Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Down but not Out

I got the idea from baby food website of using macaroni/pasta to be the main food for her today. I blended the macaroni and add in the pureed potato and carrot.

When I was preparing it, I also felt doubt whether Sarah will like it, because of the strong flavour from the wheat floor and the gluieness texture of the blended macaroni. Anyway, I just thought to give a try...

This morning when she had her first taste on the food, she seems ok. Not so much of strange reaction towards it. But ohh oo...when she had the same meal in the noon, she started to eat it in a very slow pace (this is not her! She is a very fast eater). Then, I started to heard some strange sound came out from her throat (the sound of difficulty in swallowing the food). So I quickly stopped feeding her.

Hmm...I guess this is not the right time yet to introduce macaroni to her, or maybe I have used the wrong preparation method?

Anyway, luckily I can still feed the pureed potato and carrot for her tomorrow. Is a new combination anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spent a day with Popo and Gong Gong

It has been quite some time that Sarah did not visit popo and gong gong. So yesterday morning after yam cha with my parents, my sister and her son, we planned to spend a day at my parent's house.

Once we reached there, Sarah seems very comfortable with herself in the new environment and the surrounding. She started to crawl and playing toys with her cousin. She also kept smiling to everyone. I think she felt very happy that she has someone to accompany her to play with.

She was very well behave throughout the day.

I think I should bring Sarah back to popo and gong gong more oftenly to spent time with them, as I believe this will strengthen their bond.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Old" Bunny

I remembered the first time I showed this toy to Sarah, she cried. Maybe she doesn't have a good first impression towards it. But for me, it is definitely SPECIAL!!

Actually this little bunny was my toy when I was a kid. It was a gift from my auntie and I remembered I loved playing with it. Can you imagine, now the bunny is almost 30 years old!!

It used to be a very nice toy but after so many years keeping it in the cupboard, the white colour is slowly turned into yellowish colour, and suppose there is a nice string on the neck of the bunny, now I have to use a tali rafia to tie it.

But, I will always appreciate it.

"Chinese Herbs" Porridge

You must be wondering what is the main ingredient for the porridge??

I am using chinese dates and Chinese Wolfberries (Gou Qi/Gei Chi) to cook the porridge. As I know, Gei Chi rich in vitamin C, and also contain large amounts of vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin E. As for red dates can be used for replenishing blood and boosting energy.

Yesterday morning, I have tasted the porridge. Erm...the first taste was some sweetness from the chinese dates and chicken breast meat, but as I tasted a little more depth, I got the taste of bitterness. I think I might be putting too many of them.

Anyway, I am lucky that Sarah do like it. Therefore I will be cooking the same porridge for another 3 days.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

C for Carrot (Backdated Post)

Sarah always chasing after me in her walker, when I am holding something in my hand. So, when she saw me took out a carrot from the fridge, she can't wait to grab and hold on to it. In order to satisfy her curiousity, I passed her the carrot and let her explore more about this vege.

From there on, she was so busy with the carrot and she kept on bitting it. So many funny face expressions and reactions from her. Have a look on the photos and video below.

"Pic 1 to Pic 3"

"Pic 4 to Pic 7"

The Sixth Teeth

I did not expect that Sarah's sixth teeth will pop out so soon. Kinda of shocked but happy too to see another white spot on her gum.

The sixth teeth is the central incissor, which grows at upper gum. (please see the baby tooth chart, it is coloured in red)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Deep Purple Vegetable

I was in wet market the other day and looking for a right vegetable for Sarah. Then, this deep purple vegetable has drew my attention towards it. Yes, it is an eggplant. Without having any second thought, I have bought 3 of them.

I also have bought some japanese sweet potato to add into the eggplant puree, just incase Sarah doesnt like the pure taste of the eggplant.

