Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am sure some mommies have heard of "Zam-Buk". It is an ointment to treat minor wounds, burns, insect bites and muscular pains. I get to know about this ointment from my forum friends. By the way, thanks to Therese and Amanda for sharing this great info with me.

So, last week I have bought a tin and thinking to keep it for emergency usage.

Alas, this morning I noticed that Sarah's left hand has two BIG "insect bites" (Left pic) (I called it as "insect bites" because I am not sure whether she is bitten by mosquitoes or some kind of bugs). Anyway, this is already the second time happend to her and this time, the bites are larger than the previous one (Right pic). So, I have applied some Zam-Buk on her hand and seems like the swelling and redness began to subside.

According to the past experience, she will takes about 3 to 5 days to recover. So, within these days, I will apply the ointment to her on a more regular basis.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Perfect Match

It is worked!! The corn and potato is a good combination to make yummy porridge. The aroma of the porridge is so tempting. Can you believe it, it do smell like "pop corn"!!!

The porridge really taste so sweet and the shredded potato do add some extra bites to it, but not so much in adding extra flavour to the porridge.

I am highly recommending this menu for mommies. I am sure your baby will like it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Combination??

starchiness of the white potato + sweetness from the corn
= NICE and TASTY Porridge??

Hmmm..lets see the result tomorrow. I am keeping my finger crossed!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Double Shock!!

The first SHOCK!
- Today after Sarah wake up from his afternoon nap, I was turning back to locate my h/p to check her last feeding time (I have the practice to record Sarah's feeding time using h/p). After that, i heard my husband shouted:" Sarah!!". Guess what! She has overturned her body in the cradle and both the legs were dangling out from it and the worst is, she was trying to get down from the cradle.

The second SHOCK!
- Remembered I mentioned in the previous post that she can sit unsupported now.
This evening, after we put her on the bouncer, she was able to sit up all by herself. (See the video below) So, now I have a concern...Tomorrow morning, should I put her on the bouncer when I am doing my house chores??

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Development

Sarah is able to sit unsupported now, but sometimes she will lost balance if she side to the left or right.

Anyway, she still done a good job!

"Kopi O" License

The first time Sarah sat on baby walker was 1 1/2 month ago. That time, she was not that skillful yet, always do the circling with the walker.

Now, she is an expert (like she have obtained her "driving" license for about 10 years)! What I always describe is: She "FLY" with it.

If you dont believe what I have said...Please see this video.

"I think she is "bull fighting"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Mommy

Yesterday during our dinner time, as usual we will let Sarah sleep on bouncer and watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon, so we can eat comfortably without her disturb. And as usual, she cant stay long on it, therefore I put her on the high chair near by us.

While we are eating, she was making noise again!! So, I just throw her a rubber ban to play, which I found it on the dining table. Then I continue eating.

When my husband saw it, he asked:" Is it ok to let her play it? You are not afraid that it will hurt her hands if she pulls and releases the rubber ban?". What my husband have said, immediately alerted me, but it is too late.....!!

The moment I want to take the rubber band off her hands, I already saw her pulling it till the maximum level and she released it. "PAK!" This is the sound we both heard.

Then, she was stunned and paused for a while (so were we) and the next all we can heard was "WAAAAAAA.....!!!!!!!!". She cried out loud.

Just look at the red mark on her hand (Left pic), is all my fault!!

Sorry my dear, Sarah.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Change in Menu

I have introduced new menu yesterday, apple puree mixed with cucumber puree. She loves it. But I am thinking to hold on with it today and the following 2 days, because I am afraid the cucumber puree will makes her to cough more!! (She had a bad cough yesterday night. Therefore, I might boil some porridge for her until she has fully recover.

Anyway, is a good combination (apple and cucumber), very fresh and cooling menu.

Just to "show off"

How times flies, I have used my current handphone for almost 5 years!!!

My husband always wanted to buy a new handphone for me, because the current phone always caused me some problem in making calls or sending sms, and the most important thing is.. it does not has the "camera" function. Therefore, yesterday when I was busy and enjoying myself with my forum friends at One Utama, he was the one who makes the effort in survey the price shop by shop..Kesian!!!

Here you are....the gorgeous phone from my beloved husband..

P/S: Thank you dear and MUAK to you :*

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gathering with Mommies and Babies

Yesterday morning (about 11am), after Sarah woke up from her short nap, I quickly bathe her and changed a nice clothes for her, TO WHERE?? Yes, to meet my Mamy Poko Forum friends and their babies at One Utama.

We take off at almost 12pm. Through the journey, she was sitting quietly in the car seat, maybe she started to feel sleepy.

