Monday, June 2, 2008

A Setback

Yesterday I was cracking my head thinking a new type of porridge for Sarah, so came out the idea of adding tomato into the porridge. So I have bought red and big tomato and I thought by adding it to the porridge, the porridge will have some sweetness generated from tomato.

This morning as usual, the first thing I came down to kitchen, I opened the slow cooker and have a taste of it. Opss...The porridge turns out to be sour. From that point onwards, I know I should not create this menu!!

Anyway, I gave Sarah to try in the afternoon. She showed me some weird reaction after tasted it, for eg: blinking her eyes. So I know she doesnt like it, coz it is too sour for her.

The tomato porridge ended up in the dustbin!!!!

Then, I cooked another pot of plain porridge using the normal cooking pot. The porridge ended up in the DUSTBIN too...!! Because the texture of the rice was not fine for her to swallow.

Question: So, what did Sarah finally had for her meal?
Answer: BREAD :-(

The conclusion is:
1)I should not ONLY add tomato but to add some meat and other vege to it
2)I should have learn to use cooking pot to cook porridge and not always depend on slow cooker


Ping said...

Yes you do have to put meat and tomato then the porridge taste wont be so sour. I saw my mum cook porridge with tomato. At 1st she will put 1 piece (middle size) meat + tomato (don't put too much)together in the slow cooking and the smeel its good!

You can try this...never mind la as long you already try it take it as experince :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping - Thanks for your tips. I will do it the next time.

My Lil' Monster said...

Joanne, Tomato is good for baby. So wat I suggest is cut a fine line to the tomato in 4 part, dunk it in hot water and after 5 minutes, U peel of the skin. throw the skin away and cut the tomato into very tiny and put in your cooking pot.

Yes, tomato is not very tasty eat by it own self. So, u must put pork slices, tomato, scallops to it.

Later stage if u wan to put spinach 30 mins b4 u off the fire. So, your vege dun over cooked or changed colour.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Violet - Is true that tomato is very good for bb, thats why I thought to introduce to Sarah...who knows!!! Sad!!!

I also did the same way that you taught about the way of cooking the tomato. Maybe my problem is, I just add the tomato alone in the porridge, so it doesnt turns out nicely..

I so much appreciated for teaching me the method. I will try to put in some vege the next time.

little prince's mummy said...

Joanne, for normal pot, u should cook it very long time, keep on stirring and ctrl the fire to make it small... Little monster's idea is really great! TQ for advice.. I wanna try it too..

agnes said...

u use slow cooker all these while ah? hmm, i used slow cooker too when chloe first started to eat porridge..

but my mom preferred to use the small pot so i also learned frm her loh.. much faster but need to jaga the api lah.. and stir the porridge constantly loh..

until i cant recall how much water needed for the slow cooker adi.. :P i purposely bought a small slow cooker for chloe that time..

now ah, for 1 handful of rice.. i put 1.5 bowl of water.. say chloe is now taking 3.5 handful of rice each day.. so i pour approximately 4.5 - 5 bowl of water loh..

btw, have u learned how to boil using pot adi ah? :-D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie - thanks for your advice. Now i think i am slightly better in using pot to cook porridge, but as you said, need more time in standing next to it and keep stiring lah..

Agnes - Yes, I was using slow cooker all the while, but nowadays I will use pot to cook porridge too, and I think I have learned abit from this practice.
- You good lah, you know how much water to put, me still blur2. Everytime just agak2..