Tuesday, April 8, 2008


After all the "midnight oil" I've burnt, finally my blog has published this evening. The 1st two person that I have informed to viewed it before others are Yen Ping (MP Friend) and my second sister. They have given me a lot of encouragement and guide for me to start the blog. Thanks to them for giving good comments to my blog too!!

Of course I also wish to thank my beloved husband. He is the one who guide me all the way from the beginning of creating the blog to help me to merge all the nice picture. Thank you Dear!

For those who have leaved comment, thank you to you too! Appreciated it very much.

Muak you all..

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Ping said...


Don't say like that...i pai seh la hahaha! I'm so happy to hear that you blog is ready for us to view! I also need to thanks Mery also because she guide me in the blog, that's why i only helpp u little only ^_^. Seem all of us busy with our blog hahaha!