Monday, June 23, 2008

Perfect Match

It is worked!! The corn and potato is a good combination to make yummy porridge. The aroma of the porridge is so tempting. Can you believe it, it do smell like "pop corn"!!!

The porridge really taste so sweet and the shredded potato do add some extra bites to it, but not so much in adding extra flavour to the porridge.

I am highly recommending this menu for mommies. I am sure your baby will like it.


kristie said...

i'm glad it turned out well! i am sure the natural sweetness of the corn makes it smell sweet and tempting, hope sarah likes it!

Ping said...

Yummy! It's seem delicious and i can imagine the smell of the porridge sure Sarah love it!

This few day my mum do put 3 slice ham in porridge and the smell and taste it's yummy! My mum friend teach her this dishes. So far i never see any mummy put ham in porridge. Natalie love it at 1st then she become bore and refuse to eat she like fresh dishes everyday T___T

P/S : Maybe you can try it for Sarah.

the little prince said... yummy yummy....
must ask my mummy to test for me.

Thank you auntie Joanne

Therese Marie Khor said...

Cook this for the coming MP mummies meeting at MValley. Let us try, it looks super duper yummy ...weeeeeeeeeee !

Mery said...

Wouh..good combination...Glad to hear tat Sarah loves to eat too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dear mommy Yugene, Therese, Mery, Yen Ping & Kristie - Is true that the porridge do taste sweet and yummy! Sarah loves it very much. I am glad that it turns out well.
Give it a try during weekend!

Therese - Huhh!! Cook this for the coming gathering ya?? I am not sure leh...coz I am afraid that I am too kan cheong till it turns out not well, hehe.
Hmmm...maybe I will prepare other food, kekek!!

Yen Ping - Adding ham to porridge, this is the first time I heard about it. Must try it on Sarah.

yurris said...

I love ur baby food posts, even I wanna try on those porriage, the outfit pressentation's great! Going out for BB's vaccination now, come back then continue read ur blog. * add to fav 1st* =D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yurris - Thanks for your visit!!
I am glad that you like those food that I have posted.
So, how is Nanami after the vaccination?