Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sarah fell sick (Backdated Post)

Feeling tired these few days because I was busy taking care of Sarah. She was down with flu AGAIN.

The first time she got it was on 8th May, and that time she could recovered within two days after eaten the medicine. And just after ten days, she got it again. I think this time, she got the virus from me, because I was having flu too.

The flu started on last Sunday, when we were planning to go "yam cha" with my parents, but finally cancelled. Her nose was very runny and keeps sneezing. Luckily she can still had her milk and she was active as usual.

After an observation on Sunday and Monday, we finally brought her to see doctor on yesterday morning. She was well behaved in the clinic. She just let doctor checked on her tougue, chest and etc...without making any noise. Doctor told us that it just needs some time for her to fully recover.

Today, I noticed that she is getting so much better..hope that she will recover soon!

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