Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Yoghurt

I am introducing baby yoghurt for Sarah, and I have choosen CalciYUM (Fernleaf brand) as my first choice.

Besides, I also have prepared carrot puree (repeated menu) for her as the main food for the day. Yoghurt will be a dessert.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"Ghost" Bean a.k.a. French Bean

Is time for Sarah to try on new type of vege, French Bean. I think she needs it very much because it can helps to prevent colds and flu's.

I have email to the to confirm whether could I add the apple puree into French Bean, because I am afraid Sarah could not accept the bitter taste of the bean.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doll from Daddy

"Taking pictures with Ko Ko"

"She is more interested to the camera, rather than the doll"

Crawl - Part 1 (Backdated Post)

I have missed such an important update in my blog, which is...Sarah know how to crawl !!!

I have been worried that she doesnt know how to crawl, as I noticed that she is a lazy and slow learner!! Therefore, I have been giving her some intensive training on crawling every morning, just hoping that she will pick up the skills sooner.

Who knows, last week she started to crawl on the bed when she wakes up in the morning. She is doing the "belly crawl".

Anyway, Good Job Sarah!!

New on the menu - Tofu and Dried Scallop Porridge

I think is time for me to introduce another protein food (other than fish) to Sarah.

Tomorrow I will be cooking tofu and dried scallop porridge. Those pre-packed "box tofu" is the main ingredient. I steam it for about 10 minutes, then use a fork to mashed it. Atter that, just toss the mashed tofu together with some dried scallop into the porridge. Maybe I will add a little touch of marmite when served.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I think we are just LUCKY!!

How should I start this...Ok

This afternoon, the postman ring my door bell and my husband picked up a parcel on behalf of me. After that, when I looked at it, I found out that it was from Dypers company. When I looked at the envelope, it was printed, "Joanne Ngan" and followed by my house address. I wonder, it should be a typo error that the company made. They have mistaken my name with my forum friend. So, I opened the envelope, I found out it contained a story book and few pieces of discount voucher.

I told my husband, it should be the gift to Sarah, because the book title is "FIRST STEPS......". So, sounds like is suitable for baby to read it. I also told my husband, "I never heard from Joanne Ngan that she is waiting for a story book from Drypers.."

After I double confirm with my another forum friend, Yen Ping, she told me that Joanne Ngan is indeed expecting a story book from Dyrpers!

OH NO!!! What should I do now!!

I called to Dyrpers and speak to the person in charge. He said, he understood my story and situation, and he will call me back.

Finally, he called back and said, he has spoken to Joanne Ngan and Dyrpers will send a new copy of the book to her. And the one that I am having now, I could keep it, because they have make the mistake in sending it to me...

So, do you think that me and Sarah are just lucky?

Now Sarah has two books. One is from Drypers and another one is a gift from my forum friend, Grace. Thanks to Drypers and Grace!!!

Sarah fell sick (Backdated Post)

Feeling tired these few days because I was busy taking care of Sarah. She was down with flu AGAIN.

The first time she got it was on 8th May, and that time she could recovered within two days after eaten the medicine. And just after ten days, she got it again. I think this time, she got the virus from me, because I was having flu too.

The flu started on last Sunday, when we were planning to go "yam cha" with my parents, but finally cancelled. Her nose was very runny and keeps sneezing. Luckily she can still had her milk and she was active as usual.

After an observation on Sunday and Monday, we finally brought her to see doctor on yesterday morning. She was well behaved in the clinic. She just let doctor checked on her tougue, chest and etc...without making any noise. Doctor told us that it just needs some time for her to fully recover.

Today, I noticed that she is getting so much better..hope that she will recover soon!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Potato Week

For the past four days, I have cooked Sweet Potato Porridge for Sarah. Thought to buy those purplish sweet potato (judging from its skin), but it turned out to be yellowish colour in it's flesh pulak (left)...Hmmm...I am still wonder why ah??

By the way, tomorrow I will reintroduce white potato puree to Sarah. She has tried it last time, so should not be any problem for her to have it again...

She also will be tasting a new fruit, which is pear (left). From what I have read from the baby food website, pears are high in fiber, potassium and Vitamin-C. So it is a good fruit to be introduced to baby. Since Sarah seldom takes fruit (other than apple), so it is a great choice for her second fruit. I will be adding apple puree (right) into it because there are still some stock in my freezer.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

High Chair

Yesterday daddy has bought a high chair for Sarah, but it was not her 1st time sitting on it. The first time she sat on high chair was on last Saturday when we went for dinner at restaurant.

So, yesterday when she sat on the high chair during her solid food eating time, at first she looked excited on it, but after a while, she started turning here and there, left and right...

End up, her feeding has to be done at the same old place, the bouncer. She more enjoyed eating on it compared with high chair.

I wont give up in practising her sitting on high chair, because I think it will be more easier for me when she is eating at restaurant, since restaurant normally will provide high chair for baby.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Early Celebration (Backdated Post)

This is the 1st year celebrating this special day as a "MI Mi"/Mother with my little girl Sarah and my beloved husband. Since Sarah is still small, so I did not get any gift from her, but what I wish from her is...Staying happy and healthy always..that will be the best gift for me.

Besides, we also went out on yesterday evening to celebrate with my mother and my family members. We went to a restaurant to have "Shabu-Shabu" and after the dinner, we went to my elder sister house to have the gift presentation to my mother and dad, because we also celebrated my dad's birthday on the same day.

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to my mom and myself and not to forget to all other great mothers too :-) AND
Happy Birthday to my dad.

Cereal Menu (Backdated Post)

Yesterday when I look into my food storage cupboard, found out that there are few types of baby cereal which I bought and some are free samples. So, I wonder since Sarah does not like cereal very much, maybe I need to do something to get rid of all the stock....

Therefore, came out the idea of having all these cereal as her main menu and add some apple puree to it. By doing this, at least Sarah will be able to get the nutrient from the cereal and of course, the "stock" matter, could be solve too!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just want to share some funny picture with you...These are pictures which I captured when Sarah was poo poo...(Hope she wont mind I published the photos when she's growing up)

Next .. Seafood Porridge

Sometimes I have run out of idea of preparing type of puree for Sarah. So, I thought to mix the previous introduced vege and fruit (see pic), so that Sarah wont get bored with the "old" food. So, I have mixed carrot puree and apple puree. Amazingly, the taste is so good! Sweet and sour (as AGAIN, I have bought the wrong type of apple, a SOUR apple).

Anyway, tomorrow I will be introducing a new type of porridge. It will be the first time I feed Sarah with seafood, FISH. I will add the Ikan Merah in the porridge. The main reason I bought Ikan Merah because it has less bone. Hmm...Hope she wont found the porridge has fishy smell. Anyway, by adding a piece of ginger in it, should be fine, I guess.....

She Have Found Something!

I think nowadays Sarah is more expert in baby walker. She can use this "vehicle" to explore each and every corner in the house. Like today, she saw my purse was in a paper bag, so..what else...Of course she started to have a look on it...

Besides, some babies like to touch or mess up the rubbish bin. So, Sarah is one of them..

"What is that...."

"Sarah, dont you feel smelly?"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Video Galore (Part 2)

"She was enjoying her "Star-Star Biscuit"

"So relax while watching the CD, see her legs!"

This is what she likes to to ... Tap tap tap and tap..

"Yoga Yoga"

"She is so geram with the "Owl Owl"

Friday, May 2, 2008

Can You Spot the Different?

"Mommy & Daddy said, there is something different with my hair today?"