Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photo Output

Since Sarah was born, I just love to snap photos. Sometimes she just know how to pose great posses and smile infront of the camera. This is the main reason that I have taken more than 1000 shots in my camera.

Yesterday, my husband finally managed to select the best among them all and sent for processing. Just now, we managed to get those photos which have been processed.

Erm, we are not quite satisfied with the quality of the photos (some of the photo not seems real). We are not sure whether is the photo shop's fault or we to blame as the photo taker....


Ping said...

Finally you has finish process all the photo. Mine one till now also no time take to wash it ler...huh...i just select few event and wash the photo other i will save in my hubby laptop. hahaha ;p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is true, if we have the digital camera, we tend to be more lazy and delay in processing the photos.

You are better than me, at least you did select few and develop. Me, not at all!!