Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pity Her...:-( (Backdated Post)

Before Sarah was full month, she had baby pimples all over her face. As a first time mommy, I worried till death! Seeing her face full with red dots and I can't do anything to help her..Luckily, she is a strong girl, she never cried during the period of time. Maybe the pimples are not itchy and she still seems as active as usual.

So, after few days observation, the pimples still do not subsided, so we decided to bring her to see doc.
And on the day morning, the moment I change my clothes and wish to bring her out, I broke down with tears, shy shy... I think I was too worried about her condition. So, finally my mom has to "represent" me to the clinic.

I was so relief after being told that, the baby pimples will eventually go off when I stop breastfeed her. The pimples appeared due to the hormon changes in my body, so it does effect her. Doc said, or else it will also go off when she reaches 3 months.

After applied the cream to her face, she is getting better. Now her face is shiny...

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