Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I think we are just LUCKY!!

How should I start this...Ok

This afternoon, the postman ring my door bell and my husband picked up a parcel on behalf of me. After that, when I looked at it, I found out that it was from Dypers company. When I looked at the envelope, it was printed, "Joanne Ngan" and followed by my house address. I wonder, it should be a typo error that the company made. They have mistaken my name with my forum friend. So, I opened the envelope, I found out it contained a story book and few pieces of discount voucher.

I told my husband, it should be the gift to Sarah, because the book title is "FIRST STEPS......". So, sounds like is suitable for baby to read it. I also told my husband, "I never heard from Joanne Ngan that she is waiting for a story book from Drypers.."

After I double confirm with my another forum friend, Yen Ping, she told me that Joanne Ngan is indeed expecting a story book from Dyrpers!

OH NO!!! What should I do now!!

I called to Dyrpers and speak to the person in charge. He said, he understood my story and situation, and he will call me back.

Finally, he called back and said, he has spoken to Joanne Ngan and Dyrpers will send a new copy of the book to her. And the one that I am having now, I could keep it, because they have make the mistake in sending it to me...

So, do you think that me and Sarah are just lucky?

Now Sarah has two books. One is from Drypers and another one is a gift from my forum friend, Grace. Thanks to Drypers and Grace!!!


JoAnne said...

Joanne, you are so lucky to get it, I think Sarah will love it too, whenever you read the story to her, you will think of me, hehe :)

Ping said...

You and Sarah are so lucky :) really special thing happen yesterday oh hahaha !
Sure Sarah love this book :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yen Ping and Joanne - I do think me and Sarah are lucky to have the book. For this, I must thank Joanne for having the same name as me.

nicole said...

Nice book, and i think Joanne Ngan also have to thank you bcoz u help her to call up Drypers to double check it. Bcoz of ur honest, then u got this gift!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nicole, I should thank Joanne Ngan, because of her, I can have the book. Lucky me!!

peimun said...

You and Sarah are lucky to get the book..... "chor yao chor jiok"...hahaha!