Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby Walker

My husband suggested to let Sarah to sit on baby walker. I still doubt she can do it, because she cant really sit up straight yet, but i think no harm for a try.

When my husband started to install the walker, she looking at it and seems like she really wants to sit on it. So, finally I put her in. At first, she was not so comfortable on it. After a minute, she started to use her hand to hit the walker armrest. Then, her legs started to move the walker to backwards. Next, she is so expert in it, till she can do "circling", round and round....round and round...

After that, we left her in the living room doing the "circling" while I go to kitchen to prepare her food. I think she was alone in the walker for only about 10 minutes, she shouted for "help"...Wanted us to carry her up. She doesnt want to stay in there! End up my husband gotto carry her...

"Always like to laugh and play ... although in the baby walker"

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