB Jayden..hurrah..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery and Violet - You are most welcome about the photo sharing.

Violet - Hey, you may pay her a visit. So you can see her lil Jayden lor. I also like her new hairstyle.
- Yes, I think nowadays she is ok with outsiders. Will bring her out more often.

Kylie - Yes, coz Kristie is staying nearby my house, so I pay her a visit.
Jayden is very cute!

Vivi - You are most welcome.
Yes, finally..

Wonderful Life said...

Aiyo, so nice gathering! Too bad I couldn't go :( I'm far far away in the North!

Anyway, glad to see both baby & mother doing well & healthy. Also, get to see forum's mummies & babies.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen, is a nice gathering. I wonder where are you from? I remembered last time you said you have to travel all the way from a place to just participate the jusco bb contest.
- Both jayden and Kristie are fine.
- Yeap, if you are in KL, you can join us too..