Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Down but not Out

I got the idea from baby food website of using macaroni/pasta to be the main food for her today. I blended the macaroni and add in the pureed potato and carrot.

When I was preparing it, I also felt doubt whether Sarah will like it, because of the strong flavour from the wheat floor and the gluieness texture of the blended macaroni. Anyway, I just thought to give a try...

This morning when she had her first taste on the food, she seems ok. Not so much of strange reaction towards it. But ohh oo...when she had the same meal in the noon, she started to eat it in a very slow pace (this is not her! She is a very fast eater). Then, I started to heard some strange sound came out from her throat (the sound of difficulty in swallowing the food). So I quickly stopped feeding her.

Hmm...I guess this is not the right time yet to introduce macaroni to her, or maybe I have used the wrong preparation method?

Anyway, luckily I can still feed the pureed potato and carrot for her tomorrow. Is a new combination anyway.


MommyAngel said...
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MommyAngel said...

Is it because the texture is too dry for Sarah to swallow? Will it helps if dilute the macaroni with some liquid and feed her? Never mind Sarah, soon you will have lots of teeth to chew chew chew :) :)

Serene said...

Joanne, maybe u can cook the macaroni with soup? then cut the macaroni in small piece. Let Sarah experience the fun of chewing.. heheh..

little prince said...

Never tried macaroni b4, but carrot and potato makes a very good combination and sean likes it!~

Kristie said...

ya joanne, maybe can try adding more liquid to pasta, cos pasta is very starchy like what u said... and no matter how much water u add, it is always absorbed. Anyway gd luck :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kristie - Actually I did make the puree to be more watery (compared to the normal puree that I have make). But as you said, maybe the pasta just absord too much water, so tak jadi lor...
Thanks Kristie.

Pei Wun - Yes, carrot and potato is a perfect combination. Sarah able to finish it just now.

Serene - Yeap, i will sure try your way next time. Is a good idea. Thanks ya!!

Caroline - I do think that the macaroni is too dry for her..I will add in sup the next time I cook for her.

Qi said...

Sarah very lucky have good mommy..always can eat new food recipe

the little prince said...

Sarah mummy very good in trying new recipe!
..baby kyle still having pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, brocoli, cauliflower and little bit of fish....so boring....:-)

Got to try new food already...cannot tahan everytime saw your blog on new food to Sarah!!

Blessed mum said...

Hi came over from Little Prince's blog. Never thought of such combination for my 3 kids when they start weaning...what great idea you got there!

btw, how old is she? actually, it best to introduce new food to little one a little at a time..

Great job there with all sorts of comby

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Vivi - I think Qiqi also lucky, coz I can see tat she did enjoyed those food that your prepared for her.

Pei Wun - Sometimes I just treat Sarah like adult. So when I think of the vege which i like to eat, so I thought to intro to her also..hehe..
-Is ok, take it slow and intro bit by bit to Sean. He is lucky to have mommy cook all the yummy food for him.

Blessed Mum - Thanks for visting my blog. Appreciate your comment very much.
- For me I got all these idea from bb food website, and also learn from other mommies.
- Sarah is 10 mths plus...Actually so far she has tried alot of pureed food, so I thought to try something new for her. Hmm...as I said, maybe the preparation method was wrong.
- By the way, may I know how should I address you and your 3 lovely chilren? I thought to know more about you all. May I linked up your blog? Thanks .