Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting Busy and BUSIER!

Lately, I do not have much time to maintain my blog. The reason is, BUSY.......

I think Sarah is having teething problem again. She only want to drink a little amount of milk, and that also I need to sing for her to finish it. From 4 oz of milk, now have to reduce to 2 oz. So, we have no choice other than to add her milk with cereal and seems like she loves this combination.

She also getting very cranky and fussy! She will be crying for just a small matter, and always want me to carry her. Hmmm....Is really tiring!! But what to do, I just need to bear with her during this teething period, because I think it is truly uncomfortable for her in this time.

Besides all the above mentioned reason, I can foresee I will be getting busier because ...
I have sent her photo for an online baby contest. So, today her photo has been selected. To win the weekly prize, I have to get as many vote as I can. So, since this is the 1st time participate in such a contest, sure very excited! No matter she will be winning or losing, but is just a matter of "trying my best". So, I am busy email all my forum friends, my relatives and siblings, and also my friends to vote for her.

Day time, I was busy with her "fussiness", and after she went to bed, I will busy with her vote!

Such a busy mommy!

Anyway, for those who has voted, thank you so much, and those who have yet to vote, please vote for her. Thanks in advance.


Ping said...

Sarah teething? Yes this is the tuff time for her and you...coz she will feel uncomfortable and cry and keep wan you carry her. I do experience this and make me feel uneasy coz Natalie cry non stop. So be patient and go through it ya ;p

So busy voting for ur baby...i already vote for your girl also and hope she can win. All the best ^_^

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Hope Sarah's tooth coming out soon, so all the uncomfortable gone... Have voted for Sarah!! Good luck!! Busy mom-Joanne, Gambatte! But remember to rest more if got chance..

My Lil' Monster said...

Sarah will be fine is part of growing phase. U juz need to be patient. Did u try introducing teething biscuits?

Will vote for Sarah. BTW, why dun u put the link to your blog so I can click directly to the link without me voting for the wrong person.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Serene, Yen Ping and Violet, thanks for your vote.
Anyway, I will be more patient with Sarah during her teething problem.

Violet, thanks for your suggestion as to put the direct link in my blog. I have tried so many times yesterday, and seems like the link does not appear...
Anyone can help?

liteng said...

everytime our bb having teething problem sure mummy will b da panic 1. hope she can feel better soon :)

anyway, how to copy & paste da whole web page of mumcenter here?

for link, u can juz type da whole link or clik da insert link icon when u composing.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Li Teng,
Ya, is kinda of stress and panic, when bb is having teething, but seems she is getting better...So thanks ya!

About the copy and paste the whole web page, you may try this step:
1) select the webpage
2) Click "print to screen" button on your keyboard
3) Go to any Microsoft doc, Word, Paint or etc...
4) Press "CTRL" and "V" at the same time to paste the webpage
5) Finally save the file and upload it in your blog.

Li Teng, i did tried the way you taught me, stil cannot. Is ok, will try it later,

Thanks anyway.

By the way, mind if I linked your blog?

liteng said...

finally i did it! thanks for teaching me :) but i can't get da whole page out :p

so, did u manage to put the direct link in ur blog?

of course u can link to my blog :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ya...I saw it on your blog that you managed to did it. Actually, is quite hard to put the whole page out, becoz out screen only can capture and view part of the website. So, we gotto choose which impt part to be copy and publish. Anyway, welcome for it.

Besides, about the direct link, i have yet to try..hehe. Will try it later. Thanks for asking.