When we reached there, we decided to have our lunch at Vietnam Kitchen. So I thought to let her take a short nap in the stroller, but she wanted to get up and sit. So, I put her on the high chair. From there on, she started to show some excitement, just donno why!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Finally we were able to met all the pretty mommies and cute babies. But by that time, she started feeling sleepy AGAIN and showed some moody mood! At last, she managed to sleep on the stroller.

The conclusion is, we had a nice gathering and Sarah did has some fun (Before she was feeling sleepy!).

"She had a great time!"

"Pretty Mommies and Cute Babies"
"From left: Nicole and son (Bryan), CC and son (Ian), Jana, Huey Yuan and son (Yang Yang) & Me and Sarah"

"From left: Grace and daughter (Rachel), Jana, CC and son (Ian), Me and Sarah, Peggy and daughter (Priscilla), Huey Yuan and son (Yang Yang) & Josephine"

"From left: Me and Sarah & Peggy"

"Who else in the photos?"
"1st pic: Kristie, 2nd pic: Violet, 5th pic: Shan Pei and daughter & others..."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I think she is HOT!!

Lately, I noticed that Sarah loves to come near to the fridge whenever I open it. She will smile all the way from the living hall to the kitchen if she sees me open the fridge.

"See....she is smiling when she feels the cold!"

"I have no idea what is she looking for..."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Avocado (Backdated Post)

I always thinking to introduce Avocado, because it contains valuable nutrient that is good for baby's brain and physical development. Finally I have bought two avocado for Sarah to try.

Today is the second day she eat it. She started to like it, and she can finish half of the avocado within 2 serving. I am so happy to see her eating it as I think the more she eats, the more her brain and physical will developed.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Not again!!

Pity Sarah, she is having flu AGAIN!! I think this time, she got the virus from both of us.

Yesterday night, she cant sleep well. Maybe her nose was blocked. So, I have put some nose drop and put a higher pillow on her, and still doesnt worked!! So end up, both of us were not sleeping well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funny, Weird and Scary!!!!

Yesterday I was online till 12am. Then my husband told me that Sarah was awake, and asking for milk. So I quickly shut down my laptop and went upstairs to feed her.

After she had her milk, she was crawling on the bed and seems like she has a difficult time to sleep. So, normally what I do is, I will try to put her to sleep by patting on her, or I will choose to ignore her. Usually she will fall to sleep eventually, after tired of crawling.

So, I have fall asleep ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Then, I think I heard my husband called me..."dear dear!"
I woke up. The next question I asked him was: "Sarah leh?"
Guess what, I did not see her next to me or on the bed!!!!! Gosh!!!

Then my husband told, "she is with me".
So, I saw her was sleeping next to my husband on the mattress below my bed. Then, my husband carried her back to my bed, and she continue to sleep.

This morning, when we discussed about the matter. We were wondering...
1)How did Sarah end up sleeping on the mattress? Coz normally I will use pillow to prevent her to fall down from the bed. And that pillow looked "untouch"!
2)Was Sarah awake when the whole incident occured? Because she did not cry or anything....

But the funny thing is, my husband said, he also does not aware that she was sleeping next to him, until he feel "something" dropped on the mattress. And found out that is SARAH! Haha....

Another teeth is "on the way"

Yepi!! Sarah will be having her another teeth soon. This time, the teeth is growing next to the previous tooth.

No wonder Sarah was a bit "manja manja" these few days. Anyway, I will try to be more patient with her, and hopefully she will have a nice teething period.

Peas Porridge

After the "SETBACK" mentioned in the last post, I better think of a suitable ingredient to put in the porridge. So, I decided to use peas as the ingredient for today's menu.

Luckily, it turns out to be a desired outcome.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Setback

Yesterday I was cracking my head thinking a new type of porridge for Sarah, so came out the idea of adding tomato into the porridge. So I have bought red and big tomato and I thought by adding it to the porridge, the porridge will have some sweetness generated from tomato.

This morning as usual, the first thing I came down to kitchen, I opened the slow cooker and have a taste of it. Opss...The porridge turns out to be sour. From that point onwards, I know I should not create this menu!!

Anyway, I gave Sarah to try in the afternoon. She showed me some weird reaction after tasted it, for eg: blinking her eyes. So I know she doesnt like it, coz it is too sour for her.

The tomato porridge ended up in the dustbin!!!!

Then, I cooked another pot of plain porridge using the normal cooking pot. The porridge ended up in the DUSTBIN too...!! Because the texture of the rice was not fine for her to swallow.

Question: So, what did Sarah finally had for her meal?
Answer: BREAD :-(

The conclusion is:
1)I should not ONLY add tomato but to add some meat and other vege to it
2)I should have learn to use cooking pot to cook porridge and not always depend on slow cooker