Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Mommy

Yesterday during our dinner time, as usual we will let Sarah sleep on bouncer and watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon, so we can eat comfortably without her disturb. And as usual, she cant stay long on it, therefore I put her on the high chair near by us.

While we are eating, she was making noise again!! So, I just throw her a rubber ban to play, which I found it on the dining table. Then I continue eating.

When my husband saw it, he asked:" Is it ok to let her play it? You are not afraid that it will hurt her hands if she pulls and releases the rubber ban?". What my husband have said, immediately alerted me, but it is too late.....!!

The moment I want to take the rubber band off her hands, I already saw her pulling it till the maximum level and she released it. "PAK!" This is the sound we both heard.

Then, she was stunned and paused for a while (so were we) and the next all we can heard was "WAAAAAAA.....!!!!!!!!". She cried out loud.

Just look at the red mark on her hand (Left pic), is all my fault!!

Sorry my dear, Sarah.


JoAnne said...

pity Sarah... sure very pain coz the red mark so obvious, i think u feel hurt too...

kristie said...

joanne, dont feel bad lah! if u know it will cause sarah pain and to cry, will u do it? of course not right.... so it is ok, now sarah knows at least when she plays with rubber band, she will get the pain if she pulls it too long lor. good to let kids learn through trial and error :)

Ping said...

Pity Sarah sure very pain. Don't blame yourself because you don't she will pull the rubber ban. Next time alert on it and don't even let her play with rubber ban.

Natalie also like to take rubber ban and play i teach her when saw the rubber ban throw at dustbin. So at the same time sometime she will take to me. I will watch her to avoid she play with that rubber ban.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping - Yes, you are right, I did not know that she will pull the rubber ban. I think you have taught the right thing to Nat.

Kristie - I did let let her to hold the rubber band after the incident, she just look at it, and dont dare to play anymore.

Joanne - Obvious hor?? Thats why so heart pain!! Luckily the mark disappear an hour later.

kristie said...

joanne- i think sarah has realised that is a 'bad' thing and caused her pain so she will know now once she sees it again! clever girl!