Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Sarah is definitely "Daddy's Girl". It can be interpreted in 2 ways..

1) The daddy always dotes on her, coddling and protecting her. Sometimes when Sarah is showing her crankiness, I will be the bad mommy who will be scolding her. Then the daddy will be the person, whispering at her ears.."heyy, mommy is angry now..you don't make her angry ya..". So, he will be the good daddy!

2)She will feel extremely happy every time she sees her daddy coming home. The moment the car driving in to the car posh, she will started to smile (Left), and once she found out that the person is his daddy...LAGI SMILE!!! (Right)
Maybe she is seeing me everyday, so she has no respond and reaction at all when she sees me coming back from market or somewhere. SAD :-(

I think is good to be "Daddy's Girl", at least I can still have time to do my house chores, while she is with the daddy.


Ping said...

My girl also same as Sarah. Once she saw me back home from work she just call me 'mama' and SMILE. If she saw my husband or my father come back home her reaction really different from when she saw ME. she will so excited and run to the door there and shout! hahaha! Maybe she see me everyday (feel no more special) or maybe she know my dad will bring her for evening work and my hubby will fetch her home hahaha :p It's normal reaction for Sarah.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think so, our bb always look at our face, BORING!! so they tend to look for a "fresher" look.