Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scared me : - (

Normally I will put Sarah to sleep about 8 to 9pm. After she has slept, I will come down stairs and do some house chores and surf net. But since nobody with her on the bed, so I will put some pillow circling around the bed, just to avoid any incident of falling down from the bed.

And what happen was, just now i heard she cried. I rushed to my room and I saw her on a cribbing position. This is the 1st time she is doing it. Normally she will only roll over and crib in the morning when I am around (Since she is a still in the learning process). When I saw her like that, I was so shocked!!!

Finally, she has slept after had her milk and lullaby...

I think from tomorrow onwards, I will be putting more pillow and mattress under the bed. Just in case!!


Mery said...

Joanne, must be careful lol. Put mattress beside ur bed for protection.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hai Mery..Thanks for your advice. Just now she is doing the same thing again!

Ping said... time must be more carefully like mery said put pillow beside her because now she learning stage. Once she know to turn over at this time you also need to be more careful watch at her.