Sarah had her first try on the puree this morning, again, she likes the idea of combining these vegetables and she was able to finish the whole plate of it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Best Convenience Fruit

Introduced Fruits -
(1) Apple - Successful, coz Sarah loves it!
(2) Banana - Failed, coz Sarah showed yucky face after eating it.
(3) Avocado - The MOST successful, coz Sarah SUPER loves it!

I have decided to re-introduced Banana to her, because the first time she had it was few months ago, and who knows she can accept it now???

Today when I feed her banana, she no longer show the yucky face. This time, I did not mashed the banana, instead I use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and feed directly to her. That is why, banana is the best convenience fruit.

I will be following the "4 days wait rule" to see whether her tiny tummy can tolerate with it. So, for the time being, her main food within these days will be plain porridge.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crawl - Part 2 (Backdated Post)

Since I have bought Sarah the knee proctector, she is more brave and daring when crawling on the floor. Now, she has learned a new crawling style, the "cow crawl". She can lift up her body while crawling. She even can crawl very fast if I use something to lure her.

Sometimes she also wanted to show off her talent by performing some dangerous act, for eg: lift up her buttock and stretch her hands on the floor. Really pening and "heart attack" when seeing her like that!!

Good Manners (Backdated Post)

Recently Sarah has been taught by the daddy how to shake hand. We were surprised that she knows how to do it after learned it for twice.

I thought to show you all by recording the process of how she shake her hand with us.

Unfortunately, I am not managed to do so. As you can see in video, she was concentrating playing her toys and also shocked and suprised by the red light from the camera.

Therefore, my mission to show the good manners of her, is FAILED!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegetable Porridge

I get to know about spinach and the goodness of it since I was a kid. We all know what an amazing difference spinach made to Popeye but does it have the same effect on us? Yes, it sure do. Spinach is an amazing source of Calcium!

Therefore, I have decided to cook spinach porridge for Sarah. I also have added cauliflower and chicken breast meat into it.

The result is quite good interms of the colur and texture of the porridge, but it is quite tasteless. So I have added some marmite and ikan bilis powder when it is served. And to my biggest surprise, Sarah loves it very much!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth and Fifth Teeth

Yesterday when I was bathing Sarah, I noticed that she has another two teeth is popping out. (Please see the tooth chart below - Showed in rounded rectangle)

According to the baby tooth chart, she is suppose to grow the lateral and central incisor when she was 7 to 7.5 months old, but I always know that each baby is growing at a different pace, so I am not too much worried about it.

As long as she has enough teeth to chew her food, then should be OKAY!

p/s: Thanks to Mommy Serene for sharing such a nice and informative baby tooth chart in her blog.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Xylophone and Knee Protector

Yesterday when we had our breakfast, we were approached by a salesperson. He is selling a Xylophone. Me and my husband have decided to buy it. The price is RM10. Do you think is worth it? We think is worth it, because it does have clear, soothing and relaxing sound.

"The bottom xylophone is the one we bought. The upper xylopohone is the one at home. That is one of Sarah's favourite game"

This is the second thing that we have bought on the same morning. We went to a baby shop to buy a knee protector for Sarah. These knee protector will prevent her knees from becoming red, cut and grazed while crawling. We are lucky that the shop was having some promotion yesterday, so we managed to buy it at RM15. Good bargain right?

So "Orangey"!

Such a long time did not post about Sarah's menu.

This is what I have bought this morning, carrot and sweet potato. Do you think it is a very "orangey" menu?

I seldom prepare such a combination, because the beta-carotene found in these vegetables can turned baby's skin to orange, if consume in large amount.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stop Singing!!

Today when I see Sarah holding up something high in the air, I suddenly think of this song..."We Are The Champions" by Queen.

Then, once I started to sing, she was staring at me. I thought she likes it, so I continue to sing.... la la la.. Then, the next minute she started to "bian zui" (mandarin). I instantly stop singing, and she is fine after that.

What else, bad mommy always wanted to test her patience. So, I "la la la" the song again. Ops, she cried!!

We are still cracking our head why she has such a funny behaviour..